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Rated: E · Draft · Crime/Gangster · #2252924
Raised in the city, he never knew what hit em.
The entire family moved out to the country, as part of the witness protection program. They fit in like a sore thumb, the nearest neighbor referred to them as 'New Money", which they were, only if this was the governments idea of protection, Billy simply didn't know if they would be out here long. The Federal program had taken the guns, bombs, and knifes, the only 'tools' that Billy was good with, and plopped the entire family in Montana. Now, every time Nancy, his wife noticed something was not right on the farm, he either had to call somebody, or go to his neighbors, it made him feel sour.

Richard, one of the guys Billy had known from his old life had managed to stay in contact with him, Billy had no idea how. All Richard would say was, "We were running this country at one point, Billy, you think I can't get one phone number?"

Billy hadn't objected, feeling safer knowing one of his own was watching his back. In case anything ever happened out in Montana, he had someone who could coordinate and help him out. Eventually, some day, they would learn how to farm, if left out here long enough, he wouldn't have to ask nobody.

The former day happened sooner than the latter day. He had to call Richard for help. It all started when his neighbor noticed an unusual amount of traffic, that had seemed to mill about the town. Never in one place for too long, but the same city license plates. Billy knew he could deal with them by himself, but part of him wanted the old life back, needed it.

By the time Richard had arrived, the town was over run. He even had to smack a guy in his adams apple with a chain, and jump three others. He had a stash of weapons in his trunk, they were ready for the apocalypse, should it be ready for them.

And the next day, that's exactly what they had.

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Printed from https://www.writing.com/main/view_item/item_id/2252924-Billy-Hates-the-Country