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Rated: 18+ · Short Story · Action/Adventure · #2260039
If it weren't for bad luck...
On The Road

Price Taylor was a traveler, for work and pleasure. The best trips were those that combined both. It was a beautiful day, so he put the top down on his MG.
He had just started the drive, in fact he was barely outside the limits of his home city, when his cell phone rang. It so startled him that he went out of control and hit a huge rock just off the shoulder of the road.
“I hope that call wasn’t important!”

He could still hear his ringtone, Macabre Dance by the Blood Brothers, going off, but he could not find the phone! After climbing over the crumpled driver side door, Price searched all over.
“I’ll have to call the Auto Club anyway, because my antique sports car isn’t going anywhere!” he mumbled as he continued to search for the phone.
He stepped toward the rock and glanced behind it. A cliff of epic proportions was on the other side. Price could just see his phone at the bottom, glass cracked but still ringing.
“Now what?” he asked, looking skyward for divine guidance.

Out of the blue, came a bolt of lightning that sizzled earthward to split the boulder in two with a resounding crack. Price jumped back just in time to see the boulder and his car go over the side of the cliff. To land on his phone.
Price looked up again.
“Really, Lord!”
“Problem sir?” said a voice behind him. He turned to see a Highway Patrol unit stopped beside him. Standing by the driver’s door was a man in khaki. Price swallowed.
“Had a little accident. Everything’s at the bottom of that cliff!”
“Let’s get back to the station and make a report for your insurance company.”
“Now I get it, Lord! Thanks!”

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