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For the no dialogue comp. The people of Tokyo move into a new floating city.
          The floating dome of the flying city of New Edo is the strength of the city and its people. Looking up from inside any of the city parks, it looks insubstantial. The eight-meter-long, A10 steel I beams look like twigs, and the ten centimetre thick high strength steel cables which are all but invisible from street level. The dome covers the whole of the city and protected them from summer heat and typhoons. Hanging, suspended beneath the dome as it does. The city of New Edo is protected from all future Earth quakes, and their resulting tsunami.

         The highest built levels under the dome are given over to Abe wilderness park. Which contains many Shinto shrines. The wild animals around these shrines are used to the comings and goings of the monks, those seeking a blessing, and the tourists. No people live permanently on these upper levels because at this altitude the nighttime temperatures fall too low for comfort.

         There is a large gap to a group of layers that only use during the day, these include the extensive Haru education campuses; High schools, collages, universities. And research institutes. This reflects the value that the population attach to education and knowledge. As a source of future strength and future prosperity.

         The rest of New Edo reflects Old Tokyo, with a different district on every level. This staggered arrangement allows for maximum use of the volume and natural light. The district s themselves are often hierarchically arranged in a radial pattern. With the poorer parts being close to the centre of the dome, and the more affluent members out to ward the radius of that community. Most districts have a ring of parkland surrounding them, and several small Shinto Shrines doted throughout their backstreets.

         Work started on the construction of New Tokyo, as it was originally going to be known, six years before the Big One. Almost as soon as it was realized that tectonic earthquakes could be forecast with reasonable accuracy. The technique for forecasting earthquakes relies on the computer techniques developed for mid-range weather forecasting. And on the fact that a tectonic earthquake change the shape of the world. Draw a great circle perpendicular to a normal or thrust fault, or parallel to a transcurrent fault. If the action of an earthquake along this line is to make the Earth a little bit bigger, Then that will act to prevent earthquakes along that line if they would further increase the size of the Earth. But increase the likelihood of an earthquake along the same great circle that reduces its size.

         New Edo was principally built by the Abe group. The project itself was under the direct control Haru Abe. And was as beautiful in its design, as it was audacious in its simplicity. The dome its self is made as a floating compression structure, or more poetically, of floating bones. It consists of one million fifty thousand square elements. Each square element is a Snelson cube primitive, consists of four eight point one meter long red rustproof steel I beams, that are not allowed to touch each other. Joined together by ten centimetre thick lengths of corrosion resistant steel cables. Two squares of eight meters on a side, and four thirty centimetre verticals. The construction took place at sea. First, building a sixteen kilometre diameter flat disk, that wants to stay flat. Then, pulling the edges in underneath towards the centre, caused the structure to bow up. Becoming the skeleton of the twelve kilometre diameter dome, that would spring flat if ever it was allowed to. Once it was skinned in PTFE it had to be tethered to old ships filled with seawater, to stop it floating away before the weight of the city could be added.

         The people of New Edo have an: intelligence and strength, spirituality and subtlety, self-reliance and community spirit, just like their city. It is a city and a people well worth a visit.

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