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Rated: 13+ · Short Story · Erotica · #2267263
They get even bigger...
Slowly, but steadily they continue to expand pushing or crushing anything in their way. Lisa's body rises off the ground as her breasts continue to swell bigger than the rest of her. The breast flesh pushes her torso through the 1st floor ceiling of Yani's mansion. Her chest grows in the direction of least resistance, first filling up the sitting room, crushing and splintering furnature, before destroying the inner walls. As they continue to swell, the mansion creaks and groans under her weight, the expanding skin tingling under Yani's power. They carry Lisa up to the 3rd story attic, now filling the entire mannsion. Glass windows shatter and the wood frame splinters. The foundation crumbles beneath her weigit and the outer walls explode. Most pedestrians screem and run when they see the oncoming peach colored wall of flesh, but a few turned on teens jump directly in the way with shouts of joy. The chest now covers the block, blocking streets and smooshing parked cars, houses, trees, and even a water park.
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