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by toni
Rated: E · Poetry · Fantasy · #2256213
Thought Provoking
Masked Faces

Written by Cora Gilliam

Carved, masquerade masks, with hollow optical
prismed eyes, sit on shelves or hang on walls, stare
out with grimacing, twisted, subliminal grins and
smiles, creating delusions of beauty, or employing
mischievous delusion, with their veneer,
camouflaged so exclusively. Is it sorrow, sadness,
anguish, or unhappiness, that is their intent to veil
and conceal from the world’s peering eyes of
inquest and curious probe? Eyeing intriguing
masked faces, perched precariously here and there
with demeanors that disguise their identity,
possibly causing fear, chagrin and perchance,
to trigger uncontrollable despair.
Some may surmise that their unique designs are
created to just bring laughter, joy, or happiness to
tired and weary souls. Fabricated brazen looks of
sneers, scowls, and frowns perhaps are just trickery
cleverly concocted to capture inquisitive minds with
shocking gazes of chagrin, conceivably teasing
mankind. Inviting comments of rebuke or rage might
be optimal goals of some secretly designed masked
faces, so audacious and bold! Henceforth, inquiring
minds want to know what obscurity does each masked
face, profess or conceal, conjuring secret deceit and
treachery to a world so torn and forlorn.

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