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Revenge over a euthanized dog!!!
Murder in a Kennel.

By Shadowgate

Richard Rutherford drove up to the city Kennel in Orlando Florida. His dog had gotten out and he was called by a neighbor at work notified that an Orlando Police Officer picked up his dog.

Luckily the neighbor got the officer's name and was told the dog would be taken to the kennel otherwise he wouldn't know where to go.

When he got in he identified himself to the front desk lady who gave her name Myra Paine.

He said his dog a white male shizu was brought in by Officer Gordon Hill.

When Myra called on Lizzy Bolton she heard "hold on I'm busy."

Lizzy came out a minute later and said "what is it?"

Myra responded "Mister Rutherford is here to pick up his dog."

Lizzy said "one moment."

Lizzy brought out a dog that wasn't Mister Rutherford's and he said "that's not it."

Myra said "the shizu."

Lizzy said "this must be your dog Mister Rutherford."

Mister Rutherford replied "no it's not."

Myra said "the shizu."

Lizzy said "that dog was said to have cancer and was euthanized."

Myra said "no this dog is supposed to be euthanized can't you tell how sick it is?"

Lizzy said "hey Frank get out here."

Frank came out and said "you gave me two pieces of paper. One on a shizu and one on this dog. You told me the wrong cages to put them on. Thanks to you the wrong dog was put down."

Frank said "I told you the euthanasia form is to go on this cage and not that of the shizu. You never pay attention."

Richard yelled "Goddamn it you euthanized my dog over a paper mix up!"
Myra asked "how could you have mixed that up Lizzy? It's pretty obvious to begin with that dog was to be euthanized."

Lizzy was irritated and told Myra "don't blame me Frank told me to put the forms on the cages and he mismatched them."

Frank yelled "I told you the right arrangement but you're always sidetracked."

Richard demanded to know "who is the head manager in charge?"

Myra said "he's gone for the day his name is Herbert Jones."

Richard said "I'll be talking to a lawyer."

Richard went to the news media and the next night the story about his shizu named Dodger was on every local channel. His wife Martha was cussing out the camera and his son 8 year old Brendon was crying while sitting on the front lawn.


It was 4PM at the kennel and Lizzy was on her cellphone.

She said "yeah Mark when I get home I'll suck your dick."

She kept on "oh shit work has been a pain in the ass. Frank told me to put two forms on two cages and he was mistaken about where the two, well he told me to put the forms on the cages but he mismatched them. Well as a result of this fool the wrong dog got euthanized oh and if you saw the news some little brat was crying. Frank I fucking hate him. Ever since he came on three months ago he's done nothing but annoy me."

She then said "yeah I'll be home in time and we'll get drunk and party."

She listened for a while and said "okay bye."

Frank opened the door.

Lizzy was startled and asked Frank "what are you doing?"

Frank said "I was coming in to eat my dinner but hearing all you said on that cell phone of yours made me lose my appetite."

Lizzy said "you were listening in on my phone conversation you stupid freak."

Frank said "I don't know what I did to annoy you so much but I hope whatever it was it was something really offensive."

Lizzy said "your face offends me."

Frank said "I told you the right order but you're always on your phone talking about partying and other crap."

Lizzy yelled "my phone conversations are none of your Goddamn business and you don’t come in here and give me shit about them you asshole!”

Myra came in and shouted "what's going on in here?"

Frank said "she doesn't give a damn about the mistake that was made. She called the dog owners son who was crying on the news a brat."

Lizzy said "Frank it's your fault."

Frank said "I told you the euthanasia form was for the grey dog and the white one was for Mister Rutherford to pick up! Do you not the difference between grey and white you fucking retarded bitch!”

Lizzy said "fuck off!"

Lizzy stormed out of the break room.

The next morning Frank Milford walked into the kennel with a shotgun.

Myra asked "Frank what are you doing with that shotgun?"

Frank blasted Myra's head wide open.

The manager Herbert came out and yelled "what the fuck!”

Frank cocked the shotgun and shot Herbert in the chest. Herbert died instantly.

Lizzy came out and said "shit!"

Frank cocked the gun and said "I’m going to make you suffer.”

Lizzy ran into the other room and called 911 on her cellphone.

Frank busted in and said "I'll deal with you."

The 911 operator said "there's a shooting at the City Kennel."

Frank shot Lizzy in her right knee cap and the phone flew out of her hand and went flying.

Frank said "I've had it with your shit you fucking cunt!"

The 911 operator said "I've lost contact with the caller but she said there's a shooting at the Orlando City Kennel. I heard a shotgun blast and then I lost contact with the caller."

The 911 operator put the information into the computer. Orlando Police Officers got notice on their radios.

Officer Raymond Ant was at a McDonalds 20 minutes away from the kennel and he said "cancel my order I have to run."

Soon sirens were blaring all over Orlando.

Lizzy was on the floor bleeding.

Frank said "you're a worthless slut then he blew her head off."

Frank walked out and saw a dozen police cars pull up.

He took off running and the police got out.

They yelled "HALT" and Frank turned and fired. He missed and the police opened fire killing him.


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