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by Norman
Rated: ASR · Poetry · Action/Adventure · #2264380
The FBI took up the case
D.B. Cooper’s on the lam.
They haven’t found him yet.
He may be in a Vegas bar.
Yeah, that would be my bet.

He was a hero in his time.
At least he was to some.
But no one knew just who he was
or where he had come from.

(His name was not D.B. at all.
The name he gave was Dan.
To know that you would have to be
a D.B. Cooper fan.)

He told the people on a plane
he could set off a bomb.
But if they paid him what he asked
no one would come to harm.

He made them give him money and
he jumped out of the plane.
Since he did not know where he was
that really was insane.

Now no one knows what happened next.
No, no one has a clue.
Yeah, D.B. Cooper disappeared
and all the money too.

The FBI took up the case;
they’re searching for him still.
They haven’t found a trace of him.
I doubt they ever will.

Most people have forgotten him,
he’s faded in the past.
But he remains a mystery
that will forever last.

And I remember that day well,
I never will forget.
For this man left a mark on me,
this guy I never met.

There is some D.B. in us all,
especially in me,
just longing for a better life
and yearning to be free.

But I won’t D.B. Cooper you,
there’s no cause for alarm.
I’d probably blow myself to bits
when making up that bomb.

Oh, it was a fake one? Huh.

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