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Pure vanilla finds a blimp fruit and inflates after a single bite

Pure vanilla: what a nice day! Everything looking as green a full of life as always.

(A blue fruit falls from a tree and lands in Pvs path)

Pure vanilla: huh? (Picks up the fruit) a fruit?...im actually a little hungry right now. I guess I’ll try it.

(He takes a bite out of the fruit. Munching...and the moment he swallowed...a loud gurgle comes from his stomach.)

Pure vanilla: wha?...what’s going on down there? Maybe I shouldn’t have eaten somthing I never seen before.

(Pure vanilla was worried with what was brewing in his gut after eating the blue fruit...eventually he begins feeling really full)

Pure vanilla: I-I don’t feel so good...what was in...HUH!?

(Pure vanillas entire body starts to swell up...with a low hissing noise coming from in his gullet..pure vanilla was scared of what’s going on)

Pure vanilla: w-what’s going on?! I’m blowing up like a balloon! What was that fruit made of!?

(His body continues to tighten up...getting bigger by every second eventually he loses control of his arms and legs as they fwoomp into spheres)

Pure vanilla: ngh! I can’t move! Ok calm down pure vanilla...nobody is around to see me but the wildlife...they don’t care. Hopefully this will stop before I’m too full to contain all this air.

(As soon as he said that...a surge of air builds up. Making him inflate faster)

Pure vanilla: gah! Ok...that hurt. I feel so full. I wish there was a way I can heal this...well if I pop I would have a way to heal. I hope I don’t though.

(Pure vanillas body grow tighter and tighter. And finally he feels the pressure building up inside him. With a loud creaking noise starting to come from his belly)

Pure vanilla: ngh...make it s-stop. It hurts so much...I feel like I’m gonna....b-burst any s-second

(Pure vanilla was feeling unstable. His body stretched to the limit. His stomach stuffed full of air. And his belly starts to rumble loudly. At any second he’s gonna explode.)

Pure vanilla: so....full....can’t...hold....anymore....must......re..sist

(Pure vanilla was giving it his all to resist the pressure. His gut is maxed and about to break open...he thought all hope was lost...but by luck...the hissing noise quiets...and he stop puffing up. He was frightened to see what happened

Pure vanilla: ....is....is it over?

(He looks down to see the blimp he became)

Pure vanilla: (sigh) It is...I’m still in one piece. This actually isn’t really that bad. I just wish I can move.

( he was relieved he was ok...he actually took a liking towards this experience. He didn’t notice how big he got at the first glance at his inflated body )

pure vanilla: I’m huge...I didn’t know I could hold so much. I think the dough I’m made of is elastic. I just hope I’ll deflate soon

(He has no idea he has to be manually deflated)

The end
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