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Rated: 18+ · Short Story · Paranormal · #2257782
What would love be like . . . and would it be allowed?
“You are a demon.”

“Yes, and quite proud of it.” The misshapen ugly creature licked its twisted fangs and pulled at a hairy mole on the thing’s cheek.

Mary Fillmore should have been more frightened than she was. Being backup to a famous movie star during the filming of a horror flick might have had something to do with the ease of her calm. She reached out and squeezed the demon’s unlikely bulge in his pants to test how real he was.

“It is all mine, madam, but I can loan it for your use, upon demand. Name is Almastafa the Younger.” The leer snarling across the demon’s chops foamed with wicked desire.

Mary, imp that she was, and in a playfully bored, bored mood with all the waiting of takes, explored him further. “My, my. Quite the snake coiling and uncoiling in your pants.”

“Pants are optional. Easier to blend in on the next scene. A special deal between the realm of outer darkness and the mobster financing this fiasco.” Almastafa moved against Mary’s hands. It took two of them to engage the growing member. “Takes balls to be blessed with something like this.”

The humor made Mary lick her lips and smile, easing having to look this monstrosity in the eyes. “Is this snake easily tamed?”

The chemistry going on between the devil's own and Mary raised a tickle of teasing desire, causing her nipples to harden and her loins to quiver. Her eyes wandered to the lead actress’ mobile home, baked parking in air conditioned comfort, including a king size bed. “I bet it can really spit out its venom.”

“You can lead it by the hand. I’ll demonstrate some tricks it knows, if you want.”

Impulse followed action. Their barbed flirtatious wit stroked instant overwhelming desire. There was no foreplay. Both were so hot for each other the deed, one to remember, was done.

“I don’t know how you could have kept your disguise on.” Mary lay in open abandon, all her charms displayed. “The costume designer made it fit close as a second skin. What do you really look like? Show me, now that we know one another.”

Almastafa reluctantly stuck himself back in his pants for safe keeping. “What you see is what you get.” He was quite besotted with heavenly feelings bestowed with such skill and ease. It was as close to that holy location as he would ever go. A ripple of his mottled red skin and he found himself offering something special for the gift she had shared.

“I was supposed to work for free, sent here from hell, itself. Punishment for a little bit of practiced cheating, lying and mayhem getting caught. Not to be allowed in the depths of hell.” Almastafa stroked Mary’s delectable thighs, leaned down to kiss and nuzzle the lock opening her desire.

“Oh. My. Don’t stop.”

The second round of love making, if that is what you could call it, was slower, exploring more than the first. “No man I know could have lasted this long. It almost makes me a believer, you are a demon, indeed.” Mary knew she’d be sore for days, but oh, the wonder of how she felt now.

“Still don’t believe me? For a third chance at your treasures, I’ll grant you any three wishes you want.”

Thinking the boast was only mere words, Mary nodded, enjoying the continued flirting going on while she memorized every exquisite detail of their play time. “Have your way with me, if you dare, but make it something new, never tried before, that heals what you abused and I am yours.”

The third finale was a triumphant masterpiece leaving Mary laying gasping, quite faint. Almastafa’s snake lay curled, coiled up, quite exhausted, at her nether regions, trying to resurrect itself without avail. That was something only a miracle from heaven could do. “Your first wish, what will it be?”

“Take that damn second skin off and show me the handsome man I want to see.” Mary managed to blow blond damp curls from her eyes to view a dream come true. The creature's red skin began to smoke, burn and peel off. "Nice special effects. That must have cost the production a bundle."

When the smoke disappeared, a man equal to Adam in perfection stood naked before her, the first of his kind. “My God, what a man.”

“God had nothing to do with it. It was your wish to make me the way I am. Inside, I remain a wicked creature indeed. Your second wish?”

“That you fall in love with me, forever,” Mary’s eyes worshiped the fair figure from head to toe. The Adonis smiled with dimpled cheeks, flashing perfect teeth tipped by a sexy lingering tip of the tongue.

“My pleasure, although I must continue my devilish work, of course. No wish could nor will change that. Your final wish?”

Pounding on the locked door of the star’s mobile home began shaking it on its wheels. “We are caught. I’ll be fired. I wish we hadn’t been found.” Mary fumbled at her sexy lingerie costume.


“Where are we?” Mary’s lingerie clung to her hands. Sweat perfumed her body into a glistening glow.

“Hell. I have to report the new condition of our union to the boss. Be right back. You can call me Al.”

Al looked quite chastened upon his return. “Don’t know why Satan got a hair up his butt. He knows the way I am. Horny as a horny toad with looks to match.”

“You. Weren’t. Kidding.” Mary, wide-eyed at the hellish practices going on around her, barely found her tongue. “You are a demon, and I’ve used up my three wishes. Can you give me any more?”

“Well, yeah.” Al rolled his beautiful blue eyes. “An now, unless you change your mind, I’ll have to wear a costume back at the horror show to do my stand in parts. Still, knowing you and how we met is quite worth it. You are quite the dish.” Lick.

A flick of Al’s sculpted long fingers and there they were, standing outside the open star’s front door. “I swear I could hear people in there, doing the dirty.” It was the star herself making a fuss. “Look. My bear rug on the bed looks like it lost the fight. It smells like sin set free. I’ll never get it clean.”

“How many wishes can I get?” Mary leaned up to whisper in Al’s ear.

“As many as you are willing to pay for. I thought you knew that.” Al eyed the movie security guard eyeing him. It made him nervous. Al didn’t have a union pass, hell hadn’t planned on him needing one and stood out like a diamond in a pile of coal.

This could get interesting. Wild fantasies fought over each other in Mary’s dizzy head. Apparently, trading one’s soul for one wish wasn’t all hell might offer. “Trade for what?”

The glint in Al’s flashing blue eyes and curl of his textured suddenly cruel lips reflected who he really was. “If you want to be safe, I’d suggest demonic possession. Being in love with you, I’ll make sure you come to no harm. A bonus? We can intimately know each other’s innermost desires and wishes.”

“All well and good,” Mary was having trouble pushing away Al’s questing fingers, “but what an invasion of privacy. I’d have no space of my own. A woman does like her secrets.”

“Good point.” Al stopped Mary’s hand from rubbing the tip of his iron-hard rod through his pants. “We’ve got to stop meeting like this. I’m not the only thing coming to attention.”

There they were, the two of them, Al and Mary, back in hell. “How’s this for something new. The depravity going on around us ought to offer some interesting twists to our coupling.”

Al squeezed Mary’s breast, fingers teasing the tip to searching life. “Not here, Al. I feel so exposed. Let’s find each other’s privates in a more private location. Why I’m either blushing hot or it’s the weather down here. Where do you live?”

“Not a voyeur, huh. Surprise. Surprise. Everyone to their own taste.” Al pulled Mary to him, tongues dancing a french kiss. “Nice. This body you gave me does have advantages. I live over there.”

Past a steaming lava flow waterfall, through a pulsing hot lava tube, Al whisked Mary along the way. “Special effects,” explained Al, brushing burning embers away from their approach to the other end. “Have protective spells in place to keep my special tailored abode secret. Other demons might take advantage of my weakness, otherwise.”

“Why. It is charming.” A glade filled with exotic birds and flowers surrounded a rock house. It was complete with carved wooden fence, shutters, and imps on gables adorning the green sod roof. “How could such a lovely place reside in hell?”

“I know. Its existence tortures me every time I come here. What a devilish thing for Satan to allow.” Al’s hand trembled as it opened up the dwelling for Mary’s inspection. “Now that you are here, the pain will only get worse.”

“Love should not offer such a drought to be swallowed without thirst being quenched. I feel your pain, my dream made real. What can I do to help?” Mary’s fingers fluttered against lace curtains and the window view. The dale was alive with nature’s beauty. She felt the warmth of Al’s embrace.

The movie set felt as far away as her unspoken wish to be made a star. “I know. I wish you back to the demon you really are. I set you free if you wish to be.”

“I found my freedom in being with you. Let me possess you.”

Mary’s body and soul responded to Al’s touch. She moved back against him, yearning to be one with him, but afraid. “As if you haven’t possessed me already. Why did you not stay, if you wanted it so?”

“Make our wishes one. Wish that you love me as I love you.”

Is there a torment in a love such as this one? Nowhere else in heaven, earth, or in hell does any such treasure exist. Perhaps the torment is the self-flagellation of those human and not, glimpsing such a thing in the eyes of the couple when leaving their happy home.

It was Al's happy job to find that out. Mary didn't mind at all. Wishes, carefully prepared, were her new, and fulfilling hobby.

1724 WC. September entry "Paranormal Romance Contest prompt: love match between a demon and human
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