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Zachary Gets A Ticket.
The Wicked Oak Tree and the Child Molester

Chapter 5

By Shadowgate


At 5PM Zachary headed back to the secret base. When he got there Helen said "hey guess what Zachary the video of our stupid neighbors protesting the child molester has gone viral."

Zachary said "gone viral! What does that mean?"

Jason replied "that means it got national attention you dumbass."

Zachary groaned and Matthew said "anytime there's news about a child molester it can go national just like that" and Matthew snapped his fingers then went on to say "of course nobody cares if a child is strip searched or a church pastor physically abuses a child. Look just remember you three aren't the stupid ones making this neighborhood look bad."

Helen shot back "oh we know that. We know Goddamn well who makes this neighborhood bad and it's not just the newest neighbor."

Matthew groaned and said "well the fucked up thing is those who protested the child molester are going to be seen as the good guys. Poor Mister Clark got arrested for assault because of two assholes with badges."

Jason laughed and said "two assholes with badges. Now that's a good one."

Matthew shook his finger at Jason and told him "now don't get me wrong not all cops are bad. We just hate the two that arrested Mister Clark."
Helen commented "luckily Mister Henderson didn't get arrested."

Zachary groaned then said "yeah he stayed out of that fucking mess."

Helen said "speaking of messes I've got to get home and clean my room."

Matthew told Helen that was a good idea and then suggested to Jason and Zack that they get home for dinner.

At 5:30 PM Matthew and his three friends headed home.

All of them enjoyed dinner with their parents.


Helen walked outside and shut her front door. Her door suddenly appeared wooden and oval shaped like in a fairy tale.

She said to herself "hmm how interesting."

Then she turned around facing her front yard.

After breathing in the pink roses in her front yard she looked up at the yellow full moon.

"Oh how I love dusk" she thought and went walking down the street. She headed further but then saw a black haired girl whom she was best friends with in second grade but that girl had moved away before third grade.

Helen shouted out "hello" and the black haired girl turned around and said "Helen Denise Claire it's you!"

Helen yelled "Amber Jane Peller you're back!"
Amber replied "yes I'm back in Alvin. My dad bought a house just around the block instead of just renting one."

Helen replied "oh that's great. Oh by the way just to warn you a registered sex offender now lives next door to Mister Henderson so be on the lookout."

Amber's face lit up and she said I heard.

Helen said "good" and did her best to catch her breath.

After catching her breath Helen went on to say "oh by the way I've met an older friend and his name's Matthew. Oh you've got to meet him he's wise and he's 18. It's nice to have an 18 year old on my side let me tell you. Here come to my house and I'll call him from there maybe you can meet him tonight."

Helen turned around to head back home only to hear Amber say "that's interesting you met an older friend. It just so happens I met an older friend in the neighborhood. Here he is."

When Helen turned around she was horrified to see the child molester standing beside her long lost best friend Amber.

Helen yelled "Amber that's the fucking child molester."

Helen woke up screaming and she flew out of her bed and she ran down the stairs straight out her front door.

Both her parents Courtland and Maggie ran out the door after her.

Maggie yelled "Helen what's wrong?"

Courtland yelled "Helen" right after his wife Maggie yelled.

Helen said "Amber, the fucking child molester has Amber."

Maggie asked loudly "what the hell do you mean the child molester has Amber?"

Helen suddenly noticed the sunlight upon her and said "where the hell am I?"

Courtland answered "you're in the front yard. It appears you've had a bad dream."

Helen replied back "oh yeah I see that now. Amber didn't move back after all."

Maggie said "Amber" appearing not to understand.

Helen explained "you remember Amber, she was my best friend in second grade."
Maggie and Courtland both said "oh" and nodded.

Helen was breathing heavily and said "I had a nightmare that the child molester got a hold of her."

Maggie yelled "Oh my God."

Helen asked "what time is it?"

Her father Courtland answered "11 AM."

Helen laughed and said "oh my that was one bad dream."

Courtland commented "I guess so you flew out of your bed straight down the stairs and out the Goddamn front door. Now you're out front in your pajamas. Get inside."

After Helen got inside Courtland asked "if you saw the child molester in your dream does that mean you actually know what he looks like? Have you seen him?"

Now Helen had both her parents staring right at her and she quickly answered "maybe."

Courtland was angered and snapped "maybe is not acceptable. Have you see the son of a bitch?"

Helen answered "yes I've seen the son of a bitch because you know I visit Mister and Mrs. Henderson."

Both Maggie and Courtland exhaled at the same time in sheer frustration.

Helen went on to say "I'm going to take a shower now."

After Helen got out of the sight of her parents Maggie turned to her husband and said "oh my God Courtland" before embracing him in a big hug.
Courtland said firmly "well honey look on the bright side if she knows what the bastard looks like then she knows exactly who to avoid."

In the meantime Helen's friend Zachary also made it out his front door at 11 AM. He was not any happier than Helen and he headed over to Matthew's house to discuss his problem. When he arrived at Matthew's house Matthew quickly invited him up to his room.

Matthew asked "what the hell is going on?"

Zachary growled but then said "last night after we went home for dinner well let me tell you I had the best dinner of my life. But then after that I went bike riding."

Matthew said "and?"

Zachary answered "I got a ticket for riding my bike without a helmet. It's a $50 fine."

Matthew replied "oh shit!"

Zachary took a deep breath and said "well the police officer was very rude to me. He printed me a ticket and then spent 30 minutes screaming at me. When I got home and told my parents they were both angry. They made it clear I'd be the one paying the ticket."

Matthew pointed out "don't you just love it when you hear people complain 'kids get in trouble and the parents have to pay the fine boo hoo!"

Zachary snapped "oh fuck them."

Matthew said "you sure as hell didn't get a vote on the law but your parents make you pay the fine."

Zachary asked "you're 18 what's it like to vote?"

Matthew answered "I turned 18 this past January and I've yet to vote. As for how it feels well I feel as hopeless as you do and you can't vote."

After Matthew answered Zack's question Zack's cell phone rang.

Zachary stated "it's Jason I'll get back to him later. Right now I'm just totally defeated."

Zachary sat down on Matthew's bed and Matthew put his arm around him.

Matthew then asked "do you have the money to pay off that Goddamn ticket?"

Zachary answered "yes but I still don't want to pay this fucking fine even though I don't have a choice."


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