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Rated: 13+ · Short Story · Action/Adventure · #2253646
Life after the 2000s
Year 2221

A helicopter spotlight shines down freezing the two occupants trapped in the alley.
“Lind Ray, you are under arrest. Under the verdict of endangering the human race. You have been sentenced to death by the court of justice.”
Lind Ray shields her daughter whispering comfort into her ear, as her daughter sobs in her arms. Four men slide down the ropes hanging from the helicopter and pry the mother and hysterical daughter apart. One of the men tucks the girl under his arm and carries her to a waiting van. Shots fire and the girl screams as she watches her mother fall and the men drag her mother’s limp body away. The girl scratches and claws at the man holding her, fighting with all her might to free herself, hating all the people covered in black or in full surgical wear. She is forced into the van with the people covered from head to foot in plastic suits. They shine bright lights in her eyes and poke and prod searching for what they call the infected symptoms. Having cleared her, they call an all clear. The man who dragged her to the van climbs in and pins her arms to her sides and holds her as the van makes its way back to their base. The man holds her tightly as she fights and sobs begging him to let her go back to her mother. One of the people in the plastic suits, sticks her in the arm with a needle putting her in a drugged state. The man in black watches her as she is still staring off into the distance, her eyes slowly going blank. They arrive at the base and are all checked before being allowed back into the base. When the van pulls to a stop the doors are opened and the girl is immediately taken out of the van to be checked for marks on her wrist showing if she had been born at a hospital and vaccinated. Her body jerks rejecting the drug. The people around her quickly backpedal terrified it may be the infection. The man in black jumps forward and covers her face with an oxygen mask demanding they help her. Reluctantly a few come forward and help him. Giving her another shot. She calms and the man doesn’t leave her side as they pull her along on the hospital bed. They leave her in a secluded room with the man in black.

The girl wakes slowly blinking at the bright light above her. She jerks up and looks around the room stopping on the man clad in black. He slowly pulls off his helmet and flings his hair out of his face. A boy of 16 stares back at her. She pulls her knees to her chest and cries. He watches her pitiful form wishing he could ease her pain. He walks over to the bed and reaches to brush her hair behind her ear, he snatches his hand back when his general strides in with a few nurses on his heels.
“Felix, go join the rest of the boys.” Felix stops at the door watching the girl. “Felix, that’s an order.” The man says sternly.
“Right away, general Clayton, sir” Felix says, saluting and reluctantly exiting the room.

* * *
The girl follows Clayton, her hand tightly clamped in his. She keeps her head down her dark brown hair hiding her tearstained face. He leads her into a building full of people clad in all black. She shrinks behind him the further they walk. Clayton opens a door and pushes the girl in ahead of him.
“Boys, we have a new resident,” Clayton calls. All six pairs of eyes turn her way making her blush becoming more shy. There are a few complaints and sighs through the room.
“At least she’s a pretty little thing and not a troublesome boy.” One of them calls, bringing a few laughs.
“Felix, why don’t you settle her in and see if she’ll talk to you?”
“Yes sir,” he says, holding out his hand to the girl. Clayton places her hand in his and bolts the door as Felix leads her away.

“We need to know where her and her mother were headed. I hope with Felix still being young she will open up to him. If she doesn’t open up to him. Let’s just hope she opens up to him.”

The girl is led down a hall and into the last room. Felix opens a door within the room; which leads into a large closet where a bed has been installed with a small lamp sitting on a box beside the bed. A stool sits near the bed and black clothes with a pair of boots are folded up at the end of the bed with a few necessities waiting for her.
“Want to take a shower,” Felix asks. She shakes her head and lies on the bed covering her face with a pillow. Her shoulders shake as she cries. Felix sits down on the bed and rubs her back until her breathing goes steady again.
“What’s your name?” he asks, when she sits up.
“Linda Ray,” she replies, her voice thick with sorrow.
“That’s a pretty name. Where are you from,” he asks.
“Did they kill my mother because she refused to take the vaccine and because she didn’t allow your people to give me the vaccine?” He starts to lie then changes his mind.
“You're a smart girl aren’t you?” she blinks her eyes expectantly.
“Yes,” he sighs, “they killed your mom for those reasons but they are giving people the vaccine to help.”
“Do you believe that,” she asks, staring into his eyes. He hesitates.
“I have to go, the shower is through that door,” he says, pointing at a door across from the room Linda sits in. She sadly watches him leave. Linda picks up all the things from the bed and washes up, she throws on the pants and the shirt; which falls past her small thighs. She looks at it sadly before tying it in a knot.
Felix walks in and looks at her clothes but he looks away when she looks at him. He hands her a tray with food and a small pill. She eats leaving the pill and hands the tray back.
“You're supposed to take this,” he says, holding out to her.
“I won’t take it and don’t try to make me, I'll just vomit it up when you leave,” she says, daring him to try. Felix sighs and slips it into the trash on his way out.
* * *
Clayton walks in with Felix on his heels.
“Linda Ray?” Clayton asks.
“Yes sir,” she says, pulling her knees to her chest.
“Why don’t you tell me about your home.” He says, pulling a chair up to the bed she’s seated on. She scoots further away and Clayton watches as she closes off.
“What do you want to know?” Linda asks. Felix sits down beside her and she tenses but doesn’t budge.
“How many kids are there to play with?” Felix asks.
“Six, but two of them are no longer allowed to play.”
“Because one of them is older and she has to help the adults scavenge now and the boy got sick.”
“What was it like out there?” He asks. She looks at the door and she looks away longingly at something they can’t see.
“It was, it was home. There were fifteen of us. Mother said it was only good to go out at night because it was easier to hide from y--,” she stops short and bites her lip.
“Go on,” Clayton says. She shakes her head. Clayton stands and pulls her to her feet, her eyes wide, she pulls back but he holds her arm tightly. She looks to Felix for help and he turns away. Clayton drags her from the room and into the bathroom and shuts the door. He turns the faucet on and forces her into the bathtub and holds her arm under the water as it gets hotter. She jerks trying to pull her arm out of the scalding water.
“Ow,” she cries, twisting and turning to get away. He releases her arm and she falls back into the bathtub cradling her arm. The water is turned off.
“When I ask you a question you’re going to answer it,” Clayton says leaving the bathroom. She sits crying in the bathtub finally falling asleep, her legs tight to her chest protecting her arm.
Felix lifts her into his arms, her head falling against his shoulder. He carries her to the closet with a bed, laying her on it. She moves into a more defensive position before settling again, her hair falling leaving her neck exposed. Felix sighs watching the helplessness she fears as she sleeps. I can’t let anyone hurt her.{i/} He sits down on her bed and gently rubs her back. Her body slowly relaxes until she is sleeping peacefully without fear. Felix falls asleep on the floor, his head resting on the bed and his hand on her back. Clayton strides in and Linda startles awake and scoots back as far as she can on the bed. Felix jumps to his feet and stands at attention. Clayton looks at Felix with disappointment.
“Felix go make yourself useful you won’t be needed today.”
“Sir, with all due respect I would like to stay with Linda,” he says, trying not to plead with his general.
“I don’t think that’s a good idea,” Clayton says, waiting for Felix to obey his orders.
“Sir please,” Felix says. Clayton sighs and gives his permission. He sends Felix into the other room and sits on the stool across from Linda.
“What did your people eat?” He asks.
“Food.” Linda says smartly. Clayton laughs and she startles.
“Fine then I’ll be more specific.” He scoots forward on his stool. “Did your group grow their own food?” Linda glares, biding her time. With a sigh she answers.
“Yes we grew our own food.”
“Now that's how I like answers, let's keep that in mind, shall we?” She looks out the door behind him. Clayton turns and scowls at Felix. He stands and drags Felix around the wall.
“I want you out of sight when I speak with her. If you can’t get anything from her you will no longer be guarding her. Am I clear?” Clayton whispers harshly.
“Yes sir,” Felix says looking down at his boots. Clayton walks back into the room and crosses his arms.
“Where was your mother taking you when you were caught.” He watches her face. With tears in her eyes she looks up into his eyes with fiery determination.
“You will get no more from me. You killed my mother over a lie that your people hold over people like me to scare them into submission. I have no more to say to you.” her eyes never waver as she says this with a glare.
“So after all you have seen of how my people treat yours, you would test them? You are at their disposal. You could have an almost normal life here, don’t you want that?” Someone barges through the door and stops behind Clayton.
“Sir I apologize for the interruption but we have found.” The man looks at Linda and then back to Clayton. “Something of interest.” Clayton nods and follows the man out. Felix slips into the small room just as Linda starts crying. Felix slowly sits on the bed beside her and timidly pulls her to lean against him.
“I can’t tell him more. He will kill them all.” She says between sobs. He tucks her hair behind her ear and sighs sadly.
“Who are you really? I don’t believe you are who you say you are, the mark on your neck it’s unique.” he says brushing her hair behind her ear exposing the mark. She looks at him critically. “I saw it a few nights ago. I haven’t told Clayton.” He says looking hurt. She pulls her hair out from behind her ear to cover it and moves away from him wiping away her tears.
“Unless you would like to see me dead by the morning you won’t tell anyone about it.”

Two years since my mother was murdered and the men clad in black took me into their section of the gated city. The men I have been ordered to stay with are some of the only people aloud to leave the city.
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