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Rated: 18+ · Short Story · Adult · #2253495
Sandra and Lila meet in the grocery store.

         “You look different,” Lila said to Sandra as they stopped to chat in the grocery store.
         “I’m not sure how, since I just talked to you in the street not too long ago.
Lila looked Sandra up and down, slowly and carefully.
         “I just can’t put my finger on what it is,” Lila said.
         “I have lost weight, over thirty pounds,” Sandra acknowledged.
Lila shook her head.
         “No, I don’t think it’s that, although you do look terrific.”
         “Maybe it’s the hair. I changed the color recently and I’m letting it grow.”
         “I noticed, but it’s not that either.”
Sandra started fidgeting when Lila’s eyes bored into her. It was like they were trying to see into her soul.
         “I know what it is, you’re cheating on Ross, aren’t you?”
Sandra’s mouth dropped open but no words came out. Lila gave her an understanding smile and continued:
“          You don’t have to worry about me blabbing, because I’m cheating on my husband too.”
Sandra gasped loudly.
         “Scott? Why would you want to? He’s an amazing man and a great dad.”
Lila shrugged slightly.
         “Things have gotten a little stale between us lately, in spite of us trying to spice it up. My lover is exciting and inventive in the sack and that makes my marriage bed better too.”
Sandra nodded.
         “Mine too.”
         “You gonna get a divorce?” they said together, then laughed.
         “No, he’s married and won’t leave his wife for the sake of the kids.”
         “Mine too, so divorce is out of the question for either of us as well.”
         “Well, I better get moving. I gotta pick up the kids soon.”
         “Me too. It was nice chatting. See you later.”
As the women separated, each said to themselves:
         “I wonder if she knows her husband is my latest lover.”

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