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Rated: 18+ · Short Story · Adult · #2254123
Mac and Joan go driving.

“Are you ready?”
Joan nodded.
“Do your checks.”
Joan did the ones she could remember.
Mac started writing on his clipboard. Joan wanted to ask him what he wrote, but she was nervous enough.
Joan clicked it on.

“Pull slowly out of the parking space, looking both ways before doing so.”
Joan did as he directed.
“Signal for a left turn, then make the turn smoothly.
Joan puffed out a sigh and did so.

“We’re heading to Maplegrove. Take your time and be aware of your surroundings as you go.”
As Joan followed those directions, she began to relax.
“I think you missed the turn.”
Joan reddened.
“Why didn’t you say something sooner?”
“You were doing so well, I figured you had this,” he replied.

“Now I have to take the next turn and travel a block to get to Maplegrove!” Joan told him.
“At least you know what to do, you just have to do it!”
“I’m not ready for this, maybe I’ll cancel and try it another time,” Joan said.
“Remember how long it took us to get you this appointment? Do you want to have to wait months again?” Mac reminded her.
“No! I want to get it over with. I’ve been taking lessons for what seems like forever!”
“Let’s do this then!” Mac encouraged.

They practiced everything she would need to know how to do. Joan found it getting easier and easier. Mac was tearing out what was left of his hair, but managed to stay relatively calm.
Joan backed into their driveway and shut down the car.

“Well honey, I’d say you were ready for your learner’s permit test tomorrow. As for me, I need a drink or two,” Mac sighed as he got out of the car and went into the house.

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