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Mysteries of the mind behind the rhymes.
She'd never seen anything like it. She was not sure if it was a man or an angel. Beautiful almost delicate skin, eyes as blue as the deep ocean, soft brown hair that almost cover the dark thick brows and smile with cute little dimples on each side. She was mesmerised by the beautiful being that stood in front of her. She could feel her heart racing and her mind screaming but she was unsure what the surge of emotions were about. She wanted to run and touch that beautiful being but she stopped herself as she did not want her actions to be read as desperate but it was scratching in her veins deep inside like a yearning for something. Confused and unsure of her own emotions she tried to distract herself. The more she tried to move away, the closer he moved towards her. In just seconds he appeared right in front of her, standing so close his skin touched hers and that blocked every senses in her mind and made her heart blaze with fire. It was like he had some electrifying energy melting hers. She was getting weak, drowning in his deep blue eyes trying to find something but unsure what she was looking for.

They stood there almost an hour in silence staring into each other's eyes. Jenny's dark brown eyes were getting tired and her energy was depleting and her knees were giving way that was making her lose her balance. As she was falling to the ground, quickly he scooted her in his arms and brought her back up so close his nose and lips touching hers. She was confused as to how should she react to that the closeness. She wanted so much to feel that beautiful soft lips fill hers but she could not let herself lose control. One wrong step could unleash and awaken the sleeping darkness in her and she did not want that but everything about him was going against her will. His strong arms supported her when she tried to balance herself up. Eyes still locked deeply into each other's ocean of unknown, he added his sweet charming smile to the magnetic energy. Instantly her knees gave way again that made him rushed to support her from falling.

"Take me... Take all of me ... I surrender myself to you," she whispered and broke the silence between them.

Desperately she searched his eyes and waited for a respond reaction from him. His smile became wider that even reflected in his eyes. He was radiantly beautiful, a beauty she'd never seen anything like it. He took her breath away and made every part of her ached for him.

"I am Patrick, " he said with a smile with the dimples radiating from both corners of his lips.

Jenny returned his smile and tried to break away from his arms to stand up straight but she just could not tear herself away from his warm embrace. She wanted to stay there forever where it felt safe, comfortable and warm. A feeling that she had never feel before.

Minutes later, thunderstorms roared in the air with dark clouds parading in the sky following with the sudden pouring rain. She locked her right hand in his and ran to the nearest tree for shelter. Selfishly she refused to let him go. For better for worst she wanted him all for herself. She knew her life would never be the same again. That moment underneath the palm tree in the pouring rain with the dark clouds canopy, was the defining moment that completely changed her life. She watched the rain water drip on his drenched white shirt that exposed the beautiful muscled body beneath and felt a fierce foreign reactions bouncing around in her body connecting from nerve to nerve right to her brain. She could not think straight and was losing focus of reality. She let herself fell into his arms again and wrapped herself around his strong body and rest her head on his shoulder and just stayed there. For the first time in her life, she felt belong, she felt safe and she felt peace that her whole entire being has been searching for. Could he be the missing piece of her puzzle? Her mind and her heart was not connected. She could not make sense of the comfort her heart was feeling. It all felt too good to be a reality. She channel her focus to his beating heart that was loud and beating against her body. It felt it so strong like it connected to hers.

The rain was pouring hard around them. Everything else seemed so still, like everything paused for that moment in time. Not even a sight of any creepy crawlers lurking around nor the sound of crickets singing in the darkness. Nothing. Just the sound of the rain, raging storm and their breathing. Jenny wanted to take advantage of the perfect moment to get all entangled and lost in his kisses but she just could not bring herself to. It was clear that he wanted to kiss her when he looked down deep into her eyes but something else was pulling her back. She wanted to scream and cry at the pull because every part of her wanted that kiss too but she did not know what was happening to her. It was so painful to pull back and tear away from that strong arms. It felt like she literally ripped herself apart.

Hurt she tried to run in the rain and he ran after her. He turned her towards him and looked into her eyes again. She felt her heart squeezed and ached silently beneath when she saw a beautiful twinkle in his eyes. She'd never seen anything like it. He was almost not human. That made her wonder about that beauty standing in front of her. Mesmerized in his stare even the loud thunder could not tear her away. She wanted him. She wanted him bad. She stood on her toes to bring her lips closer to his then suddenly a memory flashed back in her mind causing so much pain piercing right through her skull. Instantly she fell to her knees with both her hands on her head trying to deal with the pain.....
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