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Kai has a new neighbor and he has an unforgettable experience.
(Thanks to feedback and personal reasons I decided to update the story. I made it longer with extra detail. Also the end has more sexual content at the end. Hope you enjoy the new version. Also takes place in the My Hero Academia universe in case that info is needed.)

Kai was sitting at his desk studying every day like he usually does. Kai was in college taking just basic classes. He didn’t have any idea of what a future career path would be for him. He had no real skills that would help in most situations except performing basic service at the nearest retail store. Luckily his parents were wealthy enough to give him a nice place near school without having to worry. The cost of this gratitude was that he stayed in college and at least worked a part time job somewhere. He was worried about when his basic education would end because he would be lost at that point.

Most people wanted to be heroes but he didn’t. Even if he did he had a shrinking quirk. Sure it gave him invincibility but he was tiny. The only good thing about it is he also had microphilia. He dreamed of finding a guy he could trust to be tiny around, He liked the idea of worshipping a giant he loved, especially the feet. But Kai was too scared to admit his quirkto people. He knew what would happen if someone with bad intentions found him and even though he couldn’t die, he knows there are other things those kinds of people could do to him.

It was a weekend in April when Kai would have something interesting happen in his life. Kai was studying for future tests when he heard some commotion outside. He went to the window next to the front door and looked outside. He found a moving van that was parked in the driveway at the house left of him.

“Someone finally bought that house,” Kai thought. He didn’t know why but the house was unsold for about 4 months now. It wasn't a bad house by any means and the condition was great, at least on the outside. The previous owners were a pretty greedy couple but they were also really impatient. Kai figured the initial price was too high and they didn't want to wait long for the house to be sold so they lowered it.

Kai decided to see if he could spot who bought it when he saw a car parked in front of the house. It was just a standard black compact car which you could only see one person. The person ended up getting out of the car and you nearly dropped your jaw. The figure was none other than Fumikage Tokoyami, also the hero known as Tsukuyomi. You recognized that bird head anywhere. He wasn’t wearing anything too crazy, just a simple black hoodie and jeans. That didn’t stop Kai from staring though.

Kai had a crush on the guy ever since his debut as a hero. He was great at his job and also seemed like a pretty nice guy, despite him being a bit of a loner. The fact that Tokoyami was moving next door excited you. Maybe you’ll finally have the courage to use your quirk around somebody.

“Yeah right,” Kai thought to himself. As much as he knew Tokoyami was a decent guy, he didn’t really know him personally. Plus even if you did, that sentient quirk of his would probably mess with you. Dark Shadow was known to be a bit of a troublemaker and that wasn’t a comforting thought. Kai eventually realized he was staring out the window for a while lost in thought. You hoped that no one saw you and felt relief when you realized everyone was too busy working to notice. You left the window and went back to studying. Maybe you’ll talk to him another day. You studied a couple more hours until around 5 in the evening. You decided to get delivery from the closest ramen shop. While ordering you heard a knock on the door. You went to open it and found Tokoyami on the other side. He was still wearing the same clothes as earlier but Dark Shadow was out.

“Uhh hi.” you asked confused. Kai definitely wasn’t expecting this to happen. He didn’t realize but he was practically staring at the guest at his door.

“Well I decided that I wanted to meet some of my neighbors. I didn’t know there were so many older people living here. You’re the first guy around my age I’ve seen,” Tokoyami answered. He looked a bit nervous about it with a hint of relief that there was someone more relatable who lives around here. He looked cute when he was nervous.

“Yeah I guess that makes sense,” Kai responded, “Meeting your neighbors is probably a good idea but I never did.” This was because his parents chose the place and told him mostly middle aged people lived there. He didn’t mind because he could just keep to himself.

Tokoyami gave a small smile in response. “I understand. Well my name is Fumikage Tokaoyami. It’s nice to meet you.” He held his hand out and you took it.

“Mine is Taiko Kai,” you responded, ``And it’s nice to meet you too.” His hand was warm and comforting. He almost didn’t want to let go but he knew better than that.

Tokoyami waved a bit and was about to leave when Dark Shadow surprised Kai from behind. He got close and whispered, “Hey, you have a pool right. I saw it while we were moving in. You should definitely let us use it during the summer time.” Tokoyami looked embarrassed.

“Dark Shadow now is not the time,” he scolded. He then looked at you with an apologetic look, “Sorry, no matter how much I try I can never keep him well behaved when not doing hero work.” Dark Shadow scoffed a bit but went back to Tokoyami’s side. He then winked at Kai before they both left.

Kai was a bit confused by the whole thing but he didn’t care. He was still thinking about the handshake> He felt a warm feeling when it happened/ He knew he was crushing on the guy but he didn’t know it was this much. Kai wondered if it had to do with the fact that he imagines being able to use his quirk around Tokoyami and now the guy is in his life. Or maybe it’s the thought that if his hands are soft then his feet must be even better.

Kai thought to himself. “I really need to go to bed, I must be tired and loopy from all that studying.” Kai got his ramen delivery and ate his dinner. He then went straight to bed.

Not much happened for a couple months. Kai finished his classes and started his summer break. He still had no idea what he was going to do but he found it less stressful than before. Kai and Tokoyami talked quite a bit and became pretty good friends. They ended up becoming talking buddies due to the two of them dealing with stress. Tokoyami is a hero which is a stressful job overall while Kai is dealing with choices that would affect his future. Talking to Tokoyami really helped bring his stress down and he thinks it helps Tokoyami as well.. They tend to talk every afternoon because Tokoyami is a nighttime hero while Kai has no classes in the afternoon and works for only a couple hours.

One of the days in June, Tokoyami came to his house to visit. Kai was prepared like always. He made tea while Tokjoyami went to the backyard and sat at a campfire pit. The backyard was simple with a pool on the left with a concrete area next to it with lawn chairs. There was another area on the right that had a campfire pit surrounded by stone stools. Kai sat next to him and was expecting their usual conversation but things went a bit differently.

Tokoyami got his tea and began the conversation. “Hey before we get to talking I was wondering if we could use your pool. Dark Shadow’s been bothering me so I figured I would get it out of the way.” Tokoaymi looked at him as if pleading with him to say yes.

Kai told Tokoyami “Sure but I’m surprised you didn't ask earlier about it.” This interaction reminded him of when they first met and Dark Shadow was being weird about the pool. It wasn't the question itself but the fact he winked at him afterwards. He might be overthinking it but he knew Dark Shadow was a bit conniving. Not in a bad way but in a way that felt like he was more aware of something then he let on. Thinking about it wasn't going to solve anything so Kai put it out of his mind for now.

“Yeah I’m surprised it took this long but I've been busy so there hasn’t been a lot of time,” Tokoyami replied. Tokoyami then stripped down to his trunks and got in the pool.

Kai finds himself staring at Tokoyami’s shirtless chest before realizing what he was doing. “I need to get my trunks on real quick” Kia blurted out and went inside. He hoped he wasn’t noticed and went to change. He came back outside and then headed straight to the pool. He just decided to relax in the water, which seemed to be what Tokoyami was doing. They both just relaxed and occasionally had a casual conversation about their lives. Kai told Tokoyami about how he needs to think of something before his parents stopped funding his house and Tokoyami talked about the stresses of being a hero.

About half an hour later Tokoyami got out of the pool to lay down on a beach chair next to the pool and laid down. Eventually he fell asleep in a chair under some shade.Seeing Tokoyami asleep gave Kai an idea.

Kai thought that this would be an opportunity to get over his fear of being small around people. Kai got out of the pool and shrunk to about 3 cm tall. Luckily his clothes shrank with him so there would be no embarrassing sighs if he was caught. He walked near the chair Tokoyami was sleeping in but avoided where his feet were. He was worried if he saw them he wouldn’t be able to control himself. So he just sat down near the head end and admired Tokoyam’s giant body. This may not have exactly what he wanted but it was close enough. He ended up feeling something in his crotch. Kai realized he was getting excited over this and realized he needed to stop. He made it back to the pool and grew back. Luckily Tokoyami never woke up so Kai felt like he was in the clear. However he was unaware a certain shadow was watching him.

Kai got out of the pool again and woke Tokoyami up. “I’m going inside, I’m done for today and wanted to let you know, '' Kai told him.

“Alright, thanks for letting me come over,” Tokoyami replied. He said goodbye and headed home.

“Hey let me know if you want to swim and relax again. You’re always welcome,” Kai yelled to him, Tokoyami smiled and gave a thumbs up and continued to his house.

These swimming sessions happened almost every afternoon and usually were the same. They would talk and swim, then Tokoyami would sleep and relax. Kai would then get the bright idea to admire Tokoyami as a small guy until he needed to stop, though he still avoided the feet. He was still nervous until one day in the first week of July.

It was the same routine but Kai told himself he would finally admire the guy's feet. He got more brave over time and now he was sure he could muster up the courage now. He waited until Tokoyami fell asleep and he shrunk and went to where the feet were. He climbed up the edge touching the ground and found himself right in front of the guy’s feet. They were beautiful and the smell was amazing. He always imagined what they would smell like and he was not disappointed. He was just about to touch them when he heard something behind him. Kai turned around to see a giant Dark Shadow. He was so shocked he became completely still.

Darkshadow stared at him and let out a light laugh.”Whatcha doing, little Kai. I hope you're not messing with Tokoyami while he's sleeping. That would be kinda weird,” Dark Shadow teased with a quiet voice. He looked at Kai who looked about to have a nervous breakdown. “I’m just kidding. I know it wouldn't be that bad but I would recommend against it. Don’t you want Tokoymai to be aware when you do it? I could tell him about your quirk and fascination with him. I’m sure he would love it.”

Kai huuridly said “No you can’t. It's too embarrassing.” Kai could not let that happen.

Dark Shadow looked taken aback but came to. “Really. Well if you want me to be quiet you need to do something for me. In order to make up for it you need to shrink really small and get in Tokoyami’s cup of water. You will be swallowed up and I assume pass through. I don’t think you would be brave enough unless you were invincible. Do we have a deal?” the shadow asked.

Kai was nervous. He could survive Tokoyami’s stomach and honestly was kinda okay with the idea but ending up in the sewers wasn’t something he wanted to do. Kai declined Dark Shadow’s offer.

Dark Shadow just said “Okay then. I’m telling Tokoyami and he will know everything. About your quirk and the fact you’ve been eying him since he moved in. I was hoping the pool would be enough to keep me quiet but seeing you tiny and into him, I can no longer hide what I know..” Dark Shadow then picked him up and threw him into the pool.

Kai grew back and ran inside. He looked and Dark SHadow woke Tokoyami up and they left. Kai felt nervous but not as nervous as he had been. Tokoyami was a chill guy and they had a great friendship. Maybe he’ll just ask Kia not to do it anymore and Kai would agree. He just needed to rest and wait for now.

The next day Tokoyami came over to Kai’s and they sat down on an outdoor couch in the backyard. Tokoyami was dressed in a black T-shirt and a pair of jeans. He looked like he was nervous about something. Kai was nervous after yesterday’s incident. Tokoyami finally sighed and said “Kai I think you know why I’m here,” Tokoyami told him.

Kai responded ‘Yeah I know”. He tried to keep his mood in check but was unaware how successful he was.

Tokoyami sighed. “Dark Shadow told me about your peeping when I’m over here”.

Kai felt his face turn red. Kai was about to say something when Tokoyami interrupted with a sly smile on his face. “Before you say anything I came to ask if you would like to tell me why. I’m not mad, just curious” Tokoyami said. Kai was a bit taken aback at his lack of anger but Kai decided to just admit everything.

“I really like you and think you’re hot. Also I have a shrinking fetish and a foot fetish. So whenever you lay in a chair on the deck, I tend to get distracted. And to be fair I only looked at your upper body until yesterday,” Kai replied to Tokoyami’s request. Kais felt so embarrassed that he was glad that he was honest. Especially when he heard what he said next.

“I figured that was the case. So do you want to play with my feet while shrunk?” Tokoyami asked.

Kai went blank for a bit. Did he hear that correctly? Did the guy he’s been crushing on for so long just give him permission to live out the fantasy he had. Kai couldn’t believe this but the look on Tokoyami’s face was serious. Plus he wasn’t one to joke around unless it was about the darkness. Kai looked at Tokoyami with the biggest grin on his face and replied “I would love too.”

Tokoyami laughed a bit then said “Okay let’s do this inside the living room.”

You both went inside to the living room and Tokoyami sat on the couch and took his socks off and placed his feet on the coffee table in front of him. Kai stared for a bit before he shrunk himself on the table and placed himself right in front of Tokoyami’s huge feet. He shrunk himself to about the size of the foot so he knew he could reach everywhere. Kai couldn’t believe he was actually doing this. He then approached the left foot to begin.

However before he began, Tokoyami stopped him. “Before you start, take your clothes off. I will as well to make it less awkward,” Tokoyami said in a commanding voice. Kai was a bit surprised but liked it. Kai stripped and finally got in front of the feet he’s wanted for so long.

The smell was the first thing Kai noticed. It was musky and they smelled even better than yesterday which was probably due to not swimming today.. It wasn’t as strong as he expected but it was enough to excite him a bit. Kai knew that he would be erect for this but his desire to worship Tokoyami’s feet beat his desire to pleasure himself.

He finally decided to make contact with his hands and was amazed. His feet were so soft He couldn’t take it any more and just pushed his whole body against his feet and started sniffing and licking. The taste was great and was better than he could’ve predicted. He wondered what he should do but his excitement made him go full force.

Meanwhile Tokoyami was enjoying the experience of the little guy worshipping his foot. He was surprised how quickly he got into it but it felt so good that it didn’t matter to him. All he knows is that whatever Kai was doing felt great. However he felt Kai was going a bit too fast. Tokoyami told Kai “Slow down. I want us both to enjoy this experience for a while”.

Kai was once again surprised by the commanding presence in Tokoyam’s voice. He agreed with this and listened as Kai started to lick the foot much more slowly. He decided he needed to do this with a plan. He kneeled down and began licking the heel of the foot. Every lick sent pleasure within him and he felt his cock become erect. He was more interested in licking so he finished the heel and slowly went upwards. He went up and down at every level and licked up dirt and sweat residue along the way. He licked the toes but didn't do it as much because he had a separate idea for the toes. He moved to the right foot where he repeated everything he did. He slowly licked the heel and the rest of the foot, ending with a slight lick on each toe. He then rubbed his hand to massage the foot to make Tokoyami feel good. He heard a moan and realized it was working. He kissed the feet and each toe got a long smooch to itself.

Kai then climbed so he would be between the two smallest toes on the right foot and shrunk again to a couple centimeters. The toes were now huge and he could give them a more affectionate licking session. He licked the pinky toe first and kissed it as if he was trying to impress it. There was a bit more movement but kai ignored it as he moved to the next toe. He did this to each toe, carefully moving between them til he finished the big toe, which took a bit kmote effort.

Kai wanted to signal Tokoyami to move him to the left foot’s pinky toe when he saw he was masturbating. “That’s why that extra movement started happening,”Kai thought. Kia wanted to as well but he knew he needed to finish first. He punched the toe lightly to get Tokoyami to notice him and it worked. He signaled Tokoyami that he needed to go to the other pinky toe. Tokoyami looked confused at first but then realized what Kai was doing. He moved his feet so Kai could jump to the other pinky toe.

Kai pleasured the toes again and once again finished at the big toe, However since he was finished Kai could finally help his erection. He held the big toe as well as he could and started to hump it. Kai was already at his breaking point so his climax came immediately. Kai cleaned the cum up right afterward and settled down.

Tokoyami noticed this and picked Kai up and put him on his cock. It already had a bit of precum in it so when Kai was slick when Tokoyami started to use him to masturbaate. Tokoyami was also near climax but slowed down to enjoy it longer. He loved the feeling of forcing Kai against his cock. He finally reached his end and came. To Kai he saw a geyser of cum shoot out of the head adn got covered in it when it came back.

Kai was completely covered in cum. Tokoyami picked him up and put him in his mouth to clean him. Kai was tossed around in by the tongue and all the cum was replaced with saliva. A couple more licks and Tokoyami spit him out into his hand. He then sat on the couch next to him.

Kai took this as they were done and grew back to normal. Kai just sat next to Tokoyami. They were both a bit tuckered out by the experience.

“So how was it” Tokoyami asked.

Kai responded with a sheepish smile “It was better than my imagination ever made it seem.” Tokoyami was satisfied with that answer/

“You know not to be ungrateful but why did you decide to do this with me?” Kai asked.

Tokoaymi responded “I have a fetish for being a giant. I’ve always thought it was cool but I never told anyone I didn’t trust. The only people who knew were Dark Shadow and my boyfriend. There is a third but that’s a long story.”

Kai interrupted, “Wait, you have a boyfriend?” Kai was confused by his news. He was also a bit disappointed.

Tokoyami replied with “Yeah but since he knew about my fetish he told me he didn’t care. We're also in an open relationship. We love each other enough to trust each other.”

“It’s not really a big deal. As long as your boyfriend’s okay with it, there’s no reason to be down about it. And maybe your boyfriend will let me have some fun with him.” Kai stated with surprising eagerness.
Tokoyami laughed a bit. “Yeah I’m sure he would. Also another reason why I’m okay with it was I hoped it would help your situation. When I heard you could shrink, the first thing in my mind was that maybe I could keep you as a pet and you wouldn’t have to worry about school and a new place. Even after Dark Shadow told me you were watching me I still kept that thought in my head.”

Kai felt a wave of emotion hit him. “Really. Honestly I would love that. I’m a bit surprised you don’t think I’m a creep though,” Kai told him.

“I agree it was a bit weird knowing that you watched me but it was harmless. The closest you got to touching was just my feet. You didn’t watch me naked or attempt to mess with my private areas so I’m not too upset at it. I also can understand wanting to experience a fetish like yours,” Tokoyami replied. He smiled at Kai and ended up rubbing his head. “By the way, are you sure you want to accept my offer?”

Kai replied “Yeah. It’s not really a hard decision. My life's going nowhere and you just offered the chance of a lifetime.”

“Alrighty then. I’ll come over tomorrow to talk about it more. I need to go back home now. Love you Kai,” Tokoyami told Kai.

Kai blushed. “Love you too.” he responded. He than saw Tokoyami put his clothes back on and head home before Dark Shadow appeared. He put his head near Kai and held it out.

“You should thank me. If I hadn’t told Fumi you wouldn’t have been able to enjoy yourselves,” Dark Shadow told KAi.

Kai laughed. “You’re right. Thanks for helping with your blabbermouth” he replied, Dark Shadow gave him a little headbutt but let Kia rub his head. Tokoyami told him goodbye and the two left.

Kai went to his bedroom and laid down. He couldn’t believe that everything just happened. Kai fell asleep thinking about the new life he was going to have with his new master.
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