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by Mac
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Vivi finally meets with Crocodile, a meeting that does not go as she was expecting.
Crocodile was staring at the newspaper in shock. There it was on the front page, Finbarr Mercia had died due to a fall in his home. Crocodile could not believe that Nefertari Vivi, the princess of Alabaster, had actually gone through with his order of killing the man.

He was even more shocked because he saw that it was Silmi Alim who had done the autopsy. Silmi was a member of the millions in Baroque Works, so the princess even had the presence of mind to cover up the murder too.

Crocodile put the newspaper down and grabbed a cigar and lit it. He had not expected the princess to go this far. In the face of something he did not expect, he could only laugh. "Hahahaha", he laughed to himself then looked down at his desk. He opened a drawer and pulled out a transponder snail. It was time to contact Miss All Sunday, Nico Robin, his right hand woman, and invite Vivi to meet with him. This had almost gone far enough, but he had one last thing he wanted to do to the princess before he sat his plans in motion.

He pulled the transponder snail off the dial and spoke into it. "Miss All Sunday, are you there?" Crocodile then waited for a response. It came about thirty seconds later.

"Yes Mr. 0?" Robin asked back.

"I am thinking about inviting the princess to a meeting next, Wednesday", Crocodile told her before laughing to himself. "I know you have been keeping an eye on her, but don't tell her about this. I want to invite her as the princess and have some fun with her, see her squirm trying not to reveal who she is." Crocodile took a puff of his cigar then placed it down. "You have not told her I know who she is, right?"

"Of course not Mr. 0", Robin responded back.

"Good." Crocodile thought for a moment. "The war will start in three weeks, don't forget." He told her.

"I know." Robin responded back, a bit curt in her response. Crocodile decided to let this go however, he had bigger fish to fry and he knew that Robin had no choice to follow him or else he would turn her over to the Marines and CP9.

The next Wednesday

Crocodile was waiting at the entrance of his casino, Rain Dinners in the city of Rainbase for his guest, Nefertari Vivi. He looked down the road which led to the casino and saw her coming down the road on a camel. This confused Crocodile because he had been certain that the princess was the biggest proponent of the Super Spot-Billed Duck Troops. He would have to ask her about why she was not using them while they were heading down to his office.

Vivi arrived at the casino and got off the camel. She handed it off to a guard who had traveled with her. The guard bowed when she handed him the camel's bridle and Vivi left him to care for the camel. She then walked up to where Crocodile was. She smiled and waved at him.

"Hello Sir Crocodile, I have not seen you in a long time." She said and walked up to him and offered her hand for him to shake.

Crocodile smiled back and pulled his hand back before motioning no with it. "No princess, please, let me bow to my friend's daughter, the princess of this great country." He answered back before bowing, then motioning to her to come inside. "Come, there is much I wish to discuss with you in my office." Vivi allowed Crocodile to take the lead as he led her towards an elevator which would take the pair down to the basement.

While Vivi was heading inside a pair of people approached the guard who had traveled with Vivi and grabbed him.

On the way to the elevator which would lead them down to his office, Crocodile asked Vivi about the Duck Troops. "If you do not mind me asking, why did you take a camel here? I was under the impression you were a big fan of the Super Spot-Billed Duck Troops."

Vivi thought for a second before answering. "I have been busy lately, and have needed to get around less conspicuously. I imagine that you have heard from my father that a terrorist group is in Alabaster, well, the Ducks bring too much attention to me, so I have started to take a camel around instead. Igaram, the captain of the royal guard said it would be a good idea to do it, it would protect me and the ducks."

"That is too bad princess, I seem to recall you really like them, especially, that one, what was his name?" Crocodile asked.

"Karoo", Vivi answered.

The pair arrived at Crocodile's office, in the basement of the casino and Vivi looked around. On the walls were screens which showed the goings-on in the casino, there was a nice table set out in the middle, there was a desk where Crocodile did most of his work, and in the corner was a small jail cell, probably for people who cheated at the casino.

"This is a nice office Sir Crocodile", Vivi said to him, looking around.

"Thank you princess, would you like to pull up a chair at the table, I will have a cook make us a meal." Crocodile answered back.

"That would be lovely, thank you." Vivi responded.

While waiting for the food, Crocodile lit a cigar and Vivi's face scrunched a bit. In response she pulled out a bottle of perfume she had in a pocket and sprayed herself with it.

Crocodile took a sniff and thought it smelled great. "That is a good smelling perfume, did you get it recently?" He asked Vivi.

"Yes", she answered, "I was in Nanohana recently and grabbed it while I was there."

"Nanohana", Crocodile repeated then smiled, deciding to push Vivi a bit. "Wasn't that where that reporter died recently, Finbarr I think was his name." Crocodile answered in a tone where he was not sure of the name, even though he remembered it. He wanted Vivi to be the one to talk about him, making her feel bad.

"His name was Finbarr Mercia." Vivi answered back. "He was maybe the best reporter in all of Alabaster." Vivi looked into the distance, seeming to Crocodile to almost be annoyed, before her face became sad. "He covered my birth you know. My father told me." Vivi chuckled to herself a bit. "Mr. Mercia apparently snuck into the palace and knew I was born before any other reporter. He was also the person who told the country my name, the newspaper reported it before Igaram even knew my name."

After chuckling, Vivi sighed, then looked even more sad. "My father showed me the obituary he wrote about my mother after she died. It was beautiful." Vivi then had to wipe a tear from her face. "I wish I had gotten to know him before he passed."

Crocodile put his arm out to comfort Vivi. It was fun to see her act this way, but he was confused. He was certain that the princess had been behind Finbarr's death but she was acting like she had nothing to do with it. It made Crocodile wonder just how good the princess's acting was, or if he was mistaken. He needed to see what else she could do.

"Hmm", he said, "do you think that terrorist group might have something to do with his murder?"

"Didn't he just fall and break his neck?" Vivi answered back, confused. "That doesn't sound like how a terrorist group would act. They would burn down his house, or just shoot him I would think. Having him fall just sounds like an accident."

"True, true, I don't know why I even thought of that, maybe I am just worried about things. I am worried about you and your father." Crocodile answered back, his hand touching Vivi's and him looking her in the eye. "So, what do you know about them? I have talked to your father a few times, but he seems to be at his wits end about it."

"Well, I think I figured out the group's name." Vivi answered back. Crocodile raised an eyebrow and let Vivi say their name. "Rococo Works". Crocodile's face betrayed him for one second because a grin formed on it. He had to admit that it was a clever joke by the princess.

"Rococo Works huh, do they build houses?" Crocodile said before laughing at his joke.

"I don't know why they are called that either." Vivi answered back.

The food came, a pair of lobsters, and the pair ate in silence. Crocodile and Vivi both enjoyed the meal with Vivi asking Crocodile to give her compliments to the chef, something he agreed to do.

Crocodile lit an after meal cigar and watched Vivi pull the perfume back out of her bag and spray herself again. Once again, it struck Crocodile just how good the perfume smelled. He then decided it was time to stop playing. He had his fun, it was time to get serious.

"I imagine you are curious why I asked you here princess." Crocodile said and Vivi nodded her head. "Well, the truth is, I know it is you." Crocodile's eyes narrowed and he stared at Vivi.

"What are you talking about?" Vivi asked Crocodile, an innocent look on her face.

Crocodile sighed, then snapped his fingers. The door to his office opened and out came a pair of men who were carrying a beat up Josue, Mr. 9 of Baroque Works.

"Mr. 9!" Vivi screamed before covering her mouth and looking at Crocodile, fear in her eyes. Crocodile then started to laugh, before motioning the two men who had brought Mr. 9 in to grab her. Crocodile then got up from the table and walked in front of the princess and looked down at her.

"Hahahaha", he started with a laugh, before continuing. "You don't need to pretend anymore Miss Wednesday, I know it is you." Crocodile told Vivi, before continuing. "Did you really think I would let the princess of the country I am trying to conquer join my organization without knowing who she, or her bodyguard are?"

Crocodile then walked over to where Mr. 9 was laying on the floor and pulled him up, showing Vivi how badly beat up he was. "You have a very loyal friend Miss Wednesday. So loyal in fact that it bothers me. We tortured him and he never told us how you killed Finbarr, he never told us why he was so willing to work with you, he never told us if he knew who you were." Crocodile then threw Mr. 9 back on the ground.

"Why did he not tell us?" Crocodile asked, before stroking his chin. "That is what I intend to figure out. Not today though, or even tomorrow. Tomorrow I have a meeting with your father." Crocodile then started to laugh again.

"You know Miss Wednesday, you have made me move up my plans. My group, Baroque Works", Crocodile had said the name with emphasis, "was supposed to go to war with the Alabaster Army. My group would win of course, and then I would allow it to rain again, with the help of Dance Powder." Vivi nodded her head there. "Oh did you know something princess?"

"Well, I figured your plan had to do with Dance Powder. One of the missions you sent me on was to make sure Baroque Works' stock was okay and I looked in one of the barrels and saw it in there. You do realize Dance Powder is illegal right, the Marines will go after you for using it." Vivi said, a smug look appearing on her face.

"The Marines?" Crocodile started to laugh again. "The Marines will do nothing to me. They will not even touch Alabaster after I take care of your father and you and take over. You think what I am doing is bad, you should see what Doflamingo has done to Dressrosa or the crimes that Moria has committed." Crocodile laughed again as Vivi's face changed from hope to anger. "The Marines will leave me alone, they won't ever cross a Warlord."

Crocodile then motioned to the two men to throw Vivi into the jail in the corner of the room. Crocodile then started to speak again. "I don't know what power you have, and how you have put it over Mr. 9, but I am going to be careful about it. This jail is made of Seastone. I don't have to explain what Seastone is to you do I?" Crocodile asked Vivi.

Vivi knew that Seastone was a special stone that blocked the powers of Devil Fruit users, by being in a jail made of it, if she had devil fruit powers, she would not be able to use them.

"Hahahaha", Crocodile laughed and continued to talk to Vivi. "I have a meeting with your father tomorrow and, Crocodile rubbed his hook hand, I think your dad will remember it for a long time." Crocodile then looked at Vivi, anger in her eyes and smiled. "I like that look on your face princess, that is the look of someone who wants to save their kingdom. You joined Baroque Works, went on missions, killed a reporter, I have to say, you impressed me. You seem to be willing to do anything to save your kingdom. A lot better than your father who is in meetings all day." Crocodile then started to laugh and walk away.

"Wait", Vivi said, but Crocodile did not wait, he did not even turn around and face her again, he had a meeting in Alubarna the next day and needed to leave now.

"Sorry princess, but I have a meeting to get to." Crocodile then waved goodbye not starting at Vivi. "I will see you in a few days so I can figure out just what you did to Mr. 9.

"See you soon, princess." Crocodile said, before closing the door to the office behind him leaving Vivi alone.
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