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by Jacky
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Flash Fiction

Hiking, not my favorite activity, but certainly better than calisthenics or going to a gym, so off I went. Plus, as a bonus, I take a route that ends at a coffee shop.

As much as I dread starting, I always get into it in the first little while. The fresh air, plus the quiet of the woods I walk through for some of the way. Birds and squirrels are much more relaxing than cars and people.

Half way through there’s a rock formation, not too high, but high enough. I always climb it and take my water break. This day as I sat down with my thermos open, something sharp stuck me! I jumped so fast my thermos shot in the air as I turned to see what I’d sat on.

It was just a sharp stone, but it was in a pile of stones. Something had dug out a hole between two of the large rocks, maybe for a nest. Something that from the look of the landing I was sitting on could easily be a snake, or something else slithery that might sting if it were to consider me sitting too close to its nest! I jumped up quickly and left! I had to laugh at my bravado. Might be something slithery? Well, I’m gone!

I found my water bottle but I’d managed to get the top off before I threw it, so it was empty, I had to do the second half of the hike dry. Poor me...

Finally got to the end. My walk is a large circle that ends right up the street from my house, at the corner coffee shop! Went in, but instead of coffee, got my needed water! Plus my usual, a chocolate bar and jelly beans...

Love that daily hike!
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