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And I can tell
There’s a lot to know today. Chances are that your take on the entire world is inaccurate, incomplete, and basically boils down to a guess, whether educated, scientifically tested, or has had a yield of success in an incredibly unhealthy environment.

It’s a guess all the way down to whether or not you have the actual aptitude to assess the entire world. All the way from what the right thing is to do right now. As in, a simple riddle, the entire world right now, what SHOULD you do? As in, somebody comes up to you with the entire world as it is today and asks you what to do, and you have absolutely no idea.

And the chances are that you have an incomplete notion of the world, philosophy, religion, and the scope of your lifetime. And some would say that there just aren’t any answers. Some would say there’s unknowable knowledge of knowable things. Some would simply try to pass it off as, not their responsibility.

There’s no way on Earth that it’s not your responsibility to be absolutely certain of what you’re talking about. That’s exactly your responsibility. That’s exactly how you’d even make that REALLY IMPORTANT decision about the whole entire world. How do you even know the value or weight of your decisions until you have a REAL understanding of EVERYTHING in the entire world?

Everything less than that aware is a guess, which you really shouldn’t have confidence in when the answers are actually there to observe. Some helpful logic if you want to try and figure it out for yourself? God wouldn’t make the world impossible to figure out. And the Universe is able to be traversed. Are you sure it’s not REALLY IMPORTANT to be completely certain of what you’re talking about?

It’s too important to overlook. If you have any questions, feel free to ask. I am POSITIVE that you can actually completely know and understand the ENTIRE world. If you’re interested, I have more work posted here.

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