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by Ridzee
Rated: E · Fiction · Drama · #2254786
Episode 7
After Lunch

Jae In: Eun Bi we should leave now, I think your mom is waiting for you.

Eun Bi: Okay let's go. (stands up)

On the way

Eun Bi: Jae In, look your dad is waiting for you at the school's main gate.

Jae In: What is he doing here?

Eun Bi: Of course he is here to pick up you.

Mr. Hae Won: Jae In, come here fast. (Shout)

Jae In runs toward him.

Jae In: What are you doing here?

Mr. Hae Won: I am here to pick you. Eun Bi you too, come here. (turns his head to Eun Bi and shout again)

Eun Bi: Yes uncle I am coming. (runs)

Mr. Hae Won: Relax dear. We are not going to leave without you. (smiles)

Eun Bi: Yes uncle. (panting)

Mr. Hae Won: Let me drop both of you. Come on, get in the car.

Eun Bi said thanks and they both sit in the car.

Mr. Hae Won: Eun Bi, When will your dad come back from a business trip.

Eun Bi: Uncle my mom said that he will come back next month. Uncle, can I ask a question?

Mr. Hae Won: Yes, why not dear.

Eun Bi: Why are you sending Hae In to Canada? I think she does not want to go there.

Mr. Hae Won looks at Jae In and Jae In turns her head toward the window.

Mr. Hae Won: Jae In will come back after completing her studies.

Jae In: Dad, do not give false hope to someone. (in pale voice)

Mr. Hae Won could not say anything but feeling embarrass. He again tries to pretend normal in front of Eun Bi.

Hae Won: Do not worry dear Jae In's uncle is living there and he will take good care of your friend.

Eun Bi: Do not be afraid Jae In, I will visit there with my parents. (tapping on her shoulder)

Jae In gives her a soft smile.

Eun Bi: Uncle, drop me here. I have to go book shop. I need to buy some books.

Mr. Hae Won: Okay dear.

He stopped the car and dropped Eun Bi.

Jae In: You should not have to lie to Eun Bi.

Mr. Hae Won: I am so sorry Jae In. I know what do you feel.

Jae In: Really? I thought that you could only think about yourself. (Still do not look at him.)

Mr. Hae Won: Can you please give me a last favor? I want that the last time you to come with me on hiking. You know I love to go to the mountains and see the sunrise with you. After that, I will be not your father anymore. (tears in his eyes but he does not want to show them to Jae In so, he immediately wipes.)

Jae In still silent. It seems that she does not want to answer but her eyes are filled with tears.

Mr. Hae Won: We reached home dear. You go inside, I have to go to work.

Jae In: Okay. I will be ready at 5 am for hiking.

Mr. Hae Won: Okay dear. (Big smile on his face.)

Next Morning

M. Hae In waking up Jae In. He knocks on her bedroom door.

Mr. Hae Won: Jae In wake up dear, we are going to be late.

Mrs. Bo-Young: Honey, why are you shouting? It is 4:30 am.

Mr. Hae Won: We are going on hiking.

Mr. Bo-Young: What? Why did not you tell me before?

The main door opens Jae In enters.

Jae In: Dad, I am ready. (Calling him from down the stairs.)

Mrs. Bo-Young: Why are you coming from outside?

Jae In: I went to get the car from the garage.

Mr. Hae Won: You get the car from the garage? When did you learn to drive? (Shocked)

Jae In: Long time ago. (Laughs)

Mrs. Bo-Young: I prepare breakfast for you. You will take that after you get there.

Mr. Hae Won: Okay, but make something lighter.

Mr. Hae Won: Okay.

They reached the bottom of the mountain.

Mr. Hae Won: Shall we start?

Jae In: Yes. (With excitement.)

They start climbing.

Jae In: Dad, Is this our last mountain hiking?

Mr. Hae Won: Maybe. (Doubt on his face)

They reached after 1-hour wake.

Jae In: I am tired.

Mr. Hae Won: Sit here dear.

Jae In: Sit next to me dad.

Mr. Hae Won: The sun is about to rise then we see the things more clearly.

Jae In: I already see all the things clearly. My mind is clear now and I do not need the light of the sun.

Mr. Hae Won: You became so mature. Of course, you are eighteen years old now and I am happy that in the future you do not need your parents. (Smiles)

Jae In: Every child needs his parents, no matter how mature he becomes.

Mr. Hae Won: Sorry Jae In. this is all I can say. I have no other words because my words are useless in front of you. Sorry, I can't do anything for you. Sorry, I am failed as a father. Sorry, I should have protected you. Sorry, you are suffering now just because of me. I am a selfish father I do not deserve you. please please don't forgive me. (kneeled down in front of Jae In)

Jae In I don't want to live but I can't die. If I die, what will happen to your mother. She already sacrificed her child for me and now if I leave her alone she will never forgive me. I just want to punish myself. please don't forgive me I'm begging you. (Put his head on the ground and crying.)

Jae In: Please dad, stand up you are making me embarrassed. I do not know how much you suffered and made this decision but now, neither I nor you can change anything. It was my fate but I will change it. You do not worry about me I will fight for myself and you too. It was not your fault. If someone should be blamed so it should be my uncle. I made up my mind so I am not afraid anymore. My uncle will feel sorry that he adopted me. (Aggressive.)

Jae In grabs his hands and says

Jae In: Please dad, stand up. You and mom will always be my parents and I promise I will come back.

Mr. Hae Won: We are so lucky that you are our daughter.

Jae In: You will also be proud of me. Can we eat our food, I am starving.

On the way back.

Mr. Hae Won: Jae In, I will try to help you. Do not worry your mom and I come to meet you but please keep this secret from everyone.

Jae In: Are you going to keep this from mom too?

Hae Won: Yes, until I prepared everything.

Jae In: Okay dad.

They reached. Mr. Hae Won opens the door. They enter and see that Mrs. Bo-Young is talking to someone and looks so nervous.

Mr. Hae Won: Who is he Bo-Young?

Mrs. Bo-Young: He is Mr. Park Jin Kyung, Your brother's secretary.

Mr. Hae Won: What is he doing here?

Mr. Jin Kyung: I am here to take Ms. Kim Jae In with me.

To be continue

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