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Rated: 18+ · Short Story · Holiday · #2259759
Marvelous Melnish is pressed into service as the entertainment.
Strange Destination

The slender man in the tux, his silver hair hidden by a top hat, looked around.
“I’ve never been here before!” he said.
“Attention! Our entertainment for tonight, The Zombie Trio, have fallen to pieces. Is there an entertainer in the house?” The MC, a very realistic looking werewolf scanned the revelers.
Marvelous Melnish shrank back behind all the weirdly dressed guests at what appeared to be a ball. A large green hand with stitches on the wrist grasped his shoulder.
“You entertainment,” the lumbering man behind the hand said.
Melnish looked up into the face of Frankenstein. Before he could shake off the hand, he was picked up and unceremoniously carried to the stage. Once there he was set on his feet.

“Ah, a human magic man! Be careful, sir. We have some real makers of magic here who are very hard to impress.”
With this admonition, Melnish found himself hustled to center stage and provided with a microphone. The time travelling magician looked out into a sea of faces, not the least of which were witches, wizards and fairy folk. He could only hope they weren’t as real as they seemed to be!
Starting slowly, Melnish did all his best tricks. Unfortunately, the crowd was unimpressed. They began to boo, snarl and howl. Then came the food, if you could call it that!
Dodging severed tentacles, putrid guts and the occasional head, Melnish continued his act. The whole time, he prayed he would disappear. At last, he was out of tricks and took a bow. As he did, he vanished with an audible snap.

As he began to travel again, he heard the MC saying:
“Well folks, it seems the magic act has disappeared, which is a first for the Halloween Hollow’s annual All-Hallows Eve Ball!”

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