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Look inside yourself now and then

Take your heart into your hand;
hold it up to the light and examine it.
Pull it in close and smell it,
touch it;
taste with your tongue
that which is your essence….

Your heart.
That which is your conscience,
where you hope,
The place where you exist without external trappings.
Your heart.
The place where lies fade
and perception dissipates
and you are alone with that which is you,
and there are no mirrors
reflecting imagined judgments.

Your heart.
Take it into your hand
and hold it up to your ear
and listen to its whisperings….

No one’s heart ever urged
oppression or
death or
honor or
war or
control or
conquest or
subjugation or
any other destructive expression.

Those trappings are the children of fear,
and fear is a shortsighted parent!

Look again.
Listen closely.
Feel your heart….

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