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Love story about Naruto and Futa Samui
Naruto’s been assigned to a mission with Samui and he must go to the cloud village.

Naruto: *Waiting outside gate* Why’s she taking so long?

Samui: *Arrives*

Naruto: Oh! You’re here! Hey!!!!

Samui: *Doesn’t care* Let’s go.

Naruto: (Mean) You could’ve at least said hi :(

Samui: (Doesn’t say anything)

Naruto: (Well this already sucks)

While they are walking, they get ambushed.

Attackers: DIE!!!

Naruto: (Crap that’s a lot!!) Samui! Watch out!!!!

Samui: (Notices and fights back)

Naruto: Mutli shadow clone jutsu! Rasengan!!!

Samui: (So this is why he is the hero of the leaf, I’m impressed)

Samui: (Easily defeats enemy)

Naruto: (Angrily fighting back the majority of the attackers)

Samui: (He looks extremely angry, why?)

Naruto: (Finishes them off)

Samui: (Well, that’s none of my concern)

Samui: *Walks but trips on a rock*

Naruto: SAMUI!!!!!

Naruto: *Quickly carries her bridal style*

Naruto: *Face really close to Samui* Are you okay???!!!!

Samui: *Blushing* Y-yes, I’m fine.

Naruto: Oh thank god! I didn’t wanna lose you!

Samui: (What is this feeling?! For some reason I want to make him mine! What is this?!!)

Samui: *Still blushing*

Naruto: Oh no! You have a fever? *Puts hand on her forehead*

Samui: (!!!!!!!!!!!!) *Blushing hard*. I-I-I-I’m f-fine!!!

Naruto: Well alright, be careful.

Samui: …..

Naruto: (She’s as mean as ever :/ )

They then arrive to the cloud and go to a hot springs to rest.

Naruto: Finally some time to rest.

Naruto: No ones here? Oh it’s night time.

Naruto: Well whatever, let’s go!!!!

Naruto: *Goes into mixed bathing without realizing*

Samui: (A hot springs would be nice. Guess I’ll join him.)

Samui: *Enters with a towel on*

Naruto: Oh hey! Hurry and come in here! This feels amazing!!

Samui: Well then, I’m going to have to take this towel off, and there’s no way I’m doing that.

Naruto: Oh sorry! Forgot about that. I’ll just go to another room then.

Naruto: *Steps out naked but doesn’t care*

Samui: (///////////) W-what are you doing???!!!!

Naruto: I’m leaving? Why?

Samui: (……) D-don’t leave, stay here.

Naruto: What? Okay???….

Samui: (How can he be such an idiot but so pure at the same time)

Naruto: *Goes back in*

Naruto: *Closes eyes* Man this is heaven…

Samui: (I’ve decided, I’m showing him.)

Samui: *Takes towel off*

Samui: Naruto, open your eyes.

Naruto: *Opens eyes* Hmm?

Naruto: AAAAHH???!!!!!!

Naruto: WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!!- wait….

Naruto: *Looks again* (A penis…)

Naruto: You have a penis?

Samui: Yes, and also..

Samui: *Stretches legs*

Samui: I have no vagina. I’m pathetic….

Naruto: …..

Naruto: *Grabs Samui’s shoulders*

Naruto: Just because you’re different doesn’t change anything! You’re still the same, awesome lady!

Samui: (Blushes hard) W-w-wha-

Naruto: *Hugs her* Its alright.

Samui: (I can’t take it anymore)

Naruto: Yeah?

Samui: *Forcefully kisses him*

Naruto: (????!!!!)

Samui: *Uses tongue*

Naruto: (What is she doing??!!)

Samui: *Breaks kiss*

Samui: I-I love you….

Naruto: I’m glad to hear that, but that was kinda unexpected..

Samui: S-sorry…

Naruto: No it’s fine. *Kisses back*

Samui: (!!!!!!)

Samui: *Breaks kiss* I want you to put your finger in here.

Samui: *Guides Naruto’s hands to her anus*

Naruto: Oh that? I accidentally read about it one of pervy sages stupid books.

Naruto: Get ready!

Naruto: *Slowly inserts and massages her prostate*

Samui: Mmnmgggaaahh~~~~~

Samui: *Penis slowly gets erect*

Naruto: (Woah, it’s big)

Samui: Nnnnggghhh~~~~! M-my penis! Why did it get so big?!

Naruto: (She doesn’t know any of this??!!) It happens when you think or feel something erotic. It’s an erection.

Samui: I-it feels goooood~~~~~!!!!!

Naruto: *Reaches the end* Alright, now be really prepared.

Samui: W-what?

Naruto: *Starts to massage her prostate intensly*


Cloud girls: What was that??!! Is someone being attacked?!

Cloud girls: *Rush to the hot springs and bears sloshing and moaning sounds* What is going on in there?

Cloud girls: *Peek inside* Its Lady Samui!!! And she’s having sex with…. Naruto Uzumaki?!! Hero of the leaf?

Samui: *Eyes closed, drooling and gritting teeth* NGGGHHHH~~~ HHHNNGGHH~~~ NNNGHHHH~~~~!!!!!

Samui: *Penis leaking with precum*

Samui: My cheeks feel really tingly, it feels so good~~~!!!

Naruto: Its called feeling pleasure. It’s normal.

Cloud girls: (Lady Samui’s naked body is so sexy)

Samui: K-Keep on going-AAAH~~!!!

Naruto: I won’t stop! I’m warning you!

Samui: Do it~~~!!

Naruto: *Massages prostate even harder*

Samui: *Head goes back* OOOOOOOH~~~~!!!!!!!!

*Slosh, squish*

Samui: *Penis twitching uncontrollably* M-MY PENIS~~~~!!!! FEELS SO GOOD~~~~~!!!!

Samui: NNNNNNGGGGHH~~!!!!!


Naruto: Its fine! Let it out!


Samui: *Ejaculates a fountain loud of semen*


Samui yelled so loud, the entire village could hear it.

Samui: *Semen lands all over her breasts and stomach*

Samui: AAAAH~~~!! HAAAAH~~~!!! NGGGOOHHH~~~!!!!

Samui: W-what is this slimy liquid?? Why did so much of it come out of my penis?!!

Naruto: Its called semen, when you feel really good, a lot of it comes out. It’s not dirty or dangerous, don’t worry.

Samui: My penis- NGGH~~~!!! It’s still erect~~!!

Naruto: (After cumming that much she’s still harder than a rock)

Naruto: Then it’s about time to take it to the next level. Are you ready?

Samui: W-what… y-yes….

Naruto: *Reveals big penis*

Naruto: I’m gonna put mine into your anus.

Samui: (Its gigantic!!) H-hurry up….

Naruto: (Man shes mean, she’s hurting my feelings) Alright, here I go!

Naruto: *Inserts penis*

Samui: Ooooh~~~ ooooh~~!!!!!

Naruto: Im going really slow, I don’t think you can handle it at full force.

Samui: D-Do it at full force….

Naruto: Are you absolutely sure you can handle it?

Samui: Y-yes! Hurry up!

Naruto: Alright, I warned you.

Naruto: *Pushes penis into her anus, but barely misses her prostate*

Samui: OOOOOOOOOOOHHHH~~~~~!!!!!!!

Samui: *Almost came, Penis twitching and leaking uncontrollably*

Naruto: (She talked big at first, and now she’s paying the price. This is just round one.)

Samui: NGGGOOHHH~~~!!!! OOOOOH~~~~!!!

Naruto: (This will be the finishing move)

Naruto: *Pierces her prostate*

Samui: (!!!!!!!!!!!!!) *Eyes go up*


Samui: *Ejaculates bucket loads of semen*

Samui: *Semen lands all over her boobs and face*

Samui: NGGGHHH~~~!!! HNNNGHH~~~~AAAAHHHHH~~~!!!!

Naruto: (Damn, she is sexy as hell!!)

Samui: *Falls back completely drained*

Samui: *Breathing heavily*

Samui: Aaah~~~ hahhhh~~~-NGH!! *Splurt*

Samui: *Last bits of semen come out*

Naruto: (I didn’t cum once during all of this…)

Naruto: S-so…. Uhhhh… what now?

Samui: *Stares at naruto* Haaah~ Ahhh~~

Naruto: ummmm????

Samui: *Kisses naruto*

Naruto: W-wait, you’re still covered with semen!!!

Samui: B-be my b-boyfriend…. *Blushing*

Naruto: (As demanding as ever) Okay, why not. You are beautiful anyways, so having a hot and busty girlfriend would be nice.

Samui: What is hot and busty?

Naruto: (That’s right, she’s just too pure minded) It means that you’re beautiful and you have a nice body shape.

Samui: (/////////)

Naruto: Well, we can be boyfriend and girlfriend, but I’m gonna have to go back to the Leaf tomorrow.

Samui: Simple, I will go with you.

Naruto: W-what? Are you serious?

Samui: Yes.

Naruto: *Laughs* Ha! Well ok! Pack your bags then!

Samui: Ok.

Naruto Haha heeeh….. (She’s as cold as ever isn’t she)

Samui and Naruto clean up and pack their bags. They then leave the next day and arrive at the Leaf.

Naruto: Back home!

Sakura: Naruto! Back from the mission! How was it?

Naruto: What? All I had to do was get some info on some complicated stuff, that’s it. Boring isn’t it?

Sakura: That’s it? Well that sucks. Also…

Samui: *Grabbing Naruto’s arm and side of her boob touches it*

Sakura: Who is that lady and why is she clinging onto you?

Naruto: Oh! This is Samui!

Samui: *Puts hand out* It’s a pleasure to meet you. I am his girlfriend.

Sakura: WWWWHHHAAT?!!!!!

Sakura: NO! There’s just no way this knucklehead is dating this packing lady! She’s even more impressive than Lady Tsunade!!!

Samui: We are in a relationship.

Sakura: Really? You don’t seem to have any affection towards him at all? I’m gonna need some proof.

Samui: Proof? Okay. *Starts to kiss Naruto with her tongue*

Naruto: (Oh no)

Samui: *Kissing more*

Samui: *Blushing*

Sakura: (///////) W-What?! No way!!!!

Samui: *Breaks kiss, saliva strand*

Samui: Is that enough proof?

Sakura: (Naruto! That pervert! He made her do this, didn’t he!!) I still can’t believe it!!

Samui: Well we did to an action where he inserted his penis into my anus….

Sakura: (Sex???!!!!)

Sakura: *Getting really angry*

Samui: *Still explaining*

Sakura: NARUTOOOOOOO!!!!!!! *Punches him*

Naruto: AIDISISISKSJHS *Hits a wall*

Naruto: *Out cold*

Samui: *Angry* Don’t hit my boyfriend like that!

Sakura: Oh I’m so sorry!!!

Samui: *Runs over to Naruto*

Samui: *Boobs bounce up and down*

Villagers: (Wow)

Samui: Naruto! Are you okay?

Naruto: *Out cold*

Samui: *Furious* You, girl with the pink hair…

Sakura: (I’m dead) Y-y-y-y-yes?

Samui: You will pay.

Sakura: NOOOOOOO!!!!!!!

THE END. Don’t hate on Sakura please. Part two will be made once I get ideas. Thanks for reading!

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