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Sights and sounds of Fall memories
Signs of Fall

The signs of Fall are adrift in the air
Leaves have fallen and scattered everywhere.
To the warmth of the south, birds swiftly fly;
Their silhouettes cast on the amethyst sky
A cool, crisp chill in the air at night
Compels them to take their southerly flight.

As days grow short and long are the nights,
I begin to remember Fall’s special delights:
Children catching the leaves as they slowly drift down,
Trying to keep them from touching the ground
The sound of the wind as it blows through dry leaves
That stubbornly cling to slumbering trees.

A crackling fire and marshmallows roasting,
Turning them slowly to even their toasting,
These memories of sights and sounds abound
As God’s wonderful season of Fall comes around!
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