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Flash fiction
Serena pulled up to the curb. The young hooker wandered over and leaned through the open window.

"Have you ever seen this man before?" Serena held up the photo of her husband.

"You a cop?" Kiki took a step back.

"No, a wife."

"Hey lady, I don' wan' no hassle." Kiki started to walk away. She stopped when Serena waved a wad of notes out of the window. "Okay, what you want from me? I ain't into women."

"Get in the car so we can talk in private." Kiki was wary, but that money was inviting. She got in.

"What you wanna Know?"

"What he gets from you that he doesn't get from me."

"You sure you wanna know?" Serena nodded. "Well, he likes to be spanked. An' I tell him he's a naughty boy."

"Is that it? No penetration?"

"Uh, uh."

Serena paid over the money, Kiki got out, and Serena headed home for the spanking session of his life.

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