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Professor Rupke makes a discovery.
Floral Fiasco

Arthur Rupke, famous botanist, prided himself on having travelled worldwide to document strange, one-of-a- kind flowers. But today, was the first time he’d ever been lost in his own city. He was disgusted.
“Don’t tell me I’ll have to hire a guide to keep me on the right track in my own neighborhood, like I do when I’m in a strange country?”
He was drawn to a neglected mansion whose overgrown flower beds called him. Rupke knew the house was unoccupied and for sale, if the sign hanging from one nail on the door was correct. He pushed through the rusted gate to wander among them and study any flowers he saw.
It wasn’t long before he stopped, mesmerized. A huge flower bud, poison green in color and striped thinly in neon purple seemed to nod at him.
“Thank goodness I brought my camera so I can take a picture of this phenomenon!”

As he bent to get the shot, a scent hit his nose. Puzzled by it, he leaned even closer, his camera dangling forgotten on its strap around his neck. There was a sharp tug on his neck. His camera was gone!
The bud was bulging and there were sounds of crunching from inside it. Rupke was so taken aback, he shouted:
“Hey, give that back!”
A passing beat cop rushed to him.
“Officer Pace. Were you robbed?”
“I certainly was! That thieving plant took my camera!”
Pace looked at Rupke skeptically.
“A flower took your camera?”
“Yes, and ate it!”
“Just a second, let me get you some help.”

Moments later, an ambulance pulled up and men in white coats hustled Rupke into a strait-jacket and took him away. Pace resumed his beat. Behind him, the flower burped and spit out film bits.

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