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A sonnet about love
I will always love you whether that be today or tomorrow.
My love for you will not wither with time.
Do not let yourself be consumed by sorrow.
Losing yourself to your dark mind would be the truest crime.

I will always love you even when you become a shell or ghost.
I have cried many nights over lost loves but I know ours will be eternal.
Your love is the strongest I have ever felt, you are the one I love the most.
I hope my love is one you see and it is shown as to not just be internal.

I will always love you even when you feel so very unworthy.
You are my soulmate, my other half, in fact you my darling are mine.
Would you believe the words on my lips or would you find them to be biased and untrustworthy.
Our love is strong and it shall stay that way for this is all my design.

I will always love you through your darkest and brightest days.
My love for you shall become the greatest display.

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