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Rated: 18+ · Short Story · Political · #2258494
Tom Walker shares some news.

Thomas Walker came rushing into the coffee shop. He stopped to catch his breath.
“Have you heard the news?”
“What news, Tom?” piped up a woman.
“I can’t talk about it, it’s too terrible!”
A murmur went round the room ad he got the attention of everyone in it.
“Come on, Tom! We’re all your friends! You can tell us,” Laci Watts, the owner of the place told him.
He sat down at in a booth and put his head in his hands. Several people got up from their seats to gather around him.
“Tell us what’s going on, Tom!”
“It can’t be that bad, son!”
“The suspense is killing us, spill it!”
Tom took a deep breath and said:
“There changing the name of this place from Walker Bay to Simpson Bay. Don’t know what grandpa’s gonna say when he hears that!”

An old man sitting at the counter finished his soup then swiveled his stool around.
“Grampa’s gonna say, horse puckey! Our family founded this town and nobody but nobody’s gonna change the name! You gotta stop listening to rumors, boy!”
Tom got up and went over to his grandfather. After shaking hands with him, he said:
“I heard it on the local news, GP.”
“Your father is a horse’s behind sometimes,” the old man spat.
Tom grinned.
“Come on, young’un, let’s go find out what kinda trouble we’re in now,” the old man said, taking his grandson’s arm.
“What’re you gonna do about it, GP,” Tom asked.
“Raise the kinda ruckus that’ll get those government types to change their minds right quick! I still can filibuster with the rest of them, even if I’m not active in local government much anymore.
The crowd cheered as the old man marched out and headed for the town hall.

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