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Rated: 18+ · Short Story · Sci-fi · #2259711
Showna knows there's a lot at stake.
Race Of All Races

Showna Courtney stared at the calendar.
“Tomorrow’s the provincials. I’m in shape, but my track shoes aren’t!”
She picked up her blown-out shoes and looked them over. Full of holes, they were missing cleats. There was no money for new ones.
“I have the drive and skill, that’s all I need!”
For practices, Showna’d been wearing cheap running shoes. She’d fallen several times and was scabbed and scraped up.
“But I’m more than ready!”

She woke early the next morning, showered and dressed in her faded track suit. Showna reached under her bed for her shoes. To her astonishment, they were like new and shone with a strange light.
Readying herself at the starting line, she felt strange. In seconds, she was over the finish line, having out-distanced everyone.
“Ottawa here I come!”
As she spoke, she began to rise off the ground. Showna was powerless against a bright pink beam that was pulling her to a flying silver disk, lighted in pink. Inside, she was greeted by two female non-humans dressed in pink.

“We have chosen you to join the intergalactic Olympic races. You must win for your world or it will be eliminated,” said the tallest one, who had orange skin and long toes and fingers with suction cups on their bottoms.
“The track appendages we left for you are the latest of space sport technology. But without the courage, stamina and determination we know you have, success is not assured,” the one, with purple skin, toeless feet and fingerless hands, added
Showna set her jaw as they stepped out onto the oval center of an alien track. She lined up with the others. Immediately, they were off! When the dust settled, Showna was alone at the finish line. That’s when she woke up.
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