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Rated: 13+ · Fiction · Action/Adventure · #2257212
One day, one of the Sailor Senshi's enemies goes on a grand rampage. Can they stop her?
A quick comm I made, the commissioner had this written as a birthday present for https://www.deviantart.com/biggerbetterbarbie, who will be mentioned in the story as the Barbie character. This one is the fastest I've ever written in my life.

Other characters are from the Sailor Moon universe, albeit with limited research and taking probably many artistic licenses on their portrayal/abilities. But still, despite all of these things, I gave it my best honest effort. I hope you guys enjoy it.

Once again I venture out of my usual fare, and I hope this shows I can be capable of more than my own specific/specialized niches, but you guys will be the judges of that. Enjoy!


It was a quiet, peaceful day in the Azabu-Juban district in Tokyo. The sky was a beautiful mix of orange, purple and blue with not a single cloud in sight, an image even the best of painters would be unable to fully replicate, and overall, it had just been about a perfect day, at least in terms of climate, to everyone in the city. One particular group of people had enjoyed the day a bit more than most... And out of that particular group, a slender girl with a long, light brown hair, wearing glasses, a yellow shirt that showed off her midriff and grayish blue shorts, was walking back home, looking like the happiest person in the whole world, for she had just had celebrated her birthday with her friends.

Suddenly, there was a bright golden flash that temporarily blinded everyone around, followed by an earth-shaking 'boom!'. People were confused, but as everyone's eyes still hurt from essentially gotten hit by a gigantic flashbang, nobody could tell at first what was going on. Then, there was an unnaturally booming, echoing maniacal laughter in a female voice.

A tall, slender woman stood in the distance, clad in what looked like otherworldly gold armor, or a military or battle-themed kind of uniform, with a matching gold headdress that was very similar to a Russian kokoshnik, in the style of a crown. A brooch containing a large crystal sat in the middle of her chest. She wore 2 bracelets, one on each wrist, and tall, high heeled boots, also following the gold color scheme of the rest of her attire, as well as the armor/battle theme to it.

But right then, she stood as a true colossus, the city's tallest skyscrapers came up to her shoulders. She waited for a moment for people to recover their sight so she could truly terrorize them, and terrorized did they get, as soon as the first people who could see again spotted her, screaming and running ensued, and what once had been a peaceful afternoon instantly turned to chaos. People couldn't even make sense of what was happening, but their primal fears overtook them, compelling them to run and get as far away as they possibly could.

"Yes, that's right! Scream like pigs! You'll get slaughtered just the same!" The woman, a powerful villain known as Sailor Galaxia, ominously yelled. She raised her foot above a store and without remorse, stomped down on it. The concrete and metal beam-supported structure was no match for the sheer force that was put into that stomp, and it instantly crumbled beneath its weight. For a split second, there were various loud deathly screams, but they were instantly and cruelly snuffed out, buried by tons of rubble, and one very big booted foot on top of that, ensuring that anything under it got squashed to an unrecognizable mess.

That stomp caused a noticeable tremor that made a lot of people fall over, as well as shake several buildings around. Panicking, people began looking out the windows only to find a colossal woman that had just crushed what was either a store or a house under her foot. People in news' agencies rushed out to be the first to report on such strange and terrifying events, much against the better judgement of the more sensible employees that suggested they better booked it out of there.

Other people began calling the police or the military because they figured 'who else is supposed to deal with that kind of stuff?!'. But in the meantime, Sailor Galaxia was just getting started. She carelessly walked around, flattening cars beneath her boots, completely uncaring as to whether or not those were occupied, but unlike with that store, she didn't even put any additional force into it, just her natural footsteps, albeit scaled up at an incredible scale, were more than enough to render even the largest vehicles little more than a useless flat mess.

She laughed as she kicked another building, one that she didn't even bother checking what it was, like a ball, harshly uprooting the whole thing and sending it flying a large distance away until it catastrophically landed on the other side of the city, demolishing a bunch of buildings, like a relatively weak meteor that still easily decimated a good portion of an entire city block, extinguishing many more lives in the process, and causing more people to freak out, as they weren't even aware yet of what was happening.

Looking down, she saw that people were wildly trying to get away from her in their frenzied panic and with an evil smirk, she closed her right hand into a fist and punched the ground, squashing several dozen people to a red paste as well as cracking a large portion of the street and causing a kind of meteoric shockwave that knocked the other people over. Without giving them time to recover, she ominously raised her foot above them and after a few tense seconds, she suddenly dropped it down on them, creating a bigger crater, squashing even more people under it and causing further damage to the street and to the surrounding buildings, which were hit as if it had been an earthquake.

"Hmph, pathetic" Sailor Galaxia said as she carelessly wiped off her knuckles the remnants of the massacre she had just committed. She twisted and pressed her foot on the ground to presumably wipe its sole as well.

Soon enough, she spotted a helicopter in the distance, and considering it was alone, she doubted the country's military forces had showed up yet, not that she was really interested in them in any way, nor feared them. She assumed that it was from one of the news' channels and decided to let it be for the time being. More panic and chaos would only make things easier. Deciding to further up the ante, she turned towards the helicopter but without looking like she had spotted it.

"Who's gonna save you now?!" She taunted, her booming voice was powerful enough to rattle many buildings' windows, making some crack even.

"...and as you can see, the city is suddenly under attack from this giant, weirdly dressed woman. No motive has been established... We don't have an accurate figure at the time, but we can estimate that hundreds have already been killed, and many more have gone missing. Panic is spreading around the city like wildfire, and there has been no official response from the Armed Forces, though the Police have tried to get people to calm down... which has worked as well as anybody would expect..." A reporter said as he broadcasted on live television, showing a devastated area, full of flattened cars, the street wrecked as if it belonged in a warzone and people wildly running away in a disorderly manner, ignoring the police's recommendations.

Wanting to instill even more panic, her bracelets glowed for a moment as she raised her arms and fired a volley of golden energy blasts into the distance, each causing a massive explosion of their own, burning portions of Tokyo that were farther away from her down to ashes.
Laughing at the destruction she so easily caused, she fired several more blasts that struck the city as if it were getting bombarded by an unknown force, each explosion easily incinerating whatever and whoever unfortunate enough to be caught in its blast zone.

More reports on this uncalled and completely surprising destruction sprang up, and soon the entire country was in panic, and everyone wondered why this was even happening, but also, why had no one yet tried to stop the giant madwoman. Her bracelets glowed as she prepared to fire a third volley, but then they suddenly stopped glowing as she felt an intense headache and got dizzy for a second.

"Oh... right... need to go a bit easy here..." She muttered to herself, remembering what her actual plan was. She hadn't quite recovered from her previous defeat, which saw her drastically weakened from her previous, near god-like power.

With what power she had left after that, she couldn't hope to take on some of the stronger Sailor Senshi, such as the Outer ones or the StarLights. She needed to regain energy and quick, thus, her plan had been to lure the Inner Senshi out, sure that she could easily beat them and drain their powers to fuel herself, and then go drain the others until she completely restored her powers.

'Hmm... maybe this is a bit more dramatic than I would've liked, but it has to work! There's no way those little idiots can miss me...' She thought with an annoyed huff, wondering on her next course of action, as she needed to conserve power for the actual fight, though her greatly enhanced stature pretty much guaranteed her victory.

Sailor Galaxia then decided that she'd continue attacking the city, but without using magical attacks until the Sailor Senshi showed up. She crushed several stores and other small buildings as she walked around, squashing unknown amounts of people as well, kicking cars around, which hit various other buildings around before violently exploding as makeshift bombs. Soon, the fire spread around as well, giving the already grim landscape a fiery, overly violent look. To the people in the streets, it was as if Hell had been brought on Earth, with raging flames all around while the titanic mad woman continued her rampage, completely uncaring about who or what was trampled under her golden boots, as well as maliciously flattening buildings, cars and people alike.

The police had been the first to mobilize as soon as wild reports began to spring up, and while they thought it was some kind of mass prank at first, such notions crumbled down to dust just like the buildings they saw out their window. Although many were terrified of the gigantic armored lady, they tried helping rescue people as best as they could manage, calling all off-duty officers to aid their efforts, but they simply had no way to deal with such an enormous criminal, it was the kind of threat probably not even the army was qualified to deal with.

Some brave officers tried shooting at her, but the bullets for the most part harmlessly bounced off her armored clothing, and even those that hit her flesh failed to do any damage, falling to the ground and looking rather flattened themselves, as if they had hit a wall of solid Kevlar. The colossal tyrant didn't even feel a thing, ignoring them as she only looked to cause more destruction, raising an eyebrow in surprise, as usually the Sailor Senshi tended to show up rather quickly whenever there was trouble around.

'Huh? Don't tell me I squashed them already?' She stopped for a moment. But then she remembered that if she had done so, she would've felt their magic power, plus, as much as she hoped so, she knew it wouldn't be so simple to deal with them, even more so on her currently limited powers. Chuckling at the silly thought, she resumed her rampage.

Sailor Galaxia knelt down and began picking up the fleeing cars that were desperately trying to get past her, thoroughly enjoying the screams of despair of her victims-to-be. Without openly acknowledging their presence, she simply kept on doing this until she got a large stack of cars and trucks in her cupped hand. With a perverse cackle, she closed her fist and in mere seconds turned them all into an enormous ball of scrap metal, and squished flesh, if anyone dared peek inside.

Then, mimicking a baseball pitcher, she threw the makeshift metal ball into a skyscraper, demolishing its top floors and exploding like a powerful missile upon impact. The large building quickly became a raging inferno and quickly collapsed onto itself, with the people inside unable to react in time, and many didn't even know what hit them in the first place.

Just after she had done that, a missile struck her in the back of the head, causing a large explosion, though to her it wasn't even larger than her closed fist, and the only thing she noticed about it was the mildly annoying noise it made.

"Oh? You guys showed up earlier than them, huh..." She chuckled, seeing that there was an air force squad flying around her. On the ground, there were tanks rolling up into the streets, as well as soldiers carrying heavy artillery, all the biggest and hardest hitting weapons short of a nuclear missile that they could gather on such short notice, with more coming soon.

"I suppose I can play with you insects until the real heroes show up" She mockingly shrugged. Without warning, the planes fired a barrage of missiles at her, aiming for her face while on the ground, the tanks and artillery divisions aimed for her exposed thighs, also firing a barrage of projectiles at them, but just like the first missile, they exploded upon hitting her, but no harm was done, her skin didn't even get singed from the explosions' heat.

"Uh... what now, General?" A soldier asked.

"What does it look like?!" The gruff older man replied.

"With all due respect, General, I believe a tactical retreat would be in order" The soldier said.

"Hmph. We've still got ammo. We need to take this monster down!" The general replied and sigh a reluctant sigh, the soldier nodded.

"That didn't even tickle. Come on. I'm letting you guys hit me. No tricks" Sailor Galaxia taunted them, extending her arms but standing still otherwise.

"Sir, that sounds like a trap..." the soldier from earlier said.

"FIRE!" The General ordered, ignoring the warning. All the tanks, armed vehicles as well as the planes fired upon her once more, the explosions from their projectiles combined together making for a larger explosion that engulfed her upper and lower body in fire and smoke. The General gestured at them to stop, but to keep aiming at her. Much to their desperation, the smoke hadn't even cleared when they heard a rumbling but bored yawn, and then the smoke quickly dissipated as she effortlessly fanned it away with one hand, quietly giggling at their powerlessness.

"I've had mosquitoes bite me harder than that, you know?" She said, and all soldiers, or most of them, felt their morale rapidly crumble down.

"...sir?" the soldier asked.

"I hate you! But you're goddamn right. We're getting out of here!" The general, who was unnerved internally, barely keeping his tough front on the outside, finally chose to agree with his underling.

"Retreat, everyone! We're going to need reinforcements and even more ammo!" He said, almost failing to hide that he was shaking on the inside.

"Aww... really? Was that all you got?" Galaxia condescendingly taunted them, but despite the obvious provocation, the tanks and the other armed vehicles began their retreat. The air force, however, fired more missiles at her in an attempt to buy them time. And of course, she wasn't going to actually let them retreat. She swatted the planes like flies, making them explode as her hand smashed through them as if they were made of butter, with no hope for the pilots to survive, as she moved far too quick for them, and far too quick for anything her size to have a right to be.

In a few strides, she caught up to the tanks and the terrified soldiers couldn't all agree on whether to keep retreating or to fight, some tried the latter, but were effortlessly trampled down, and the rest broke formation, running for their lives despite their general's attempts at restoring order. Her feet, larger than some small buildings, casted an ominous shadow over a group of fleeing soldiers in trucks and a tank.
They got no chance to even get out of their vehicles as the massive boot struck them from above, smashing down on the ground with meteoric force, causing a large shockwave that knocked several more vehicles over all around her, and those caught under it were beyond completely squashed, the once mighty war vehicles reduced to mere thin sheets of scrap metal that oozed crimson.

Giggling wickedly, Sailor Galaxia stomped them all flat, some soldiers tried in vain to fire at her as her titanic boot descended upon them, but were squashed all the same, obliterated into a red paste under its sole. And all of those state-of-the-art tanks and other combat vehicles were easily reduced to less than junk, they became useless thin scrap metal, caught in boot-shaped craters that were like scars on the cityscape. And what wasn't crushed, was burned, as most of those vehicles exploded upon being compressed so harshly, incinerating what was left.
As she had pretty much thoroughly wrecked that sector of the city, she walked away from it, leaving it a smoldering warzone, like something taken straight out of an apocalyptic story. With all the damage she had caused to the streets and roads all around her, it was extremely difficult, if not borderline impossible, for people to evacuate the city, that is, those that still hadn't met their untimely demise by the self-proclaimed Galactic Empress' hand.

She laughed, as her mere walking was causing more buildings to crack and crumble after repeated seismic-like hits, but then she suddenly stopped, feeling that headache and dizziness from before, which made her frown.
'Oh come on! The energy to resist those pitiful attacks couldn't have been possibly that much!' She thought in frustration. But the feeling was unmistakable, her powers were waning. They slowly recharged over time, but way too slowly for her liking, plus, her increased size was adding further stress to her body.
'I guess I'll have to take it easy for a bit' She huffed, but she wanted to keep wreaking havoc, so she'd have to get a bit more creative to conserve her energy. She walked around and saw some people still running away, having guessed using vehicles wouldn't get them too far with the current state of things.

"Hmm?" Something among the crowd, or more accurately, someone, piqued her interest. She sensed something. It definitely couldn't have been any of the Sailor Senshi, but the fact that she felt something was in itself quite notable, as she'd seldom ever felt any sort of magical power within most humans or sapient beings she'd met. Since it was so small, she needed to focus more, but she knew she had sensed something for sure.

It took her a few minutes, but she eventually managed to pinpoint the magical energy she had just sensed. It was an otherwise unassuming girl, in a yellow shirt, with grayish blue shorts and long, wavy light brown hair. She didn't even seem to be aware of the magic within her herself, she was running away, trying to escape from the chaos just like everyone else around her.

Quietly chuckling to herself, Sailor Galaxia walked towards her, easily catching up in few strides, and making no effort to avoid crushing the other people running away from her beneath her house-sized feet. The girl hadn't even turned to see her, she was running as fast as she could, and in fact, her poor heart was already getting overworked, it was a far too terrifying and stressful situation, and as she could see the ominous shadow covering her, she knew she was likely as good as dead, and right on her birthday too...

However, instead of that, the outcome she expected, she was snatched up and raised into the air by a gigantic hand, with fingers that were larger than the tallest lamp posts or than full grown trees, yet, those only exerted enough force to keep her in place, though as she realized she was hundreds of meters above the ground, she understood that trying to break free and jumping or falling off would be nothing but downright suicidal at this point. And while she wanted to scream her lungs out, something deep inside told her to be quiet, on the remote chance that she'd spare her...

"Hmm... not a lot of power in there..." Sailor Galaxia muttered, shaking her comparatively tiny captive like she were a coin, a gemstone, or such an item to be examined up close.
"Eh, I can work with this" She then said, chuckling evilly, and the look in her face only further terrified the poor girl, who had frozen in fear, but was now shivering. It seemed as though she was going to face a fate worse than death, but couldn't even begin conceiving what it'd consist of. Sailor Galaxia then tried out a new technique she was still developing, which came quite in handy for times such as these.
Waving the fingers of her free hand in a specific way, forming some sort of glyph, the girl's eyes turned red and she calmed down, having become completely docile, she no longer reacted, looking like she had been left on standby mode. But that wasn't the whole thing's effect, soon, a golden aura engulfed her and she began to rapidly grow until she stood as tall as Sailor Galaxia herself, that being roughly 300 meters (about 985 ft).
"Excellent!" She laughed "Tell me, my new servant, what is your name?" She then asked.

"Barbie" The girl replied in a monotone voice.

"Well Barbie, you've got a new job. You'll be my new Herald of Destruction!" Sailor Galaxia then laughed maniacally for a moment while Barbie merely replied with a dull "Yes Master".

"Hmm... Let's see if everything works alright..." She then said, looking Barbie over. Nothing appeared to have gone wrong with her technique, but there were a few things that weren't just visible to the naked eye like that, and for those, she needed testing.
"Okay, Barbie, you will obey my every command..."

"Yes, Master"

"Let's put your 'abilities' to the test then..." Sailor Galaxia smiled and looked around, this part of the city hadn't yet felt her wrath, there were many relatively untouched buildings.

"Well then, Barbie... punch that skyscraper over there, make sure it collapses!" She commanded.

"Yes, Master" Barbie slowly approached said building, flattening several cars under her tennis shoes, completely indifferent towards them, as her mind had a single goal: to fulfill her master's order.

Once she stood before the large building, she punched it, or more accurately, punched through it, as even the concrete and steel that made it up were like butter, and she easily pierced through it all. The people in there, already panicking and trying to evacuate, weren't given any chance as an enormous fist bulldozed its way through, crushing many things, and people in its way and sending many more flying out of the hole she had just created, dozens of people fell to their doom on the cold, harsh pavement below.

When Barbie withdrew her arm, the building's top floors near instantly collapsed, slamming down on the ones below, setting off a chain reaction that saw the immense building quickly get reduced to mere rubble, burying perhaps a hundred people or so, with practically nobody having had enough time to escape.

In the meantime, Galaxia felt a little bit of energy coming to her, and by the look of her face, she was very pleased by this result.

'Fufufufu, looks like everything's working perfectly...' She thought. Not only she had made Barbie her slave, and enlarged her to her current size, but also made it so that the damage and destruction she caused, especially the lives she took, would convert into magic power and be absorbed by Sailor Galaxia herself. It was nowhere near as effective as absorbing the Sailor Crystals, but it was better than nothing, and this way she'd make sure to have some energy for when the Sailor Senshi showed up.

"Very well, my loyal servant. Now destroy that building over there" Sailor Galaxia pointed at another skyscraper.

"Yes Master" Barbie said and walked over to it. This time, she kicked it, an impact that was far more powerful than her punch, and struck much closer to the building's base, her foot and leg easily demolished their way through, and with their support broken, the upper portion of the building fell over backwards. Many terrified screams could be heard as tons of concrete and steel struck whatever was behind it, that being, a few stores and a lot more of fleeing people.

Those that were either lucky or ran fast enough avoided immediate death, but didn't get away unscathed, as massive chunks of concrete flew out like shrapnel, some of them piercing or crushing cars on their own, making them explode, while others hit people, knocking them unconscious or bruising them, injuring their arms or legs, and the least fortunate ones had these pieces of rubble embed themselves into their flesh, causing untold amounts of pain. Farther away in the distance, Sailor Galaxia laughed more, enjoying the literal power rush she felt, it was a little more than what she got from the last building.

'Those girls are sure taking their sweet time... well, more energy for me, I guess' She thought, noticing that the heroic quintet hadn't showed any signs of activity yet, but she was sure they'd have to show up sooner or later. For the time being, she'd have her newly acquired minion do her bidding and help refill her energy reserves, bit by bit.

"Good job!" She praised her servant "Now step on those insignificant ants down below!"

"Yes, Master" Barbie raised her foot over a couple of people who were left injured by her destruction of the skyscraper earlier, they tried pleading for mercy, but her cold, uncaring expression didn't shift in the least bit as she brought her immense foot down, immediately turning those people to little red stains under her tennis' sole.

The brown-haired giantess repeated this process, deliberately walking over the crowd of panicking, fleeing people as everyone in several blocks around had suddenly become aware of what was happening, and that was the only logical choice most saw. However, more people in other parts of the city were also becoming aware of there terrifying news, as the helicopter's crew from earlier kept on filming from a safe distance while reporters also told the grim story as it happened right before them, although several of those ended up sharing the fate of the people whose demise they were displaying.

Barbie's footsteps shook the ground, and her presence was like an odd dichotomy, on the one hand, she was an innocent-looking girl that at normal size wouldn't hurt a fly, though those red eyes were an early warning sign, and on the other hand, her behavior was pretty much that of huge monsters of legend and famous movies, wreaking as much havoc as she could and hurting as many people as possible, though unlike Sailor Galaxia, her expression remained blank, it didn't seem as if she was deriving any pleasure from her actions, however cruel they were.

A small group of office workers, caught outside in the streets as the tremors had driven them out of their workplace could only look up in horror as darkness shrouded them, a shoe-clad foot, way larger than any human foot should be, effortlessly blocked out the sun before rushing down towards them, like a meteor striking down from the heavens, hitting the ground with similar force. To Barbie, they had been mere bugs that she stomped flat, the shockwave from that impact caused several buildings' windows to shatter, and the street to crack badly.

In just a few minutes, the streets were worse than if they had been in a warzone, full of foot-sized craters, in which, if someone were looking from above, one would spot several, sometimes tens of red stains, each of which had once been a living, breathing person that got violently robbed of their life.

"That was art!" Sailor Galaxia clapped several times while giving a smug smile, delighted at her servant's 'handiwork'. Out of the corner of her eye, she spotted that news helicopter from earlier, so she knew the news must be spreading nationwide by now...

Although still a rather low amount, she had regained some magical power from that 'small' rampage. At least she was back to the energy level she had right at the beginning. She figured that if she were to do this to every large city on Earth she might regain a decent portion of her powers, but it'd be much easier and faster to just drain the Sailor Crystals at that point.

Seeing that this part of the city was already near completely destroyed, Sailor Galaxia ordered Barbie to stomp, kick and demolish all remaining buildings, and to make sure nobody escaped, further staining the soles of her tennis in red. Several hundred people met their demise one way or another, some killed by the collapsing buildings, others, caught in the cars' explosions, and the unluckiest ones, stomped into oblivion by a pair of gigantic feet that could dwarf even the largest buses.

"Let's go somewhere else, shall we?" Sailor Galaxia led Barbie to another part of the city that had been largely untouched so far. The two titanic women walked without a care in the world, smashing countless more cars as they passed by, flattening them to useless hunks of metal. Sailor Galaxia then stopped and asked Barbie to pick up the cars that hadn't been crushed yet, teaching her the 'trick' she did earlier, gathering many of them only to turn them into a giant ball of crushed metal to hurl at some building in the distance, causing an immense explosion that claimed many lives on its own.

Meanwhile, somewhere farther away...

"Sir, the entire force that was dispatched to deal with that giant freak was completely annihilated, there were no survivors that we know of!" A soldier said, bringing the reports to an old man, also in military uniform, albeit his was adorned with many medals from long years of service.

"If I hadn't seen that woman in the distance with my own two eyes, I would've thought you all went crazy..." The old man said, taking the folder the soldier brought him, though his grip was so hard that it made it wrinkle a little. His hand was shaking subtly as well.

"Any ideas on who or what is possibly responsible for this lunacy?" He asked.

"None, sir. There are rumors stating that the woman might not even be from our world, her clothes are too odd, and she was seen firing some strange sort of energy from her bracelets..."

"Now you're gonna tell me that on top of all this, we're under attack by friggin' aliens?!" The man said in a noticeably unnerved voice as he opened the folder and flipped through it, skimming through the written report that had just been delivered to him.

"We don't really know, sir... but, uh... the way our weaponry failed to do a single scratch on her really makes you think..." The soldier replied somewhat nervously.

"Nonsense! It's probably some crazy tech from something like the Area 51 or the Illuminati! We should know better than anybody that mankind of capable of the craziest stuff, no matter how defying of reality it may seem..." The old man said.

"Uhhh... what do we do then, sir?" The soldier asked. The old man sighed and pinched the bridge of his nose from the stress and the imminent headache he was getting from the whole situation.

"We either call the Prime Minister or we start contacting the USA, Russia, China or just about anyone with nukes..." He huffed "Damn, where's McArthur when you need him?"

Back in the city...

Sailor Galaxia and Barbie arrived to another part of the city that was mostly untouched by their wrath yet. There was a huge traffic jam, as people there were already trying to get out of the city, but their hopes of making it out of there in one piece got dashed as the enormous shadows of the two women covered them. Looking at a bunch of large buses that were full of people, Galaxia smiled, an evil idea quickly forming in her twisted mind.

"Barbie, grab this bus over here... but careful! Don't squash these other cars... yet..." She commanded with a laugh.

"Yes, Master..." Barbie did exactly as told, carefully avoiding to step on cars and crouching to pick up a bus, which to her was about the size of a soda can. The panicked screams of the people trapped in it were like music to Galaxia's ears, who enjoyed a good laugh, and nothing had been destroyed yet. Barbie, however, maintained her blank expression as she held the bus in her hand, awaiting for new orders.

"Now, crush it in your hand!" Sailor Galaxia ordered, and that's what Barbie did, tightening her grip over the bus, its metal chassis being like putty to her. It groaned in a rather horrific way to its passengers, who were unable to escape, as the giant girl's hand was wrapped around it and pressed the doors shut.

Most refused to accept that this would be their end and tried to escape, but even when the windows shattered, they were all blocked by Barbie's hand, dooming them to be trapped as the metal gave way to her crushing grasp. In a matter of seconds. The bus was completely squashed in the middle, and the sound of crushed metal was accompanied by a faint, but sickening 'squelch!' that Sailor Galaxia certainly heard, feeling the tiny bit of power she absorbed from that.

"Very good... now, throw that away and do that with these other buses here" She commanded.

"Yes, Master..." Barbie carelessly threw away the crushed hunk of metal that once had been a bus, crushing a few cars below, making them explode. Then she grabbed two more buses and squeezed them in her hands, there were hardly any screams, as they were snuffed out too quickly, but if there were anyone listening in pretty up close, they would've heard the sickening crunching of flesh and bone, albeit largely drowned out by the much louder noises of metal getting relentlessly crushed by an unyielding force.

Down below, realizing the traffic jam wasn't going to end anytime soon, people decided to ditch their vehicles and run away while the giant women appeared to be too busy to worry about them, or simply didn't care enough, but then there was a sudden, harsh and powerful tremor that knocked everyone a few feet up in the air, only to painfully land on the floor next.

"Nuh uh" Sailor Galaxia wagged her finger, giving a playfully sadistic smile and giggling quietly. She knew her 'minion' was entirely focused on the task she assigned her, but Galaxia wasn't about to just let everyone get away while they had a chance. She was going to get every last bit of energy she could from having Barbie trample them down. She looked around, noticing that the army didn't appear to have bothered again ever since their embarrassing defeat at her hands.

'Hmph, I guess people give up way too easily these days' She thought as she shrugged.

Meanwhile, back in Azabu-Juban, in a part of the city still untouched by Galaxia... a particular quintet of highschoolers slept, after having had quite the birthday party and doing all the necessary clean-up. But their well-deserved rest was cut short by sudden tremors, followed by explosion noises and of buildings getting destroyed, car alarms going off as they got crushed and the desperate screams of fleeing people.

"Hmm?" Rei was the first to wake up, quickly sensing that something was amiss. She turned the TV on and the news showed to massively tall women wreaking havoc on the city, below, it could be read that thousands were either dead or missing, including an entire armed force that had been sent to deal with the threat they posed. With a shocked gasp, she quickly woke her friends up, some of which responded more readily than others.

"Mmm... just five more minutes, mom" Usagi groaned, bothered by Rei trying to shake her awake.

"Do you want a knuckle sandwich for breakfast then?!" Rei yelled, clearly annoyed and lacking the patience to deal with her friend's grogginess.

"Ehhh?!" Usagi abruptly sat up and opened her eyes wide upon hearing that threat.

"Geez, Usagi, I know we were tired and all, but this is pretty serious" Makoto said, pointing at the tv. Usagi yawned and rubbed her eyes, wondering what this whole ruckus was about. Any traces of sleepiness left in her got obliterated the moment she saw Sailor Galaxia, her eyes nearly popped out of their sockets.

"WHAT?! H-How is she back?! And how did she grow so frickin' huge?!" She shouted in absolute shock.

"Your guess is as good as any of ours... but... look at this..." Ami then pointed at the tv, and with a frown, Usagi looked again.

"Looks like Galaxia's not the only who decided to play 'kaiju' today" Minako commented.

"Oh no..." Usagi was in a way surprised, and in another not as much, she saw that Barbie's eyes were red, and had an emotionless expression, following Sailor Galaxia's directions to destroy more buildings and attack people.

"Well, what are we waiting for?! We need to go fight them right now!" Rei shouted. The girls nodded and rushed out of the house...

"Wait!" Minako suddenly called out, causing the others to suddenly stop in their tracks, making Usagi crash into Rei, and the two into Makoto, the three girls falling over, groaning in utter annoyance.

"What?!" They all asked while Ami sighed and facepalmed.

"Since things are already pretty dangerous, shouldn't we transform now instead of right when we're about to face the enemy?" The often silly, but sometimes surprisingly wise guardian of Venus said, making all of the girls' eyes widen, for she was right.

"Y-Yeah, that makes sense" Ami said and helped her other friends up, and thus, they all called out their respective powers to assume their Sailor Senshi identities...

Back to where our villainess and her brainwashed servant were...

The city went up in flames, Barbie kicked and threw cars left and right, making them explode like large bombs, hitting many buildings, turning the once peaceful place into a blazing warzone, chunks of burning metal rained down from the sky like a divine judgement, the smoke darkened the sky, and if there were any other sounds, they were badly drowned out by the noises of crushed metal, collapsing buildings and the deathly screams of the victims, plus the panicked ones from those who were still alive, but trying to run for their lives.

"This is too easy!" Sailor Galaxia laughed, casually flicking a police helicopter that made the mistake of trying to fly past her.

'Now, seriously, did these girls go on vacation or what?' She thought, raising an eyebrow. At this rate, the entire city would be destroyed soon and there'd be no sign of the Sailor Senshi altogether. And while she considered this to be more luck than anything else, the fact that neither the Outer Senshi bothered showing up was also a bit odd, but then again they could be busy dealing with some other external threat while she was there, presumably, it was the Inner Senshi's job to deal with her.

"Let's try something different..." She said to Barbie, who had just picked up the last bus around and crushed it into a ball that she threw at a nearby park, engulfing it in flames as large metal pieces, and stuff better left unmentioned, flew around.
"How about you use your hands? You can get creative... just make sure that it's with your hands, and your hands only" Sailor Galaxia said, to which Barbie nodded in confirmation. In response, Barbie laid on her stomach, on the destroyed section of the city. She then had her hand 'walk' on two fingers, like a giant compared to people, though a much smaller one than its owner was.

Her hand crushed two cars by 'stepping' on them and the rest of the people that were still in their vehicles decided to ditch them and run for their lives. Unintelligible screaming noises were all what could be heard besides the booming impacts Barbies' fingers made.
It then chased after those running people, squashing one to the ground with a single finger, then another with the next 'step', and so on, crushing people, reducing them to mere red dots on her fingers as her hand kept 'walking'.

A boy in highschool uniform was the last one left, and he had been running away from the titanic hand for a while, but with each earth-shaking impact of its fingers, he fell over and injured his ankle. He desperately tried crawling away, but the relentless 'monster' menacingly headed towards him, crushing more people in its path.

Out of raw instinct, he tried covering his face and torso with his arms as he awaited his impending doom, but a few tense seconds passed and nothing happened, though he felt he was snatched up, and vaguely sensed he was moving, though not of his own volition. Fearfully, he opened his eyes and they almost popped out when he realized he was in the hands of a tall, brown-haired girl in a rather extravagant version of a sailor fuku kind of uniform, mostly white, with some green and a little bit of pink, plus a golden tiara and elbow-length white gloves.
She gave him a kind smile, but he was thoroughly baffled and decided to just accept it, after all, he was about to be crushed by a gigantic woman's hand right before.

"T-Thank you" He stuttered, and she patted his head, gently putting him back on the ground, on his feet.

"You're welcome! Now... I think you should get somewhere safe while we take care of this" Makoto, now transformed into Sailor Jupiter, said.

"Oh no, you don't!" Sailor Galaxia's voice boomed from above, but just as she walked into view, a fireball narrowly missed her face, grazing it and making her skin a little singed.

"You were saying?! I think you've got better things to be concerned with, Galaxia!" Rei, now as Sailor Mars, shouted, her hands aimed at her in a gun-shape, a bit of smoke still came off her gloved fingers, confirming that the fireball that had just now nearly hit her had been her doing.

"Heh! Took you long enough to show up! And what's this? Only two of you? I thought my presence would warrant the whole team at the very least" Sailor Galaxia laughed.

"Psh. Only one of us is more than enough to get rid of you!" Sailor Mars replied with a somewhat arrogant smirk.

"Hey! I'm gonna fight her too, you know?!" Sailor Jupiter said, to which Galaxia rolled her eyes in annoyance. She didn't want to use her magic yet after having just regained a bit of power, but on the other hand, those could be an easy two Sailor Crystals whose power she could absorb. She tentatively raised her arm, and this is when a large stream of water hit it from the side, engulfing it before freezing solid.

"What?!" Sailor Galaxia couldn't believe the Sailor Senshi had somehow snuck up on her, the only one she had detected had been Jupiter, but Mars, and now Mercury, were confirmed to also be there. Out of the corner of her eye, she spotted a bright light and moved out of the way as a powerful pale-yellow beam almost hit her, though this one didn't graze her like Sailor Mars' fireball did.

"I see, looks like almost the whole team is here..." Sailor Galaxia said, sounding more confident than she actually was, since these attacks were quite the close call to her. But she knew she had this fight in the bag, all she needed to do is have her servant fight them, though she wondered about the team leader herself.

"Looking for someone?" Sailor Moon called out from behind her, standing on a skyscraper's rooftop that came about to Galaxia's shoulder height.

"Bold of you to taunt your enemy like that, Sailor Moon..." Sailor Galaxia chuckled as she turned around, breaking her arm free from its ice casing and crossing them both.

"I don't know how you did it, but you can't possibly have much power left..." Sailor Moon cheekily smiled, though she knew her position was rather vulnerable, but still, they needed to distract her and hopefully score a lucky hit that'd knock her out.

"Oh, you see... I decided to 'hire' some help... conquering worlds sometimes is so much work..." Sailor Galaxia replied in a mock-tired tone, overdramatically wiping her brow. She looked into Sailor Moon's eyes and gave her an evil smirk.

"You worms aren't even worthy of fighting me!" She laughed obnoxiously "I'll let my newest servant take care of you. Barbie! Show these insects their place!" She then commanded.

"Yes, Master" Said 'servant' replied in the same dull, monotonous voice she had been using ever since she had been placed under whatever spell Galaxia used on her.

"That's low, even for you..." Sailor Moon growled, few things she did hate more than innocent people being forced to do the bidding of the evil ones. However, Sailor Galaxia only laughed more as she jumped away to presumably be out of their immediate attack range.

"Well, let's get this show on the road!" Sailor Jupiter cracked her knuckles, she couldn't help but feel excited about getting into a new fight, an attitude that hadn't helped her issue of being mistaken for a school delinquent.

"Makoto, we were just celebrating her birthday party... and you wanna beat her up?" Sailor Venus asked, appearing next to her.

"Eh, that's usually how it goes, we beat the evil out of people, and Usagi can heal them later, what's the problem?" Sailor Mars said, shrugging. Sailor Mercury then appeared, sighing and shaking her head at her friends' hotheadedness.

"Actually... I'm not so sure if we should do this... I can sense a powerful magic energy in her... You can feel it you, can't you, Rei?" Ami, aka Sailor Mercury asked.

"Yeah, I can, but... duh! it's obvious Sailor Galaxia did something to her! She's got to be shrouded by whatever magic she infused her with to make her this big... and brainwashed..." Sailor Mars huffed.

"But it doesn't feel quite right..." Sailor Mercury commented, and their discussion was interrupted by a slightly distant scream.

"I COULD USE A LITTLE HELP HERE, YOU KNOW?!" Sailor Moon yelled as she dodged Barbie's house-sized fists, having also sensed that something was amiss with this whole thing, plus, she didn't want to actually hit her if she could help it. However, what she couldn't save was the building she had been standing on top of, as it rapidly collapsed as a result of Barbie's punches, which bulldozed their way through, smashing everything and everyone caught in their path. Sailor Moon winced, even if she could fix things later, she hated to see such senseless destruction, but for now, she needed to make sure she wasn't the one to get too badly injured.

"Right. Let's get to it, everyone!" Sailor Venus led the charge, the 4 Senshi ran closer to where Barbie was, still attacking Sailor Moon, who struggled a little to dodge her hits, which were faster than her size would suggest. Charging up their powers, they fired their attacks together, a powerful fire stream coming out from Mars' fingers, Venus' light beam, Jupiter adding a lightning beam of her own and Mercury shooting a water torrent like she had done before to Galaxia, but she aimed it lower, towards her feet and ankles to see if she could lock her in place.
Much to their surprise, and horror, their attacks not only failed to do any damage, but were also absorbed, and they sensed Sailor Galaxia's own magic power grow from it.

"Did... did she turn Barbie into some king of magic power sponge?!" Sailor Venus asked, her eye twitching a little, as the fact that Sailor Galaxia had absorbed it was deeply concerning.

"That's... about the best way to put it, actually..." Sailor Mercury said, surprised a little at how sharp Venus' intuition could be sometimes. But she was also worried about this... did this mean that they wouldn't be able to use any of their special attacks?

Meanwhile, Barbie completely ignored the attacks that had just truck her and kicked another skyscraper down, forcing Sailor Moon to jump off of it and avoid her gigantic stomping feet, as her gigantic opponent wasted no chances at trying to squish her.

"See? This is why we shouldn't rush to attack!" Sailor Mercury said to her teammates, namely the 2 impulsive hotheads.

"Well, what do we do then, genius?" Sailor Mars replied with some sarcasm.

"She's actually a genius though" Sailor Jupiter pointed out, eliciting an annoyed groan from the black-haired guardian of Mars.

"Yeah... how are we going to fight her? She's too big to just use hand-to-hand combat" Sailor Venus said as the quartet stopped rushing after the giant brainwashed girl and stopped to think of an actual attack plan, ignoring the desperate crying pleas from their team leader.

"Heh! I'm not afraid! I could take her down, big or not!" Sailor Jupiter boasted. Sailor Moon could be heard crying in the distance as Barbie's attacks intensified, using a roundhouse kick that demolished 3 whole buildings in a single shot, forcing her to jump on the falling rubble, trying to avoid getting hurt in the process, as she too had figured out on her own magical attacks wouldn't quite work.

"Hey, do you think Usagi will be fine?" Sailor Venus interrupted the discussion.

"She's Sailor Moon, she'll be fine. Surely she can hold her own for a bit while we plan on a real attack" Sailor Mars shrugged.

"I can NOT hold my own like this, Rei!" A distant angry yell could be heard, coming from the aforementioned Sailor guardian.

"Wait! Minako! What was it that you said before?" Sailor Mercury asked, feeling as if a lightbulb had just been lit up in her head.

"Uhh... 'Hey, do you think Usagi will be fine?' That's what I just said..." Sailor Venus scratched her head, a little confused about what Ami wanted to get out of making her repeat that question.

"No! Before that!" Sailor Mercury pressed further.

"Hmm? Umm... Oh! It was 'She's too big to just use hand-to-hand combat' " Sailor Venus replied after thinking for a moment.

"That's it!" Ami sounded somewhat excited, or at least happy she got the info she wanted, though none of her teammates followed along.

"*Ahem!* I think I've got a way to deal with this... but it's in my house so we'd need to go back... or I'd need to go back..." She explained, seeing in her friends' faces that none of them had even the slightest clue about what she was on.
Meanwhile, Sailor Moon dodged Barbie's fist once more and ran up the length of her arm, standing on her shoulder, though she needed to catch her breath for a moment.

"Barbie! Come on! I know what getting controlled is like... uh, not from personal experience, but... you know... friends have been possessed in the past..." She said, but was forced to jump as she avoided getting swatted by an enormous hand, but she grabbed onto her hair and climbed it up as they were ropes.

"I know you're in there! No matter how powerful, not even the strongest dark magic can erase a person's soul! You have to fight back!" She said, clinging as hard as she could as Barbie shook her head, trying to shake her off her hair. After a few tries, Sailor Moon's grip slipped free and she was sent flying by the giant girl's motions, crashing through a skyscraper that was still intact up to that point.
As she fell out through the other side, she winced, anticipating she'd hit the rubble down below hard and painfully, but much to her relief, she was caught in a large water sphere that cushioned her fall, although it soaked her clothes.

"Phew! I thought I wasn't gonna make it!" Sailor Mercury said, sighing in relief, and while Sailor Moon was relieved as well, she couldn't help but feel annoyed at being completely drenched.

"You know, I could try drying you off" Sailor Mars giggled, snapping her fingers, making a flame briefly appear above them.

"N-No thank you!" Sailor Moon then shook in an attempt to get as much water off herself as she could.

"You're a dog now?!" Sailor Jupiter said, wiping off some water off her face.

"You know I literally control water, right?" Sailor Mercury sighed as she made all the water on her teammates' clothes leave them and then evaporate.

"Anyway, I think I've got a plan to defeat her, but neither she nor Galaxia will let us go just like that" She said.

"We can't hit her with magic though" Sailor Venus said, to which the others nodded in agreement, although Mars and Jupiter were a bit reluctant about it.

"If it's a brainwashing thing, then maybe we can help Barbie break out of it. I mean, that might be the only way... what if we beat Galaxia and she leaves her like this?" Sailor Moon raised a point.

"True... but it's going to be really difficult, you know?" Sailor Mercury said, tapping her chin.

"I might be able to pull it off, but I need you guys to help me distract her. She can't possibly focus on all 5 of us at the same time" Sailor Moon then said.

"Sounds like a plan!" Sailor Jupiter gave her a thumbs up.
The 5 Sailor Senshi then prepared to execute their plan. They all took positions around Barbie with the exception of Sailor Moon herself, who remained hidden.

"Here!" Sailor Venus called, firing a light beam but intentionally missing her, instead, the objective of that attack was to give her position away, so that Barbie would begin attacking her. She walked towards her, stepping on many already flattened vehicles.

"Don't forget about me!" Sailor Mars called out, as she shot a fireball that nearly hit Barbie's glasses, making her turn towards her newest aggressor, only to be suddenly drop-kicked in the back of the head by Sailor Jupiter, who jumped insanely high to do so and sent her tumbling forward, though that area of the city was already as wrecked as it could get.

"Wow..." Sailor Venus said, still surprised at her friend's physical prowess.

"You know we're only supposed to distract her, don't you?" Sailor Mercury said, looking somewhat annoyed. Sailor Moon, however, decided this chance was as good as any and rushed towards her, climbing to her head.

"Barbie! You know this isn't the real you! Sailor Galaxia's using you as her pawn!" She tried calling out, and the fact that Barbie stopped for a moment as she struggled to get up gave her credence that this line of thought would actually work.

"Are you sure we can't just beat the evil out of her?" Sailor Mars said.

"No! It seems the damage she takes, and the damage she causes both help refill Sailor Galaxia's energy... even that kick from Makoto added a tiny bit more to her power..." Sailor Mercury said.

"Well, then let's hope Usagi knows what she's doing" Sailor Jupiter said. Mercury nodded and shot her water torrent attack four times, one aimed at each of her hands and feet, but instead of directly hitting them, they simply splashed nearby and froze, encasing them all in solid ice.

"Hmph, clever trick" Sailor Mars said, trying not to sound too impressed, although that was one smart way to avoid the absorption trick Sailor Galaxia had set up.

"Fight! Barbie, fight! You can undo this brainwashing, but you need to try!" Sailor Moon called out, but Barbie instead broke free and tried grabbing her. The Moon guardian struggled to dodge as she was knee deep in her hair and soon got her legs tangled and tripped over. Still bearing her blank expression, Barbie threw Sailor moon away towards the group, and this time there was no cushioning, she hit the concrete with painful force, as well as having hit her teammates in the process.

"Ugh... I don't think Usagi's plan is gonna work... what was it that you planned first, Ami?" Sailor Jupiter said.

"Right! Uh, it's a new invention of mine, but it's the only thing we have that can help at times like these... but I didn't get to test it yet" Sailor Mercury replied.

"Well, we better get going... right now!" Sailor Venus shouted as a shadow covered them, Barbie had raised her foot above them. She then quickly brought it down, but Sailor Jupiter stood up and caught it, using all her might to keep the enormous shoe-clad foot from crushing her and her friends. The ground under her own feet cracked and sank a little, but she held strong, holding the titanic sole above her head.

"I'll... hold... her off... You guys go get whatever that thing is!" She said, grunting as this was a real test on her physical might. The other Sailor Senshi nodded. Mars tried to stay behind though.

"Rei, if you shoot more fire at her you'll make Galaxia stronger" Sailor Moon said, knowing that while Makoto could be a little hotheaded, she still acted in the team's best interests most of the time, but Rei sometimes felt like she needed to prove herself a real hero and tended to go overboard.

"If Sailor Galaxia summoned more minions, you can burn them down to ash. Leave this one to me" Sailor Jupiter said to her with a smile.

"I for once I'm happy not to be the tallest girl around, so let me enjoy this" She chuckled, and her silly joke was enough to make even the fiery Rei giggle. Nodding, she followed the rest of her friends, heading towards Ami's house as fast as they could, counting on Makoto to keep Barbie distracted and in place to avoid having her follow them.

'Hmm? They gave up so easily?' Sailor Galaxia thought, noting that 4 of them were leaving and only one stayed to fight. She was tempted to step in and secure an easy win, but on the other hand, the longer they fought Barbie the more energy she'd get, either from attacks thrown at her or from the destruction Barbie herself caused, so she decided to stay at a safe distance and merely observe.

Somewhere near the outskirts of the city, a couple of minutes earlier...

"What do you mean we don't have nuclear weapons?! Is this a joke?! What kind of self-respecting nation does NOT have nukes in this day and age?!" The old general yelled into the phone. Apologetic rambling could be vaguely heard on the other end of the line, and the general simply growled as his frustration increased.

"You're a disgrace! An incompetent fool with no honor!" He then angrily hung up "I can't believe this garbage... 'we don't have nuclear weapons' " he said in a high-pitched mocking voice and making a crude sock-puppet kind of figure with his hand.

"I swear these big-shot politicians get more useless as time goes on" He further ranted.

"My apologies, sir... so... what are we going to do next?" A nearby soldier said.

"Ah, screw it. Call the Americans..." The general sighed, and the soldier proceeded to dial a number in a rather old-fashioned phone in his superior officer's desk.

"Yes? Hello? I can't believe I'm going to ask for this but, we need more nukes..." The general said...

Back to the present time...

Sailor Jupiter pushed Barbie's foot off herself, making her fall backwards upon some buildings that were already pretty much ruins, they immediately collapsed under her butt, which hit the ground with a booming shockwave.

"Is that it?!" She taunted her massive opponent, who didn't directly respond to her provocation, but still got up and walked towards her with the intent of squishing her, or hurting her as much as she could. She tried stomping on her, like she had tried on people before, but Sailor Jupiter proved to be extremely nimble on her own feet, easily dodging hers.

The entire city trembled with each powerful stomp, though they all missed their mark, and Sailor Jupiter kept her going like this, actually going in circles to make sure she wasn't inadvertently bringing her to a part of the city that hadn't been damaged yet.

Sailor Jupiter then suddenly dashed forward and hit one of her shins with a flying kick, which sent a surge of pain that quickly traveled all over her nerves, pulsating afterwards, as that had been a sensitive spot. Barbie winced as a result.

"Hmph, so you can actually make faces..." Sailor Jupiter teased her and attacked her other shin in the same way, making Barbie fall to her knees, as her legs hurt too much to stand, at least for a moment. However, rather than just dwelling on the feeling, Barbie closed her hand into a fist and tried hitting her like with a hammer, making a huge crater in the street and sending several mangled cars flying away.

"Wow, I'd hate to be the person in charge of fixing that..." Sailor Jupiter noted.

"Hey! You know everybody pays for these things, don't you? How about we try being more respectful of public property?" She put her hands on her hips as she admonished her, but in response, Barbie tried to do the same, striking the ground with even more force, sounding and feeling more like that of a meteor.

"Well, it's not like I pay taxes anyway" She shrugged and gestured at her to come and get her.
"Giant ladies! Whatever you are, we, on behalf of the government of Japan, demand your immediate surrender!" A gruff old man's voice was heard, speaking on a megaphone.

"Oh boy..." Sailor Jupiter sighed. She then saw a lot of fighter jets and other combat airplanes as well as helicopters show up, and on the ground, the most tanks and other combat vehicles she'd ever seen, armored trucks armed with missile launches and many kinds of artillery cannons, with countless soldiers to operate those.

"You guys didn't learn from the last time?" Sailor Galaxia called out "Are you that eager to die, insects?" She laughed darkly.
"Sir, I don't think they're going to surrender..." A soldier said.

" *sigh* Of course not, nobody ever listens... Alright gentlemen! I know! I shouldn't even be here! I should've listened to my wife and retire 10 years ago, but nooo, I stupidly wanted to serve my country more..." The general ranted "Anyway, this is it, this is our final stand! We're the last line of defense this country has... and by the looks of it, the only one... but I digress... We need to try fighting with all we've got! That's the most that can be asked of anyone... and if we fail... I guess we'll DINE IN HEAVEN!" He raised his fist, and his men, reluctantly at first, followed along.

The soldiers let out a deafening collective battle cry before getting ready, and the general then ordered them all to fire and to go all out with their weapons.

"Uh... sir, which one?" The soldier from earlier asked.

"The one with the funny clothes! We're not gonna let a clown conquer our nation!" The general yelled, pointing at her in the distance.

"Excuse me?! You dare insult the rightful Empress of the Galaxy?" Sailor Galaxia raised an eyebrow, but still had her confident smile. When the airplanes, tanks and all other weapons fired at her, she snapped her fingers and Barbie jumped between the barrage of projectiles and her master, taking them all head-on. Each consecutive explosion only added to the energy absorbed for Sailor Galaxia herself, and Barbie proved to be as impervious to their weaponry as she had been.

"It looks like our attack did nothing, sir" A different soldier commented.

"Sweet suffering Buddha on a skateboard!" The general yelled as he grabbed his hat and crumpled it in his fist.

"Barbie, sweetie, how about you put an end to these bugs' misery?" Sailor Galaxia said, patting her shoulders, but just like every other time before, Barbie simply nodded in acknowledgement.

"Yes, Master" She then walked towards the army, which, seeing no other options, fired again at her, but their missiles and shells failed to even stop her from walking, she walked through the explosions they caused unharmed, the bullets and shells bounced off her.

She kicked some of the tanks, sending them flying, some of them landed on cars, flattening them, others hit buildings, causing catastrophic damage, and many of them sank into the ocean. It was at that point that the Army finally understood they had screwed up big time, and there was no escape. The general ordered to keep firing, but most soldiers began retreating, not wanting to die as miserably as this, while above, the air force fired their last barrage of missiles before heading back to the airbase.

"In hindsight, maybe we should've listened to that one mad scientist that claimed he had a new-fangled laser cannon or whatever that would be able to defeat these monsters, but using up the entire country's electricity..." The general sighed as the tank he was in kept firing.

But just as Barbie appeared in front of his group of tanks, she was suddenly pushed to the side, tumbling away.

"What in the holy name of the Dalai Lama was that?!" The general exclaimed, as she was seemingly pushed away out of nowhere, but he quickly opened the hatch and grabbed his binoculars, seeing a tall, brown-haired teenage girl in a rather flamboyant sailor fuku uniform.

"I am the pretty Guardian that fights for Love and Courage! I am Sailor Jupiter!" She shouted while making poses, but the remaining soldiers that hadn't yet fled and the general were simply dumbfounded, as they had witnessed this girl do something seemingly impossible.

"Private, do we have some sort of weird Super Soldier program I wasn't informed about?"

"Negative, sir. To my knowledge, no such programs exist" The soldier replied.

"Must be those darn wacky Americans then" The general sighed and shook his head.

Barbie quickly stood up once again, and the soldiers and their general could only stare as that teenage girl who wouldn't look out of place in an anime convention walked towards her and jumped impossibly high, kicking her in the chest and knocking her over.

"You know what? She can handle this for all I care. We're heading back, and I'm retiring once we get there" The general said to the tank's driver, who then turned back, and the rest of the army followed. But soon, they felt a series of rhythmic earthquakes, and they got covered in an ominous shadow. Looking up, they saw that there was a massive golden boot hovering above them.

"Where do you think you're going?!" Bellowed Sailor Galaxia right before bringing her foot down, but before it made contact, a dual spiraling beam of fire and light struck the armor-clad corrupted Senshi from the side, making her lose her balance and knocking her over, away from the soldiers, who didn't think twice before resuming their retreat.

"Ugh... You again!" Sailor Galaxia growled as she stood up, seeing Sailor Venus and Mars standing nearby, with their hands aimed at her.

"And me!" Sailor Mercury called out, hitting her arms with twin streams of water that froze upon hitting her, freezing her arms, and most importantly her bracelets, making her growl in frustration.

"Hmph, so you decided to come back... How foolish of you, you all will be red stains under my servant's shoes just like the rest!" She yelled.

"I don't think so..." Sailor Venus giggled, making Galaxia raise an eyebrow. Venus pointed in Barbie's direction and she looked.

"What in the name of the cosmos...?!" She uttered in disbelief, as there was now a gigantic Sailor Moon facing Barbie, along with a still normal-sized Sailor Jupiter.


"Come on! I swear I was working on it last night!" Sailor Mercury rummaged through the stuff in her room, hastily tossing things away.

"Maybe you should tidy up the place once in a while...?" Sailor Venus suggested, but that was met by an angry look from her otherwise calm and shy friend, but only for a moment as she resumed her frantic search. A few minutes later, she victoriously pulled out what looked like some kind of remote, with a rather large antenna and big buttons, by the look of it, it was one of her older inventions.
"So... what does this thing do?" Sailor Moon asked.

"Oh, this is my Mega Energized Enlargement Positronic machine" She said.

"Uh, can you explain that in high-school level language?" Sailor Mars asked with a bit of snark.

"Umm... Sure... On very simple terms, this thing allows us to change the size of things... or people..."

"Like that thing Sailor Galaxia did to make Barbie grow?" Sailor Venus asked.

"Bingo! With this, we can make things even!" Sailor Mercury said as she raised the controller, a bit excited herself.

"Hmm? I never thought we'd ever fight like in a tokusatsu" Sailor Mars noted, her interest slightly piqued.

"Oh, but on this thing's batteries alone, we can only grow one person though..." Sailor Mercury clarified.

"Well, I think it's obvious I'll have to step up to the task and save the day for a change" Sailor Mars smugly said, puffing out her chest and trying to do a heroic pose.

"You'll just beat poor Barbie up and fill Sailor Galaxia's energy" Both Sailor Mercury and Venus said while Sailor Moon giggled. Mars, however, blushed in embarrassment and frustration at that remark.

"I guess we grow Usagi so she can try holding her down and talk sense back into her" Sailor Venus said.

"Yup. Exactly what I was thinking about" Sailor Mercury nodded.

"Ugh... being tall is Makoto's thing, but, it's for a good cause" Sailor Moon shrugged.

"You're just secretly afraid because you'll have to fight pretty much alone, aren't you?" Sailor Mars asked with a mischievous smile while jabbing her left temple with her finger.

"N-No! Not at all!" Sailor Moon nervously laughed but both Mercury and Venus sighed and shook their heads. 'Still a coward at heart' they thought. After that, they walked outside and Sailor Mercury aimed the controller at her, pushing a few buttons to set the size she was going to grow to, before pushing a larger red button that zapped her with an unknown kind of energy, which engulfed her body and rapidly enlarged her form.

"Whoah!" Sailor Moon couldn't believe it, she never imagined she'd be a literal giant like in kaiju movies, and a few famous series.

"We can recharge this with Makoto's help, but for the time being, let's go!" Sailor Mercury said as she jumped up to Sailor Moon's hand, followed by Venus, and reluctantly by Mars, whose pride was still somewhat hurt, even more so now that her friend and lowkey rival (in terms of heroic deeds) had become so much more imposing and powerful than her.

"By the way, I believe your powers are greatly amplified by this size enlargement... In theory, your power level should be close to what you can achieve in your Eternal Sailor Moon form" Sailor Mercury commented.

"Whoah! That's crazy!" Sailor Venus said.

"I mean, in raw power... I don't think you can use the techniques that require the Super or the Eternal forms without transforming, but your magical attacks should be about as powerful... and hopefully, your healing abilities as well" Sailor Mercury said, both Moon and Venus nodded as the former walked back to where they were needed...

Back to the present time and location...

"Hey! So... you're gonna be the new tall girl around?" Sailor Jupiter joked, and even though she remained as cheerful and smug as usual, she had quite a few bruises, as fighting an opponent of this category proved hard even to her, even more so by their inability to use any kind of magic, although hand-to-hand combat was kind of her forte. Plus, using higher forms was risky.

"Oh shush. I can't stay like this!" Sailor Moon replied "What would Mamoru think anyway?" She timidly muttered, making her brown-haired friend giggle at her expense.

"Well, I've had my fill for the day, all yours, Usagi" Sailor Jupiter said as she went to rejoin the rest of her friends.

"Alright... I've got this..." Sailor Moon cracked her knuckles, trying to feel confident on her newly improved power, though at her core, she was still a high school girl trying to save the world and fight against cosmic forces most would struggle to even understand.

Thus, the fight commenced. Despite not receiving a direct command from her Master, Barbie targeted Sailor Moon by virtue of association, as she came to help Sailor Jupiter, who in turn had helped the army, her intended target, escape.

Barbie lunged at her, but Sailor Moon dodged and got behind her, trying to catch her in a hold, but the brown-haired brainwashed girl tried elbowing her, so she jumped backwards, and a minor earthquake ensued. She huffed and got into a fighting stance.

This time, Sailor Moon tackled her, not with the intent to hurt her, but trying to catch her in a hold so she could try talking sense into her without having her cause any more destruction. At least by this point what remained of the city had to be evacuated.

"Barbie! Please listen! We're trying our best, but you need to fight off the control Galaxia has over you!" She said, but got pushed off by the still emotionless-looking giant girl. Once they stood up again, Barbie charged at her once more, but this time, Sailor Moon sidestepped and slid right behind her, rapping her arms around Barbie's, catching her in a full Nelson-type hold.

"Come on! We all know you normally wouldn't do this! You're a kind person that wouldn't harm anyone!" Sailor Moon struggled as her opponent tried shaking her off, but was unable to with the way she was being held.

"I get it, you're buried deep in whatever dark stuff Galaxia but in your mind, but you need to dig yourself out! All we can do is keep you from hurting more people, because we know this isn't what you'd do!" She shouted.

"You're special, Barbie! You may not be a superhero, but not everybody has to be! You can still be someone's hero!" Sailor Moon added, noting that her struggles slowed down a little.

"We were just celebrating your birthday earlier today..." She said, in a calmer tone.

"We were just talking about how special it is to have been alive for one more year... since, you know, we never know if we're gonna be alive the next day" She chuckled. Barbie continued to struggle, but less vigorously than before.

"And of course, you're special too, Barbie, and not just because you're the birthday girl today! Come on, we all love you!" She said, although, while she was really trying to appeal to the deepest part of her conscious, she knew she needed to keep a firm hold. She got conflicted feelings, as she was already getting emotional, but she was aware that she couldn't screw this up.

"You're our dear friend... and, you know? Not many people get to know who we really are..." Sailor Moon laughed "And usually we have to keep those quiet through... less nicer means... but still... we've been through so much together, it can't end like this! Don't let Galaxia corrupt you! You... You're way stronger than this!"

For the first time ever since Sailor Galaxia turned her into a slave, she hesitated. She stopped struggling, but shuddered, and her forced blank mental state had begun to crack.

"You mean so much to all of us! To Makoto, Minako, Ami, Rei, and of course, you mean a lot to me too!" A tear slid down her left cheek, and her grip weakened, but she didn't feel like Barbie was resisting anymore, though she quickly resumed her hold, just to be on the safe side.

"Your family's waiting for you back in Miami! I'm sure they also want to celebrate with you, or even if it's not your birthday, they'll love to have you back!" Sailor Moon then remembered a key detail.

"Your cats! Your two 'babies' love you so much, and they're waiting for your return! Are you gonna leave them hanging?" A sob that wasn't Sailor Moon's was heard. Barbie was tearing up, and the menacing red glow from her irises soon faded away, returning to their natural sky-blue. Sailor Moon took a very deep breath in relief, finally letting go of her friend.

"Phew! I was afraid I wouldn't be able to get you out from her brainwashing" She chuckled, but Barbie had a rather somber look. After what just happened, it was as if her conscious, which had been chained all along, had finally broken free, but she knew everything that had happened thus far, and was deeply horrified by all the destruction and death she had caused.

"Hey! Don't beat yourself up so hard for this..." Sailor Moon kindly patted her on the shoulder.

"The important thing is that you're back... and hopefully, that Galaxia can't absorb any more energy through you" She added.
Not too far away, the aforementioned self-appointed galactic empress was fiercely fighting the other 4 Sailor Senshi, despite her size, they were putting up a decent fight, and their attacks forced her to either dodge or use up energy to deflect them.

"Die! Why won't you die!" Sailor Galaxia yelled, trying to stomp on Sailor Jupiter, who not only dodged her huge boot, she also zapped her with a powerful lightning attack, and while she was stunned by it, Sailor Venus and Mars combined their attacks to form a dual fire and beam light that struck her in the chest, knocking her over on her back and visibly damaging her armor, whose power was also dependent on her magic power reserves.

" *Huff!* How?! *Puff!* I should... *Huff!* I should be getting more power... *Puff!* from those two fight-" She said as she got up, but when she turned to look at Barbie and Sailor Moon, she was beyond baffled, as they were no longer fighting, but instead, the latter was consoling the former, much to her rage.


"Looks like somebody's plan just fell apart" Sailor Mars cheekily teased and narrowly dodged Galaxia's hand as she tried to swat her like a mosquito.

Sailor Mercury and Jupiter combined their attacks to hit her with much greater power, a stream of water and lightning hit her close to the stomach, the water froze on her stomach while the electricity from the lightning traveled all over Sailor Galaxia's metallic armor, amplifying the zapping she would've gotten normally, further empowered by the ice that encased her abdomen, though it quickly melted as a result.

Sailor Venus gathered energy in her finger before aiming it towards her gigantic foe and fired it as a powerful, large beam of light that split into many more beams, all of which hit the exact same spot, which was Sailor Galaxia's chest armor, making it crack while pushing her back a decent distance.

When she got up once more, she was harshly slapped in the face, an attack she didn't even see coming, which confused her, until she quickly remembered that there was someone else besides the Sailor Senshi in this fight.

"You! How dare you betray m-" Sailor Galaxia's rant was cut short by Sailor Moon doing a, fittingly, crescent moon style kick, which hit her jaw from below, painfully shutting it, and the force of the hit was such that it lifted her a couple of feet above the ground before she fell on her back. Hitting the ground with a fist, she quickly got up, noticing that some pieces of her body armor had chipped off, but she didn't care. Her bracelets glowed and fired an energy blast at Sailor Moon, but Barbie jumped before her and, with her arms crossed, she took it instead. Much to everyone's surprise, she was almost entirely unharmed, though her arms got slightly singed from it.

'Hmm... maybe the enhanced power is an innate trait of that enlarged size and not part of Galaxia's mind control... because there's no way a normal person would be able to tank such a blast... though, Galaxia's pretty weakened by now' Sailor Mercury thought, as she didn't have a complete understanding on how she had turned Barbie into a 300mt tall giant, only having her own research as reference.

Blinded by rage, Sailor Galaxia set upon destroying her 'traitorous' servant and fired a volley of golden energy blasts at her, but Barbie dodged them while dancing around her, which made Sailor Moon smile. She quickly drop-kicked her, hitting her in the face and nearly knocking her headdress off. Sailor Galaxia punched her in retaliation, and the other Senshi felt the shockwave it caused. Both of them wielded a strength that was beyond even what Makoto would dream of.

She raised her fist to punch Sailor Moon again, but felt that it suddenly got wet and clenched her teeth, knowing whose doing it was. Her arm, up to the elbow, had been encased in solid ice. The gem in Sailor Moon's tiara glowed and it fired a massive moonlight beam, which struck Galaxia head-on, further damaging her chest armor and pushing her back several dozen feet.

"This is it!" Sailor Jupiter gathered a large amount of electricity and fired it at her, the enormous lightning bolt taking on the shape of a dragon that 'bit' the golden armored-clad tyrant as it zapped her with untold amounts of voltage.

Sailor Mars did something similar, gathering a large amount of energy, which manifested as flames, which she then shot at their enemy, her attack taking on the form of a mighty phoenix as it hit her and engulfed her in fiery red flames.

Sailor Galaxia let out a deafening scream and there was a sudden pulse of golden energy that knocked everyone away from her, but after that, she fell to her knees and breathed heavily. She couldn't believe, nor accept, that her plan had ultimately failed, her power was running low, and she wasn't even able to defeat the Inner Senshi. She also didn't expect to fight Sailor Moon on equal footing, believing her size would've guaranteed her victory. With a lot of difficulty, she got up, but she was met with both Sailor Moon and Barbie, who looked at each other and then punched her in the face at the same time, knocking her on her back, on top of the rubble of some of the many buildings she destroyed earlier.

"Now, Mercury!" Sailor Moon shouted, and the water-themed Sailor Senshi nodded.

Sailor Mercury had recharged the controller thanks to Jupiter's lightning abilities, and used it to shrink Sailor Galaxia, but the button got stuck for a moment, shrinking her for longer than she intended, which ended up reducing the arrogant galactic tyrant to a mere inch in height. Both Sailor Jupiter and Mars burst out laughing while Venus had a rather confused look. Without saying anything further, Sailor Jupiter walked over to her and stomped on Sailor Galaxia.

"How does it feel to be on the other end of the deal, huh?!" She taunted her, adding more pressure.

"Lose... some... weight...!" Sailor Galaxia replied, which only angered the already self-conscious girl more, and pressed her foot harder on her. Sailor Mercury then formed an ice cage in which they put her in.

"Well, what now? We've never taken a prisoner" Sailor Venus asked.

"And you never will!" Sailor Galaxia yelled as she glowed in blinding golden light and they could hear the ice shatter. Their enemy stood before them, back to their normal size, but looking more drained than ever, panting heavily and even getting dark bags under her eyes.

"This won't be the last time we meet!" She said before teleporting away, vanishing into thin air as a beam of light that rapidly ascended into the skies.

"I guess that's one less problem to worry about for now" Sailor Mars crossed her arms.

"But she's on the loose, she'll be a problem later..." Sailor Mercury replied.

"And we can worry about her later. Today, we won!" Sailor Jupiter triumphantly raised her arm.

"Well... I suppose so... but we need to fix this mess..." Mercury said, turning to look up at one of her gigantic friends, Sailor Moon, who nodded.

"I guess it's a good time to test out that theory of yours" Sailor Moon said, pulling out her Moon Stick. She created a large spiral of light around her by spinning it before unleashing what looked like an immense barrage of massive, building-sized white energy orbs, but unlike Galaxia's blasts, these didn't carry destructive energy, but restorative instead. Owing to her currently enhanced state, the technique, normally, only able to heal people, was able to restore and undo the damage done to the city, including returning the deceased back to life. Sailor Moon still had to perform the technique several times for it to completely erase all traces of Sailor Galaxia's rampage, but at the end of the day, to their knowledge, everything had been left as how it had been before she arrived.

A few minutes later, back at Usagi's house...

Both Usagi and Barbie laid on the couch, back to their normal size and exhausted, the latter because all the 'workout' she had done earlier had also taken its toll on her body, while Usagi was nearly completely spent after fixing all of the damage that had been done.

"Looks like my theory was right. You didn't even need to use the Super or Eternal forms..." Ami smiled, giving her a thumbs up, to which Usagi replied with a weak giggle and a thumbs up as well. Then they got up, with some difficulty, Ami and Minako helped them up. Usagi then gave Barbie a tight hug.

"I'm so sorry you had to be involved in all of this, but I'm so glad you're back!" She said.

"Also, happy birthday again!" She giggled, remembering that the day wasn't over yet.

"Did somebody say 'birthday' ?" Makoto said, holding a massive cake that would've looked more fitting for a wedding than for a birthday party.

"I'm so hungry I could eat that cake on my own" Usagi joked, scratching the back of her head.

"If you do that, you'll get fat though... but then again, that means you'd really be putting the 'Moon' in Sailor Moon, huh?" Rei said, unable to hold her laughter towards the end of her phrase, but soon the rest of the team laughed as Usagi blushed red like a tomato and began ranting on how she won't get fat and that she'd eat until she was stuffed to prove it.

"Come on, we've also got some ice cream, I think we all earned it" Ami said, pointing at the table, while Usagi's eyes lit up like little stars and drooled a little, eliciting a quiet giggle from Barbie as well. The girls sat down at the table and shared a second round of celebration for Barbie's birthday, plus their victory on their bitter foe.

The house was filled with the happy laughter of the 6 girls, while the rest of the city went on, as if nothing had happened... except for a certain general who decided to retire on that day, for he had seen too much...


And happy birthday to BiggerBetterBarbie!

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