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unlocking spiritual pain in the psychiatric ward

they pain, they pain, whey they rain ,whey they rain . , . Because its the old game weight
able to release from this craziness, insanity & cruelty ,;., if you feel our pain
we all might be ,,.. seen ,, freed

the screams we scream silently ... why?? -;~ because eyes wide open
of walks of wild wanderings words of what the hell is goin on!
the patients askings.. why,? am I here. -:~ The hospital crawls around in projection quivers

!in my strange world, ccrrazzy is a bit of quite normal!

“a charm toward peaceful release!”

ghostly's Spirit SZewn :;- we LeveL cWwazZy

Authors note; post script; memoir of a memoir ., choose one that sounds right.
I had to speak a half truthful lie to those of narrow mind. an animal being here who has chronic anxiety, very sensitive to spirit chakra energy, and got released 2 days 2 late ,. 4 days post I'm leveling out now very well!

this acted as a kinda charm to free a !lot! of trapped spiritual energies .. speaking for those who have a very narrow margin of opportunity.

Namaste - a Wilder moon traveler
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