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WON: No place for demons in the house but Eric and Wendy are not equipped to cast it out

"Demon leave my son alone. "

"You fucking piece of shit you make me laugh Eric, waving pieces of wood in my face. You have no power over me and I own your fucking son."

"But this is the cross of Christ."

"You dumb fucking idiot! You hold it in hands that smell like the wank you had this morning thinking about Sue Thompson next door in this very bathroom. Your words belched from a double-chinned face, by a man whose gluttony has helped himself to too many extra portions. When I have finished nailing your son's soul to this express elevator to hell I'm coming to drag you and Wendy down with him."

"Pastor, you're here. The demon is in little Johnny, he's not talking like a seven-year-old, he sees our sins and loves to tell about them in a strange and unclean voice."

"I saw Wendy on my way in. She was running out in tears, screaming."

"Fuck off we do not need another pedophile priest around here."

"I bind you, puny deceitful servant of Satan, in the mighty name of Jesus."

Why can't I see your sins?"

"I am covered in the blood of Christ, Eric are you sorry for your sins?"

"Yes, Pastor, I am."

"Then by the authority invested in me, I absolve you of them. You too are covered with his blood."

"Ah, you blind me, where has his lust and gluttony gone?"

"Demon, in Christ's name, I will have your name."

"Why must I yield to his name? I piss on his cross and puke on your pretensions."

"Demon, you do not have the authority to deny the name of Christ, give me your name."

"...My name is Sid....don't laugh at me."

"Little demon you have no power in this place, God's goodness, and purity reigns here, release your hold on his child, let him go now. In the magnificent name of Jesus, I cast you out into the abyss where you belong."

"Fuck you! I shit on your empty threats. Johnny's unbelief gives me the right to stay, he does not trust you man of God, we have done our work well in your fucking church."

"Johnny, I know you are in there. Believe me that God Almighty who created the heavens and the earth is greater than the abomination inside you. If you want to be free of this unclean presence then focus on God and believe that He can set you free.
Demon, this child with all his faults belongs to God you will let go of him right now. I command you leave. Beauty will triumph over ugliness, hope over fear, goodness over evil, purity over filth, and love over hate. This family belongs to God. You have no place here. What you have broken will be fixed, what you have wounded will be healed. In Christ's name leave."


"Daddy, Daddy help me."

"Oh, thank God, Johnny you are free. Thank you, Pastor."

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