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a bridge to the future appears one day in the ancient kingdom of Ur.
The Bridge to the Future

In the ancient kingdom of Ur
One day a mysterious bridge
Appeared at the edge of the known world
Across the river of tears

The villagers were afraid
The Dragon Queen
Send her knights
To investigate

Five of them crossed over
One came back
Claiming he had gone
To a future world
10,000 years from then

He had seen amazing things
He showed them what he called
A phone

He turned it on
Amazing all with pictures
Of the future world

The queen confiscated the phone
Forbade anyone from crossing over
The bridge to the future

The next day
The bridge to the future

The villagers were told
To forget about it all
The knight was silenced

Knowledge of the future
Faded away into the past
As the city of Ur
Disappeared into lost legends

based on a photo prompt in the Poet's place, challenging the poet to imagine what lay across a bridge. The fabled kingdom of Ur, featured in Lovecraftian fiction came to mind..
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