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Rated: 18+ · Prose · Satire · #2258304
#68 from the pendulum
Those things that time tinders
take to ticking thoughts
tunneled through tired tomes.
Tomorrow's tonic thistles tides'
tutting tongues
Thoughts tingle this torrid thong
to the tumultuous tinting tones
that tomorrow tokens today.
Thin tovuts, two times two toed,
tissues tuns toward twilight
turning torpedoes to tornadoes.
Tumbling thoughts thorning tuns
tics to tacs to toes.
Tense temperatures time traveling
to trade things temporarily thought to
timber trees.
Tepid tequila thirsts to tussle tourniquets
tittilating truth, tins torn.
Tinnitus troubles turbulent tenors
that tuba tones through throaty trombones -
trumpeting to tush twitching,
top turning,
toe tapping,
tongue twisting,
tummy tucking,
torque thrusting,
tittie tweaking,
tutu twirling,
tostada tasting
tangy tangos.
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