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by Jeff
Rated: ASR · Short Story · Comedy · #2252602
Comedy short story that takes way to long to set up a joke
Johnathan had had a troubled life. He spent much of his life going in and out of prison. today wouldn't be much better. He was at his home when he saw them come. He thought he would be safe hear. Then he saw them murder the people around him shooting them. He tried to run but in a single faithful moment he heard the gunshot. But as far as he could tell he wasn't dead, he was very much alive. Or so he thought. He didn't know where he was the plane seemed to stretch on forever. Suddenly he heard a voice, he couldn't tell where it was coming from he heard one ominous phrase "watch an add to revive". And with those words the ground around him shifted and he saw a button to watch an add. Naively he accepted. What came after horrrified him beyond imagination. But he could not run. He could not hide he would experience the worst torture in existence.
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