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Rated: 18+ · Short Story · Fantasy · #2258406
Shawna buys an amazing camera.
The Flutterby Effect

Shawna Bentwood had a hobby. She was avid about it. Every chance she got, she searched for subjects.
It began, when she spotted a camera in a shop window.
“Whoa!” she exclaimed as she stopped in surprise.
The longer she looked, the more Shawna wanted it. Forgetting her errands, she stepped inside the shop. When she asked the elderly man behind the counter if she could see the camera in the window, he eyed her.

“Young lady, that’s a unique camera. It’s not for everyone.”
Shawna insisted that she had to touch and look at it closely.
“I’m a nature photographer. It’s a perfect size for taking outdoors. What about film?”
The man shook his head.
“I was told by the old owner, it didn’t need any.”
“How does it take pictures?”
The man picked up the camera and focused on her face. A soft light shot out of the lens. Seconds later, a finished picture dropped out of the bottom of the camera.

“How much?”
The man named a high price, but Shawna was so fascinated, she emptied her savings account to buy it.
“The previous owner and its inventor, Barton Flutterby, said that in order for the camera to work, the user must take one picture of a butterfly, before going on to take other shots. It energizes it! Only one picture of a butterfly per use because it can be overcharged.”
Shawna nodded and she picking up the camera, rushed out the door. Eager to try it, she began to walk in a circle, since she had spotted a colorful butterfly the minute she stepped out the door.
She followed its erratic flight until she was dizzy and had to sit down. Miraculously, the butterfly landed on her knee and she got the shot.

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