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Synopses of two potential short stories, inspired by chosen titles.
Prompt: Write a description/synopsis of a long story or novel you would write (this is a description, not flash fiction) using one of the titles below. These titles were taken from a list on https://www.nanowrimo.org's Adopt a Title thread, https://forums.nanowrimo.org/t/adopt-a-title/1659 where anyone is free to use the posted titles. There are probably thousands posted, so check them out along with other Adoption Society threads (Adopt a Plot, Adopt a Subplot, Adopt a Running Gag, etc.) at https://forums.nanowrimo.org/c/story-development/adoption-society/60.

** Contest Entry # 1

Chosen Title: Running Toward the Flames

Written for "The Whatever Contest." *Right* "The Whatever Contest -- Now Open


They had been well-known, respected and loved in their rural area for many years. Caring neighbours feared for their safety when the bushfire swept towards their beloved and well-cared-for farm. It was a landmark, after all these years. A dearly beloved landmark. On that fearsome day , many... AND hearty, were the countless sighs when it was apparent this grand old homestead had been been so narrowly missed by the ferocity of a fire that new no boundaries; bore no respect for anything.

With the fire trucks and crews now far in the distance, busily trying to save more farmhouses, more properties and stock, the old couple stood arm-in-arm in their front garden. Though still wreathed in smoke, and bearing scars of withering and burnt off-petals on its tallest and outer bushes, there was only little of its beauty lost thanks to the huge spray drift from the mighty fire-fighting hoses. Hugging each other again and again, they thankfully congratulated themselves on their amazing good fortune. Finally, as they turned to admire their treasure once again, their world collapsed.

Many years later, as the old lady told me her tragic story, I learned so much more about their amazing lives and antiques; and the priceless paintings and literature they had collected and shared in their long marriage, begun in another time and place, on the other side of our world. Will I ever forget that dear, lined face, tears filling her eyes and choking her voice as she told me of ALL her losses as a result of that terrible day? Some years later, the loss of our own huge machinery shed and everything stored within it, would pale by comparison.Her 'amazing grace' taught me how the badge of courage can be worn.

Word/Line Count: 293 words

** Contest Entry # 2

Chosen Title: A Beautiful Contradiction

Written for "The Whatever Contest." *Right* "The Whatever Contest -- Now Open


MICA stands for My Inner Child Arises. It seems we all have the child we once were, dwelling forever within us, awaiting recognition... however long it takes. Rediscovered now in my time of extreme need, my small warrior returns to lift my spirits; strengthen my self-belief; my inner core. She knows me like no other — bar one — my precious Ted Bear Esq., my best and oldest friend since he was new and I was two, silent and stoic bearer of all my tears and triumphs.

These two are the joint First Mates to their Captain, Christine, on the grand ship 'Survivor'. Complete with a crew following the healthiest possible shipboard protocol and orders, and despite countless encounters with rough and treacherously stormy conditions, they plan a most successful journey together.

Individually, their stories are fascinating and most entertaining. Together? Compelling, with great emphasis on the old adage, —

...Two things stand like stone,
kindness in another's trouble,
Courage in your own.

Word/Line Count: 160 words

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