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Longing for her when the song was new, now a distant memory. Writer's Cramp 7/9
life flashing: low battery
         like a love fool,
when it was a new cardigans song,
         warm, pulsing rhythms
         by vexing songstress, a vision.
my heart boils over for
a stew that warms your soul.

but the lyrics scatter in my mind,
         chasing words and musical notations,
         inscribed on long forgotten sheets,
stains on an empty heart.
too much wind in the street
to chase them down, find
I lack skill to revitalize melody.

low battery.
how I wish for
a new cardigans song
like a love fool running out
into that storm to retrieve her, but
too much wind in the street.

20 lines, free verse

"Typing in lowercase signals familiarity. It says: “We know each other and don’t need to be fancy.” Lowercase text can read as honest, unedited, and approaching something like a stream of consciousness — more like actual speech."


 Writer's Cramp Daze  (ASR)
I've learned in my long tenure here, the simplest contest to win is the most difficult.
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