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What I Remember

There are many things
In life that I cannot remember
But a few things
I will always remember

As I get older
I find myself
Engaged in memory games

Thinking back about this
And that
But sometimes forgetting
What has just happened

This is Part
of getting old
I suppose

But the one thing
I will never forget
Is how I met my wife
The love of my life

I met her in a dream
Dreamt of her for eight years
Knew she was in Korea

Went to Korea
In the Peace Corps
To find her

I was about to abandon
This mad quest of mine
Then one day

She said to me
“Don’t worry,
we will meet soon.”

that night
getting off the bus
in front of me

was the lady
of my dreams
it was love at first sight

we got married two months later
been together almost 40 years
and every day

I fall in love
And recall the dream
that started it all

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