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Sam Adams last night drinking at the Infamous "Cosmos Bar" in Bangkok

Sam Adams Visit to Hell

Sam Adams
Was out drinking
At his favorite watering hole
The cosmos Bar

The infamous Bar
That does not exist
Located behind the men’s urinals
In a non-descript Thai restaurant
On the left-hand side of Bangkok

The Cosmos club comes alive
At 0 dark hundred hours
Where it is the only bar
Still open

It is filled with spies,
Counter spies
Crooks. Robbers
Con men

Government agents
And the police undercover
Recording everything
For their used
In their constant scams
Against the unwary

Like Rick’s place
In Casablanca
Or the bar
In Star Wars

Filled with thestrangest
Probable human life forms
Although some may in fact
Be aliens

If there were aliens
This would be
their kind of bar

Sam Adams was drinking
Up a storm
All alone
Lost in thought

Sam was as usual
Drinking by his lonesome self
When he was drinking
He did not like the company
Hated talking to people

Just sat there
Drinking with his buddies
All by his lonesome self

Jim Beam
Mr. Blanton
Mr. Booker
Elijah Craig
Jack Daniels
I.W. Harper, IW to his friends
Elmer T Lee
Henry Mc Keena
A.H. Hirsh
Colonel E.H. Tayler, the Colonel
Evan Williams
Johny Walker,
W.L, Weller, Mr. W.I. to his friends
Pappy Van Winkle, aka “Pappy”

Drinking one bourbon, one scotch
And one Singh Beer
Twenty drinks too sober

The lovely devilish
Khun Moon
Slipped him something

She told Mr. GR, the Grim Reaper
Her side hustle employer
That he had another customer
Another soul to harvest.

He smiled
Gave her his usual
generous commission
which she split
with Khun Lek
the owner of the Cosmos Bar

Just another profitable night
In the City of Lost Angels.
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