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What could come to the mind of two little girls? Two teasing girls to their older brother?
Hey there, my name is Jack, Jack Mallardi. Let's see.. I'm 16 years old and I'm the oldest out of my two younger (annoying) sisters. I have brown/blonde hair and hazel eyes. There's Anna who's 7 years old, a little annoying but adorable at all times. She has the same hair and eye color as me but a little brighter. Then there is Chelsea who is 5 years old and very VERY sassy. She has full brown hair and green eyes. You're probably interested on what I have today, aren't you? Well, lucky for you, I have a little story-exciting rather- to tell you. Gather round, cause it will get very interesting!

My parents had gone away to Hawaii to have themselves a little "break" for themselves. At the last second, they told me about it and asked if I could watch the girls. Now, I always hated this job, but doesn't every older sibling? I couldn't disagree, because they were to leave in a couple of days, so I had to agree. I had wanted to go to my friends house, chill, relax, not worry about life, but now it was ruined with me having to babysit. The worst part.. was telling the girls about this scenario. But it had to be done somehow. I went into their rooms, dreading how they would react, and said, "Hey Ann, Chels, could I speak with you for a minute?" Anna with her high pitched voice replied, "Oh, of course, I wonder what interesting things you can tell us, BrOtHeR." Chelsea just nodded at me and went along with her. I said to them, "Alright so basically Mommy and Daddy are gonna be going on a vacation in Hawaii for a few days. They wanted me *stops*, to watch over you guys for that time period.." The girls both were very excited about this, way more than I thought they would have. Chelsea said with her baby voice, "I hope we can do fun stuff together!" I just stood there as their got out their energy. I ended it with, "I believe they leave in a couple of days, so keep track of time!" They both excitedly giggled and said OK to me and returned back to watching some tv show.

The day had finally come around that my parents were leaving, and I was NOT looking forward to it, at all. My mom and dad bid their goodbyes, told me further instructions, and off they went on their merry way! The girls burst with excitement and knew exactly what they wanted to do. It was always hide and seek, dressup, or some other game that I hated doing. But to my surprise, it wasn't? I was quite surprised as you were. Now for some reason, the girls didn't bother me as much as they would on a daily basis. I actually had peace doing something! It was pretty calming I must say. I started to get skeptical. This usually wasn't like them. So I went off into their room (like they would with me) and I said "Alright what's going on girls? You're being pretty sus if I do say so myself." Chelsea said, "Well, you waned peace from us for a little bit so we gave you it silly!" Anna agreed and said, "We'll give you sometime off, but once we decide it's over, we're gonna have some fun with you Jackie." She winked as she finished up her sentence. I wondered what the wink meant because it obviously signified something. I just brushed it off and carried on with what I wanted to do, which was gaming.

I played Minecraft for like two hours or so, having fun with my friends. A typical wholesome moment. I was doing quite well, up until.... my sisters came in and started embarrassing me. They both shouted, "Jackie it's time for your daily checkup!" The boys kinda laughed at me saying, "Aw, are those your lil sisters bro?" "That's cute dude." I got so annoyed that I just left the game unexpectedly and put my hands to my face in annoyance. Anna said, "Are you upset Jackie? We're sorry, we didn't know we made you feel that way." Because I was annoyed, I thought that she was being sarcastic, so I snapped back at her saying, "FOR FRICKS SAKE COULD YOU NOT BOTHER ME FOR ONE SECOND!?" In reality, she really did feel bad, but I was just being a bit too overkill. She teared up and so did Chelsea, and I realized that I had made a terrible mistake. I said to her, "Oh no, I'm sorry Ann, hey look *looks into her hazel eyes* I apologize. I was just wanting to play some Minecr-" I was cut off by Anna saying, "That's what you always say! Go back to your game and not care about your little sisters!" Chelsea also said, "When did you become such a meanie Jacki!" And they stormed off and went back into their room. I gulped and thought to myself, "When did I become this way..?" I put my headset back on and went back to playing another game, since I felt bad for myself and the girls.

A few hours had passed and I was still upset at what I had done. Now you might be saying, "Why didn't I say anything?" You see, girls dont forgive as easily as guys do, forgetting about it too, so I had to let them cool off. Continuously playing I think.. Stardew Valley, I heard my door creak open. I looked behind, startled, and said, "Wh- who's there? Girls?" There was no response. I was getting creeped out, but nothing happened after a couple of minutes. I went back to playing my game. Then all of a sudden, poof! There were the girls! I jumped so high out of my chair and said, "GAH! Oh my, good grief don't scare me like that!" Chelsea said, "Haha, someone's a scaredy cat!" The girls both made fun of me that I got scared by them, then, the girls had a terrific, yet terrible plan. They said to each other, "Hey, you know what scaredy cats get right? Oh yeah, punishment time!" I got nervous, unsure of what they were gonna do, and before I could even say anything, they dragged my arms and took me to the couch. As I was being forced into whatever they were gonna do, they sang a little song saying, "We're gonna have so much fun! We're gonna have so much fun!" I was very concerned because one they could do anything to me, and two they were quite quirky which made me overthink it. I was put on the couch and I just sat there and waiting what had to be done. Chelsea said, "Are you ready for your punishment Jackie?" I gulped, unknowing of what was to come, and hesitantly said, "Yes.." They both made it seem like a big deal, which made it worse for me. Finally they said, "Let's watch Frozen! Surely Jackie will *emphasizes* enjoy this!" I groaned, knowing that these two LOVED that movie, and they would watch it for hours and hours on end. I said to myself, "Ok, this wont be bad, but ugh they'll be doing this for so long." Anna said, "Well are you ready? You better watch it! This is your punishment!" Chelsea added, "And we can always add more punishmens if we want to!!" I was in for a long long evening.

They had put the movie on, and I was NOT looking forward to this. The girls were excited (everytime) and knew this would annoy me. Which, it did work. We watched the movie like I think 4-7 times, and I actually managed to memorize some of the movie! I was going out of my mind, why did they have to be obsessed with this movie out of all things? For the (I hoped) last time it replayed, I started to fall asleep, as I was getting so incredibly bored.
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