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Rated: 13+ · Lyrics · Music · #2263057
A moment in the music - an exploration of the EDM / MDMA feeling
She's a doped up singer,
out of her mind,
out for the night,
out for the dance.
The words are missing,
the beat is all,
she fights for nothing,
while revolution raves.
I feel her heartbeat,
across the room,
pounding love,
the energies in our blood.
Let's jump together,
fall together,
let drums shake us,
to our bones.
Bodies sweating,
curves swirling,
hands reaching,
for the lights.
We are out for the night,
boundaries blurring,
never touching,
smiling ecstasy.
Connected, not rejected,
the new communion,
no past or tomorrow,
to drag us down.
live only for now.
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