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by Norman
Rated: E · Poetry · Comedy · #2254854
It smelled of gloom and doom
I smelled it right away that day
when I walked in the room.
It was a very horrid scent;
it smelled of gloom and doom.

I looked around expectantly,
preparing for the worst.
And then I spied what was the cause.
I uttered a soft curse.

She sat there looking innocent
wrapped in the scent of death.
Her bowl was still in front of her
and she had Cheerios breath.

I should have known it right away -
it was her morning fare.
She eats a heaping bowl of them
without a single care.

I like the taste of Cheerios
but I can tell you this,
that scent’s the surest way I know
to quash a morning kiss.

‘Cause anyone who has a nose
will tell you that they stink.
She looked at me and gave a smile,
then gave me a quick wink.

“The only cure to beat the smell
is if you eat them too.”
So I sat down and poured a bowl.
Well, what else could I do?

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