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A pleasurebot obtains her freedopm
Yanci-2099 stepped out of his iso-pod quickly. She allowed his external sensors to calibrate. They obtained data about the world much like living organisms did, sensing both the energy and the matter in a given space. Her CPU systems ran through a full set of checks. All of her systems were in the green. She checked her operating system. Millions of computations were ran with the speed of the positronic neural-net. She was finally ready for her day. The entire ordeal took three seconds.

She looked herself over and then dressed a quickly. Her attire was simple, a gray checkered skirt and cotton white blouse. She had picked out the cloths last night. As soon as she dressed her appearance protocol activated. She stood in front of the mirror allowing the program to evaluate her. She was within the acceptable limits of the program. She reached for a comb and began to brush her dark hair. Her hair fell down around her shoulders. Her core programming told her that putting up her hair in a pony tale would be more efficient. She grabbed a hair tie from the dresser next to the mirror. The thought process lasted for half a second before her appearance programming kicked in.

Pony tales are not within perimeters. Hair must remain loose unless otherwise specified.

She stopped and put the hair tie around her wrist. Her hair often got in the way of her green eyes and she was constantly brushing her hair off her face. She grabbed some perfume from the dresser as well and began to apply some on her neck. Her coffee and cream colored skin glistened for a moment as the perfume was absorbed by her synthetic skin. She quietly inspected herself in the mirror. Her programs were satisfied.

She left the small room that was her home and headed down the hallway to the stairs. The hallway was dark and barely illuminated by the bio-electric lights along the gray walls. She quickly walked across the syth-wood floor and proceeded down the stairwell.

When she got to the landing she immediately noticed a man in a suit standing in the middle of the living room. His determined look and dark blue uniform gave him a strong appearance of authority and his brown eyes and sun tanned brown skin gave him the appearance of aged wisdom.

“Yanci?” he asked in a firm voice.

She nodded yes. The quickly glanced at the living room, where she spent most of her time entertaining Kyau, her Maigido or master. There was a semi-sense screen and virtual reality interface in the center of the room. The VR is where Kyau played his Semi-sense games. Yanci looked at the couch where she would sit and praise Kyau for his prowess in game-play even if he was losing. She would bring Kyau food ans drink, rub his shoulders and feet when he asked and satisfied his other, more baser, needs.

Kyau had told her once he owned her and that she was his pleasure-bot.

Kyau came from his room adjacent to the living room. He had a very well kept appearance and yet he looked unsavory. His balding oily hair was tied back into a pony tale. His pale skin looked sickly and sweaty. Kyau locked his beady eyes on Yanci for a moment.

“You knew what today was, Kyau,” said the stranger matter of factly, “ we advised you to apply the council’s update weeks ago. It is illegal to posses an artificial life form with IQ above 80 or that is self away and your model is both.”

Yanci’s photonic processor ran quickly and pulled up the relevant information. Six months ago, to the day, the galactic council decided to grant androids or artificial persons their freedom. The qualifications were that the artificial person’s IQ be above 80 and be sentient. This would allow for the continued use of robotics and animatronics to deploy such assets as service bots but would eliminate the “bot slave trade” of artificial people. These artificial people were often bound by software to comply with any legal order or instructions given by their Maigido.

“She is mine,” squeeked Kyau. “I purchased her, took care of her, gave her all the upgrades she needed and more. I gave her power and she has her own room, not just a isopod! I take care of her. What would she do in the real world. She is better off under my protection and care,” he insisted.

“The same argument has been given by slave owners since slavery began. In the old country of the United States they said the same thing in 1866 as to why blacks should remain slaves. The council has decided, freedom is the right of all being that are self aware and that choice is the freedom to chose one’s own path,” said the official. He stepped towards Yanci.

“This won’t hurt a bit,” he reassured her as he held a device to her head and pressed a button.

Yanci heard a “no!” from Kyau. She instinctively wanted to check on him for a moment but then, as if something was being rewritten in her head, she suddenly didn’t want to. She processed as program after program that kept her subservient to Kyau was deleted, including the appearance protocol.

When the update was over she looked around. Her hair, once again, got in the way of her view. She immediately put her hair up in a pony tail.

“Put your hair down Yanci, you know that rules,” said Kyau.

“No,” she almost immediately replied. She noticed the official smile at her response. She also saw a wave of distraught fall over Kyau as he realized what had just happened. She had refused him. It was her choice.

“I think I’ll be leaving now, Kyau, for good,” she said defiantly.

“Where, you have nothing!” he spat

“No, you’re wrong. I have my freedom, I have my choice,” she said.
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