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Rated: 18+ · Novel · Romance/Love · #2262237
The age-old battle between good and evil takes on a modern perspective.
Prompt: Write a description/synopsis of a long story or novel you would write (this is a description, not flash fiction) using one of the titles below. These titles were taken from a list on https://www.nanowrimo.org's Adopt a Title thread, https://forums.nanowrimo.org/t/adopt-a-title/1659 where anyone is free to use the posted titles. There are probably thousands posted, so check them out along with other Adoption Society threads (Adopt a Plot, Adopt a Subplot, Adopt a Running Gag, etc.) at https://forums.nanowrimo.org/c/story-development/adoption-society/60.

Chosen Title" Night Visions

Written for "The Whatever Contest."

Word/Line Count:: 244

Angel never wanted to be anything else but one of God's chosen, heaven-sent beings. She practiced being an angel, doing good every moment given her. She rose in the volunteer ranks of her church to become its leading example of Christ-like giving with rippling effects on how that can change hopeless lives.

As her prominence grew, so did the backlash. There were those who said that no one could be that good. Envy fought with malice intent on bringing that angelic image down to earth. A group coalesced doing their best to make her existence a living hell.

When she met Avery Thomas, a devilishly attractive lad in need of saving, destiny was set. Angel offered herself up, gave up her position, responsibilities, and power on the church altar to sacrifice herself to one cause. She made up her mind to become his earthly guardian angel and prevent his downward spiral into the jaws of temptation.

The attraction was mutual. The bond between them became one of passion on Avery's part and compassionate love for the good she saw in him from Angel.

Angel's 'Night Visions' take on all comers, ultimately even the Devil himself, in a series of dark events only an angel could wrestle with and find any light in.

The enlightenment Avery and Angel find in each other unravel's and cut's the Gordian knot on what binds love together, on who and what is worth saving in ourselves and each other.

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