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Daily exercise.
NaNoWriMo Prep


October 2

Plot Premise

Now that you've brainstormed the general story idea, let's identify some story elements:
(1) Setting(s). Where does your story take place?
(2) Protagonist(s). Who is(are) your main character(s)?
     (2b) Flaw(s). What is(are) the protagonist's major flaw(s)?
     (2c) Goal(s). What does(d) the protagonist(s) want (or want to avoid)?
(3) Conflict(s). What's keeping them from their goal(s)?
(4) Antagonist(s). Who or what is creating the conflict(s)?
Just for fun: Write a provocative one-sentence description of your story.
Example: ""A young, mistreated orphan discovers he is a wizard and must face the evil villain Voldemort to fulfill his destiny."

Setting The story takes place in the San Francisco Bay          Area in the present day.


2a. The protagonist's are Joe Babayuh and his friend DD..

2b. Joe's major flaw is that he is unable to free himself from the constrictions of time and of the grief he feels over the death of his wife.

2c. Joe wants to break free of his constrictions and to have a partner in his life again.

The story centers around two conflicts:
Internal: Joe vs. the constraints of time.
         External: The antagonist's criminal activity vs. Joe's          attempts to uncover it.

The antagonist is the proprietor of the clock shop.

In this story, a man has suffered losses in his life, is tortured by guilt that constricts his life, and, in the course of solving a mystery or uncovering a criminal activity, he comes to terms with the losses and breaks free of the constrictions that have been holding him back.


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