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Settings etc.

Day 18

Cultural setting

The protagonists' culture is one of law and order. It is a hierarchical society in the working environment of the Police. The religious beliefs of the officers are not a part of their story.

The antagonists' culture is one of law breaking and violence. Fred Harbingdon is the boss, and nobody questions that. Amy Harbingdon turns a blind eye to Fred's dealings and is only interested in the lifestyle.

Family dynamics are central to the story.

Day 19


Rebecca's personal life

Still unsure of her relationship with Brian Lennon.
His mother's house to be sold. He wants to move in.
Doesn't want Geoff to stay. Feels it might put them in danger.
Brian doesn't want her to return to work after the birth.

Rebecca's work life

Brian wants her to stay safe in the office.
Physical restrictions of pregnancy.


Other people's mistakes.
Brian not being happy for him to stay.
The attempts on his life.

Day 20

Literary Devices

The house is not obviously important at the beginning of the story. It becomes central when someone tries to kill Geoff.

Sheila is a red herring.

Brian proposes, taking away Rebecca's doubts.
Rebecca not sure about the two of them living in her house because there is only one bathroom. Geoff tells them he wants to buy her house and sell them his.
Brian feels differently about Geoff when he delivers their baby.
They compromise and Rebecca works part time.

Day 21


Part One
Help me; I'm dead

Setting - Police station
DP - Rebecca, Geoff, Tam.
Geoff explains his situation. The lack of photographic ID is a problem.

Settings - PS, GP, Factory
DP - Rebecca, Geoff, Tam, Jane, GP receptionist, factory manager and receptionist
Rebecca tries to prove his ID. She phones the solicitor and asks who told them he was dead. They won't talk without the ID.
Jane goes to the factory, Tam to the GPs, trying to find someone who can positively ID him.

Setting - PS
DP - Rebecca, Brian, Geoff
Geoff has nowhere to go. His funds are frozen. Rebecca offers him a bed but Brian is not so keen; he could be anyone.

Setting - Rebecca's house
DP - Rebecca, Geoff, Brian
Rebecca gets to know Geoff.
Rebecca brings up to Geoff that her parents are dead. Talk about his holiday and it comes out how he hurt his ankle.
Brian tells Rebecca that his mum's house is to be sold. Discussion about him moving in permanently. Rebecca not so keen to share bathroom.

Settings - PS, EA, House
DP - Rebecca, Geoff, Tam, estate agent
Tam visits the estate agent and gets the keys, searches the house for clues. Notices things about neighbours.
Scottish police confirm that Sheila was notified by hospital that Geoff was dead. She then arranged for solicitor to handle everything. Wants nothing to do with it. She does not profit from his death. She gave up all rights on divorce. Geoff confirms.

Setting - PS
DP - Rebecca, Geoff, Tam.
Tam comes back with documents and photos, enough to convince Rebecca.
First mention of the Harbingdons. Youngish couple, tons of money from no obvious source.
Amy seemed nervous seeing a cop there.

Settings - PS, hospital
DP- Rebecca, Brian, Jane
Discover the hospital mistake. Geoff left and another man took his place in the queue.

Part Two
Someone's trying to kill me

Setting - Rebecca's house
DP - Rebecca and Geoff
Slates fall from the roof and narrowly miss Geoff. He tells Rebecca, who thinks it's an accident. He tells her the roof was checked just over a month ago. She suggests he sue.

Setting - local library
DP - Geoff
Someone tries to trap him in the stacks. Luckily, whoever it was hears someone coming and disappears through fire exit.

Other 'accidents'.

Setting - hospital
DP - Rebecca, Tam, Geoff, Brian
A runaway vehicle narrowly misses him. He does get minor injuries. Taken to hospital.
Brian gets message Rebecca is at hospital and thinks something has happened to her.

Setting - Rebecca's house
DP - Rebecca, Geoff, Brian
He hides out/recovers at Rebecca's.
Rebecca goes into labour. Baby Geoff is born. Brian arrives after the birth but before the ambulance.

Part Three
The man who saw too much.

Setting - Rebecca's house
DP - Rebecca, Geoff, baby
Geoff talks about his neighbour.
Rebecca becomes suspicious.

Setting - Geoff's house
DP - Geoff, Brian, Tam
Geoff's place used for observation.
Got the builders in.(cover) Drilling, hammering etc to cover the installation of a listening device.
Talk of 'accidents' overheard.

Setting - Rebecca's house
DP - Rebecca, Brian
Argument about Rebecca going back to work, at least part time.

Setting - PS
DP - Rebecca, Brian, Jane, Julie (Tam is at Geoff's)
Prove Harbingdons behind accidents.

Setting - warehouses
DP - Geoff
Geoff lured to warehouse which then explodes.

Setting - warehouses
DP - Rebecca, Brian, fire brigade
Searching for remains

Part Four
Return from the grave

Setting - Rebecca's house
DP - Rebecca, Geoff, baby
Geoff turns up on Rebecca's doorstep, explains his escape.

Setting - PS
DP - Rebecca, Brian, Jane, Julie, Tam
Harbingdons charged

Part Five
Six months later

Setting - Geoff's house
DP - Rebecca, Brian, baby, Geoff
Social visit.
Harbingdons' House taken for reparation.
Geoff has the keys.

Setting - Harbingdons house
DP - Rebecca, Brian, Geoff, baby
Rebecca says its too modern
Geoff suggests they buy both as he wants to buy Rebecca's.

Day 22


Police station
GP surgery
Rebecca's house
Estate agents
Geoff's house
Harbingdon's house

Day 23

Setting Description

Geoff's House

"Come on in." Geoff stood aside and they entered the wide hallway. The bottom half of the walls was heavy anaglypta, painted white, but with a tinge of green from its previous colour. The dado rail was grey. The top half of the walls was painted a paler grey. Two doors came off of the hallway. They were heavy and ornately framed. Looking up, you couldn't help but notice the cornicing, the ceiling rose and the lantern light. On the blank wall was a print of the Monarch of the Glen. Apart from the paint is was original Victorian.

"Come in and sit down." The door squeaked a bit as it moved. The smell of burning wood came from a large open fire in the marble and tiled fireplace. A sofa and two armchairs looked almost as old as the house, but they were squishy and comfortable. The bay window let in a lot of light. Rich, velvet curtains, as red as claret, welcomed the night.

"Come with me to the kitchen and help me make some tea." Passing the Georgian style, sweeping staircase, the passage narrowed. A less ornate door led to the kitchen. This was the servant area that the owners in the past would not have occupied. The units were dark wood and straight out of the 1970s. An orange splashback shone out, and blended with the autumn leaf designed wallpaper. The pipes rattled as the water flowed into the old fashioned whistling kettle. Even the teapot and cups were 1970s style, now fashionable again.

"I'll show you the rooms upstairs." The first floor was like a mirror of the ground floor. Two large rooms off of the landing. Turning the crystal knob opened the door to the front bedroom. Another bay window, this time with bottle green curtains. An iron bedframe dominated the room. It was a slip back to when the house was built in 1853. The only hint to modernity was the Tiffanny lamp on the bedside cupboard. The other bedroom was the same.

The third room on this floor was the bathroom. White tiled, with black and white checked lino, it did have the modern addition of a shower over the bath. Of course, there would not have been a bathroom in 1853. This would have been home to the nursery maid. The next flight of stairs was less ornate as it led originally to the servants' quarters. The two rooms up there were smaller and lacked decoration. These two rooms were currently junk rooms.

"Look out here at the garden." A curved path wound its way past lawns bordered by planting. At the bottom of the garden stood a greenhouse and a shed. Even from here you could see the terracotta lawn edging. A galvanised watering can had been abandoned in the middle of the first lawn. It would be easy to imagine a Victorian lady strolling around, maybe watering the roses and picking a particular bloom. At the very bottom of the garden, now somewhat overgrown, was a wrought iron gate. Where it led, who knew.

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