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A new family moves into a 200-year-old Victorian home, but they're not the only ones there
Antine was a lovely young woman. Born and raised in the small town of Petonsville in a Victorian-style mansion, she was accustomed to luxuries. Her childhood bedroom was painted a gentle tone of salmon pink with white, dainty furniture covering the oak wood flooring. Once her baby sister came along, Antine was moved to an older-looking bedroom for an older child. The wallpaper had such a lovely pattern that even the Queen of England would drool over it. Leaving her white furniture to her kid sister, Antine took up her older brother's furniture. The dresser, bed frame, and even the vanity matched the floors.

Even though her childhood was filled with luxurious bedrooms and hot meals prepared by her mother, her teenage years were nothing of the sort. After the tragic loss of her father and siblings due to a virus her father had caught from his trip abroad, her mother left to live a new life of luxury with her fiance.

Antine mourned the loss of her family for the following years alone in the giant house. Before long, her childhood bedroom was no longer the salmon pink she had remembered it to be, but now an earl gray due to the thick layer of dust covering the walls. The beautiful wallpaper throughout the house had begun to peel and grow mold. Once a lively house filled with many children had now become a sad and lonely place, housing no one but herself.

After years of mourning and waiting for her mother to return, Antine had finally become 19 years of age and was ready to start anew. Antine packed only her essentials such as her childhood teddy bear and her mother’s locket and then left for the city. Antine never returned to her home that was once joyful and lively.

Approximately 50 years later, the Lauriers moved into the old, Victorian mansion. Because of the unstable condition of the once-before empty house, Mr. Laurier got the house for cheap. Soon enough, the two men completely got the house fixed up and welcomed their first child into the world.

The young child was named after a wooden sign in the girl’s nursery that read “Antine”. Happy and living in luxury, the small family had no idea what was to become of them.
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