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Rated: 18+ · Short Story · Animal · #2259990
Tipton makes a friend.
What's Out There?

Tipton sat tall on the windowsill, staring into the middle distance. Then the black and silver striped cat let out a prolonged hiss. This caught the attention of her mistress and would-be witch, Kearnee Elmsdale.
“There’s something out there?” she asked.
In answer, Tipton flew to the door and scratched it.
“All right you can go, but take care! This is the eve before All Hallows and things get strange!”

She let the cat out and watched as it just sat on the doorstep, folded foot. Sighing, the witchling closed the door. As she turned away, she heard very loud purring. Kearnee opened the door to an unusual sight.
A silver wolf was crouched on her doorstep. It was putting Tipton into ecstasy by scratching her favorite places. When the wolf heard the door open, it looked up with silver-blue eyes and grinned.
“Uncle Weird? Is that you?”
The werewolf stood on its hind legs and embraced her. She invited him in. Naturally, Tipton came too, purring. Kearnee took her favorite chair and her uncle sat beside her on the rug.

“I wanted to wish you well in your admission interview at Hallow Hall tomorrow night. Don’t be nervous! You come from a long line of sorcerers. I could come and help you out if you want.”
Kearnee knew he would, but she wanted in on her own merits.
“Thanks UW, I have your letter of recommendation in the briefcase you gave me. I’m glad you came on the night of the full moon to reassure me. I’m sure being related to the only werewolf warlock will go a long way to getting me accepted.”
Weird licked her face, rose and leapt out of the open window. When Tipton tried to follow, Kearnee closed and locked it.

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