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This is about a girl who was so abused by her guy that she had a mental breakdown.
Blooming, fragile little flower,
Searching for sun and rain,
She finds both at the end of a Rainbow,
In a box of concealed rock and flame.
One night, the lightning struck,
Splinters flew through the air.
The rock was unleashed, the fire unfurled,
Exposing the truth without care.
Fractured, tattered withered flower,
Searching for light once again,
But in swept rains of ash and dust,
She got lost in the middle of pain.
Shattered, torn up, broken flower,
Searching for herself somehow,
But the ash is thick, and the smoke is black,
Her petals all fall to the ground.
Weak, brown, slumped slim stem,
She searches for her petals of white,
And finds them there in the ash, and rubble,
Struggling, but starting to fight.
Hopeful, yellow straightening stem,
Feeling the sun peering through,
And its warmth took her to a better place,
And that was when she grew.
Strong, green, tall slim stem,
Gathered with her petals in tow,
She may not have yet been quite perfection,
But she was sure learning how to grow.
Beautiful, resilient, now pink flower,
Never cowers in the rain,
Or the dark or smoke, or rock or fire,
She'll never be broken again.

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