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Rated: 18+ · Short Story · Holiday · #2259640
Witches take revenge on their upstart queen. Second story with Halloween theme.
Important Message

Witcheena turned on the Witching Hour News as she prepared to join her sisters on their traditional All-Hallows Eve ride. She had conjured a new broom as well as a Jack light for end of the handle. All that was left was to spell up a new outfit.
The news anchor was a zombie named Sly Snitchen. Witcheena thought him handsome for his kind and always enjoyed his black humor.
“Attention, all you witches and warlocks! I have an important message for you.”
This made Witcheena stop mid-conjure to listen.
“Evelien, current Queen of all Witches, has decreed there will be no ride tonight.”
Witcheena began to rage and shriek.

“How dare that upstart! None of us chose her, she just took the crown! What has she done for us? Nothing! Now this!”
When she’d calmed down a trifle, Witcheena got on her spell phone and started a chain letter among the witches. Each added a spellbound line to the message. When it was finished, she sent it by virtual bat mail to the palace.
“Let’s see how she likes someone spoiling her fun,” Witcheena cackled.
A muffled explosion and a rising orange mist from the direction of the castle, made Witcheena break into maniacal laughter. Rushing to her turret window, she aimed her be-spelled telescope toward the palace.

“I wonder what she looks like. She always considered herself the height of ugliness,” the witch muttered.
The horror produced by the chain letter actually made Witcheena cringe and leap away from the telescope. She ran to her bed and hid under the covers quaking in her cracked boots.
“The letter was too strong! What a hideous combination! Long red hair, alabaster skin and umber eyes! As for her smooth, slender body and straight upright carriage…” Witcheena shuddered anew.

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